Q: What’s Next for Red Velvet?


This question has been asked quite a bit lately, so I thought it would be a fun subject to devote a post to! First, a super brief 'history lesson' for new readers! Rachel, Emma and I first started Red Velvet Art as a just-for-fun art collective in 2002. At the time we made a lot of dresses, clutch purses, reworked vintage pieces and jewelry  to sell in the summer at music festivals. (here's just a TINY peek of our work from way back then….)


(designs by rachel and elsie circa 2002-2005)

Two years ago we started our online store and first local store. This past month we expanded/reopened locally at a much larger location. We're so thankful for how far we've come in the past nine years! It's been challenging, magical and a memory that we wouldn't trade for anything. 

So, the question is… What's next for Red Velvet? 

In January of 2011 we will be debuting an online store makeover. We are restyling the website and debuting a few brand new lines! The restyled online shop will feature new artwork and prints, a much larger vintage dress and accessories selection, a bridal shoppe and a new handmade hairpiece collection.♥ 

In the early spring we will be hosting our first ever Red Velvet intern. She's a talented fashion student and I can't wait to introduce her! She and I will be developing my first dress line (yes, I'm designing dresses and I cannot wait!) which will be sold exclusively at Red Velvet starting in March. Designing clothing is a huge passion in my life and I cannot tell you how excited I am to realize this dream and share it here. Beyond happy! 

Those are our next two big goals and plans for Red Velvet. I'm incredibly grateful for your support and kindness here! Thanks for being a part of our dream come true. Love, Elsie 

PS. i'm currently looking for someone who does metal work to collaborate on some jewelry ideas for Red Velvet. e-mail me if you're interested [email protected] XO. 

  • congrats to you on all your success! you’re a great example of what this country needs. young motivated excited people doing what they love.

  • I love the direction RVA is going. It really appeals to me, so I’m looking forward to that clothing line and everything else that comes with it. I know you’ll rock it.

  • Love it. <3

    The new store, with its whimsy and sparkle, is completely amazing... I can't wait to see the new online version.

    {Several people have already asked where I found my boys' new little hats and bow ties!}

  • So exciting. Looking forward to seeing where RVA takes you in the years to come, elsie.
    Keep up the hard work! xxoo chelsea

  • Elsie, you never cease to amaze me. You dream big dreams, work harder than anyone has any clue of (of that I am sure!) and give me inspiration to make my own business dreams more than just dreams. Can’t wait to see what Red Velvet conquers in 2011. Best wishes!

  • It’s so inspiring to hear of your journey from a group of crafty friends to successful business women…something my friends and I would like to achieve one day <3

    What I'd like to know is if you will be running another Indie Bis course?

    I didn't take part in the one from the start of this year, as I was only just getting into it all, but now I feel ready and would like a little extra know how...anyway...

    Looking forward to seeing more RVA loveliness in the future <3

  • Wow, what a long way from music festivals you’ve come!! Congratulations, can’t wait to see where you end up in the next 9 years!!

  • Nalisha,
    I’ll be releasing an e-course on business (with Emma who owns the RV sweet shoppe) later this spring! I can’t wait!

  • Congrats to all you have accomplished so far! Looking forward to seeing what 2011 has in store! Good luck 🙂

  • thanks for sharing your start. it’s very neat to see someone my age doing so much. kepp it up…can’t wait to see whats next!

  • your blog is oh so fun!

    I actually forgot how i wandered upon your blog…but i am thankful i did.

    anyhow, in one of your posts i saw that you’re a floral luggage collector ….which amazes me because i thought i was the only one that thrifted for those lovely treasures.

    i have an extra floral luggage that i’m parting with (it’s yellow and avocado green)…( i used to thrift for visual props from when i did visual and window styling for Heritage 1981 stores….and i overthrifted).

    if you are interested, i’d be happy to send it to you as a “new shop opening” gift.

    congrats on the shop…maybe in the future chicago can see a Red Velvet shop on its streets.

    =) sha.

  • Elsie, you are really lucky. And, what’s more, you are to some extend tells people a way to win success. Just follow one’s heart, and try to do their best. I really like you.

  • Oh my gosh, I am soooo excited to see your dress designs. I adore your style, it sounds like so much fun and exciting things are awaiting Red Velvet!

  • WOW I can’t believe how far you guys have come. I just cannot wait for the new things. One day I will make my way out there to visit this very adorable store.

  • Yay,how exciting…well I’ll definitely be signing up for that!!! I’ll have to stash some £££ aside, I’m due to have my baby in January so will ( *fingers crossed* ) have time to dedicate to the course.

    😀 happy 😀

  • I’ve been seriously considering moving from the east coast back to somewhere in MO (where I started from). Your blog has been making this seem like a better and better idea! Springfield has some real definite appeal!

  • thanks you for your inspiration! I’m starting my own DIY company (as we speak). I can’t believe what similar visions we have! My boyfriend was like, “this is what I think the stuff that goes on in your brain looks like” haha.
    Can’t wait to check out your clothing line!
    Congratulations on all of your successes!

  • I just started reading this blog last week and I am completely head over heels with it… ok and you too to be completely honest. But I was wondering, where is your shop located?? I am dyyyying to go

  • Do you recommend any particular books on making your own dresses/clothes?