Bike Love

Public bikes 1Public bikes 2Public bikes 3Public bikes 4Public bikes 5Public bikes 6We're feeling pretty lucky that we've had such a warm week here in Missouri! Biking around in January isn't normal for us. Any day now we will probably get snowed in, but we're gonna enjoy this while it lasts! The first year we started dating we had a picnic in January, so maybe it's a good time to revisit that idea? 

Outfit Details: Mrs. Larson- Dress from my upcoming Spring collection, Cardigan/Target, Boots/Hunter. Mr. Larson- Vest/Urban Outfitters, Scarf + Shoes/Old Navy, Jeans + Belt/J.Crew. Our bikes are c/o Public Bikes and our helmets are from there too (Thanks,Grandma!) ♥