oh gocco!

we are so excited! we spent the whole evening testing out our new gocco printer. for those of you who aren't familiar, a gocco is a small self-contained screen printing machine..and it's japanese! i was trying to keep my expectations very low (having read lots of reviews and blog post about how messy it is/hard to use)but, to my delight our first print turned out ADORABLE! this is the new baby (rachel suggested we name it, but i haven't chosen a name… what do you think?)1and an inked screen…2mr. larson trying out the new machine…

3the first print….

4…pretty soon the whole living room was covered in monkeys!

5and the finished product…67

we spent the rest of the evening talking about ideas for printing (yes, we are very nerdy). basically, it was the greatest night ever! hope your weekend was wonderful as well… elsie

ps. yesterday i had the most lovely time with miss rachel. sushi, thrifting and coffee…oh my! i love you rachel. SO glad you are here.