weekend plans…

today Allister and i edited tons of photos, had a yummy thai lunch, made a few dozen cupcakes (photos coming soon!), enjoyed the company of sooo many amazing pals at a RVA party and had a super late breakfast-for-dinner! tomorrow we are getting tattoos with our pals and celebrating someone's sweet birthday. so many good things squeezed into this weekend!    

i'll post pics tomorrow & i owe you a cupcake! :)) XO. elsie 

ps. what are you doing this weekend? 

  • Seems that you’re having a terrific time.I’m planning to spend my weekend on my Indie Biz Workbook and on sunday I’m attending an Easter Crafting Workshop.I’m so excited!

  • This weekend I am redecorating my bedroom with my hubby and working a little more on my very first book! I would LOVE a cupcake though, sounds delicious x

  • Sounds like fun.
    This weekend is just homework, homework, homework for me. 🙁
    However I am rewarding myself every half hour or so with doing fun things… reading your blog is one of them!

  • Saturday I’m going to my tattoo artist so we can discuss my half-sleeve! Then I’ll be sewing up a storm 🙂

  • Just curious… can you share the name of the tattoo shop you go to? My husband is a tattoo artist and has a connection in St. Louis. He’s planning on traveling out there to be a guest artist sometime. He might be interested in checking out other areas in MO too. I can’t wait to see all the photos! I know you’re all having a lovely time together! xo

  • I have just been out and bought a blonde wig and am going to a Tube Station themed party with my fella as Barbie & Ken..(there’s a station called Barbican). Love your blog but never comment for some reason. Thought my Saturday plans were suitably random today to share. x

  • I am having a lazy-ish weekend, making exciting new cupcakes from my new Primrose Bakery cookbook, sorting through old books, and catching up with friends.

    This weekend I am definetly NOT thinking about the fact that it’s only about 6 weeks until we move to a different country, and how much stuff I have to start packing! P.S. I love your photos!

  • Taking 6 5th grade girls to see Alice in Wonderland! Have been waiting months! Made them butterfly bracelets, hedgehog hair clips, and GIANT bags of candy. Oh, and of course rabbit ears for everyone. It’s my daughter’s 11th birthday this month, and this is what she decided to do. Yay!

  • I have no plans.. I am still sick been 8 days now.. and I just want it gone.. Have fun at the party. What is ur costume going to be? Make sure to get tons of photos n maybe record some of the party? I so wanted to go.. I want a party.. but I have no friends.. so it would be a lonely party. lol

  • Some friends and I are coming to your store to celebrate a birthday and do some thrift shopping! Girls roadtrips are the best! Hopefully we will get to see ya!

  • Today my lovely boyfriend and I are going shopping for new dresses! As well as getting lunch at the mall, and seeing Alice in Wonderful 3D 😉 I really hope it’s great =]

    Enjoy your cupcakes 😉

  • my extended family is celebrating my birthday today! my birthday is tomorrow and it is reserved for immediate family, like my husband and kids. i’m not sure what’s planned for tomorrow yet, but i’m sure it’s going to be sweet.

  • oooh, tattoos! What of?
    My weekend will be lovely and relaxing. my boyfriend might come down to surprise me at school. (we live 3 hours away from each other.)

  • Ah, I’m obsessed with those sunglasses! I’m spending my weekend visiting my parents (& my kitty) because they live three hours away from where I go to university. Very relaxing <3

  • My weekend is definitely not as fun as yours!! I wish I could blink like in I dream of Jeannie and join you girls. I am working all day, and then classes all day tomorrow as well as mon and tues… It’s going to be fun, but I wish I was in MO!! Have fun, can’t wait to see photos of cupcakes and tattoos. 🙂 xoxo

  • This afternoon I am hosting a craft party with a Southern Belle theme…we’re going to dress up, eat Jambalaya,drink mint juleps and tea out of mason jars and sew/knit/scrapbook until the wee hours of the morning!!

  • we’re hanging pictures and doing some (small) reorg to freshen up our kitchen! Then I want to make a blanket.

  • Have fun!!!!…Can’t wait to see the new pic’s…Off to see Alice in Wonderland!!!!

  • went and did some antique shopping and got a hat also saw some really cool vintage cars from the 50’s. Alice in Wonderland came next and it was awsome. Now off to hear my friend play some music by the beach. Then a baby shower on Sunday.

  • Tattoo huh? So exciting. We spent all weekend celebrating my husband’s graduation and soakin in the sunshine. Can’t wait for some yummy cupcakes.

  • Sounds like a fun weekend! So far this weekend I’ve played Pretty Pretty Princess with my daughter, played twister with her and my hubby (well she crawled under us since she is only 2 lol), we explored new shops and I had my first bubble tea which was amazing!!

  • Can’t wait for piccies!
    This wkend i’m trying to finish off my Paul McCartney piece. With 10hrs till midnight, i’m going to need an IV packed with coffee and 6 kilos of M&m’s to get me there!

  • getting tattoo’s, cool, can’t wait to see them. And the glasses are awesome, I want them!
    My weekend plans, preparing for our moving date, buying a tv and watching movies in bed all sunday.

  • i spent Saturday with my friend who’s leaving next week for Germany. So we spent the day together refashioning a t-shirt for her, as a going away present from me!!! today i think ill do some scrapbooking that is left behind… time is never enough!!!
    hope you had looots of fun!!!!

  • Sounds like a fun-filled weekend!!! It is my birthday weekend…I have been to party after party and have been treated like royalty all weekend. I got an awesome wizard of oz themed cake (I live in Oregon but was born and raised in Kansas….they think its cute!!) Today we are heading to either the beach or the mountains….I cross my fingers for the beach tho. Turning 30 hasn’t been so bad!!! have a wonderful Sunday and those owl cupcakes look delish!!!!

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  • Sounds like fun.
    This weekend is just homework, homework, homework for me. 🙁
    However I am rewarding myself every half hour or so with doing fun things… reading your blog is one of them!

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  • Work, work, and once again work, but after this weekend and week llater Finally holidays! three weeks in the mountains. something beautiful and already can not wait.

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