retail happiness!



we've learned so much these past two months. we've worked in the shop together almost every day and it's been better than i ever could have imagined. in my previous location i had a difficult time balancing retail and creative time (basically, i always wanted to be in my home studio and not in the store), but here it's happening more naturally. i'm getting more done than i did working from home. i love being at the shop and we're getting excited about every single new display and new addition. things are clicking!

we had a planning meeting last night (we used a super helpful Q&A style outline from our pal Promise). talking through this past year was so encouraging. we've grown so much! you'll never know how much it's changed my personal and business life to work with emma every day. it's the most positive thing that's happened to Red Velvet and I am so excited to start this new year off with her! 

i guess i'm telling you all of this to say that i'm more motivated than ever to build our company and realize our dreams. things are really really good here and i owe a lot of thank yous to my wonderful blog readers and sponsors for supporting this adventure.♥ 

(above) we took a few snapshots to show our project for the day. we're adding about 100 new/vintage items to the retail floor and preparing for a mega makeover in our back studio room. we can't wait to reveal photos when it's ready… and even more, start creating back there! our new intern comes in just a few weeks. My new dress line will be underway in a snap! How crazy is that? 

I'll be back soon with some D.I.Y and inspiration post lovin. XO, elsie 

PS. We're doing major e-mail catch up damage in the next 48 hours. I've been insanely behind, so if you're expecting an e-mail it's coming soon!