Think Spring: Public Bikes Giveaway! (CLOSED)

Public bikes giveawayToday we are so excited to partner with Public Bikes to bring you a beautiful giveaway! Public Bikes recently released some pretty new items for springβ€”they have us swooning over this cute basket, this adorable picnic style basket and this sweet bike tote! And today one lucky reader is going to win $150 to Public Bikes! You could use this toward cute spring accessories for your bike or you could use it toward purchasing a bike. Fun!

To enter simply visit Public Bikes and choose your favorite item (bike, basket, helmet, whatever you like!) then leave us a comment stating your favorite. One entry per reader please. Giveaway will be open until May 10th, winner announced in this post shortly after. Good luck!

Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 9.37.50 AM
Congrats Laura, you are the winner! Contact us to claim your prize: emma AT redvelvetart DOT com

  • the Nantucket Lightship Bike Basket is ideal for riding around Brooklyn!!

    thanks for the chance ladies πŸ™‚

  • I love the picnic basket.. omg… so adorable! Would love to win!
    thks for the chance, girls!
    Fargo ND

  • I love the Bali Bottle basket and the red polka helmet

  • Look at the Brooks B67s Women’s Seat! I want the Brooks B67s Women’s Seat!

  • It’s really hard to choose, but I love the Nantucket Lightship Bike Basket! It would be very helpful on those days where I end up carrying way to many items, and would go great with my spring green bike a.k.a. my baby. πŸ™‚

  • I love the Public C7 Bike in orange! And the nantucket basket would look perfect on the front. Such a perfect giveaway for spring! πŸ™‚

  • Oh, awesome giveaway! My husband just bought me a bike that we’re gonna be sprucing up, and it would be great to get some special extras for it – like the Basil Bottle Basket!

  • I love the V3 bike. It’s perfect for what I need, and with a basket–picnic season here I come!

  • Nantucket Somerset Pet Basket!!! Although I’m not sure my pup would love it as much as I would…

  • I love all the baskets (that my bike’s still missing!), but what I loved most were the bicycle paper clips! They would make normal paper stacks heaps more fun. =)

  • I love Fremonster Flap Single Pannier! One of my goals this year is to commuit as much as possible and this bag would be a big help doing that!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • I loooove the Nantucket Lightship Bike Basket. I have an adorable bike that my father-in-law got for me. It’s an original from the 70’s with a rainbow banana seat…. the only thing missing is a basket for the front! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • I’m pretty much in love with the PUBLIC V3 bike in orange. It would be so wonderful to finally have a bike to ride around town instead of driving everywhere.

  • The M8 bike in the cheerful blue color with the farmers market basket decorating the back!

  • I like the C3 (in white) and the C7 (in orange), if I had to choose!! πŸ™‚

  • I would defiantly pick the basket! I’ve been wanting one for my bike forever but haven’t found the perfect one yet. That picnic style one is just lovely!

    xo, Meghan

  • I love the nantucket basket and if my dog was small enough, I would totally try to stuff him in the pet basket (so funny)!

  • Oh my gosh! That classic V3 is so cute! How I’d ever choose between cream, orange and emaerald I have no idea. Gorgeous!

  • I love the Nantucket Lightship Bike Basket. It would look great on my daughter’s yellow bike!

  • I really need a helmet, so I’d definitely be picking up the polka dot one. I also want a basket as I like to ride to the grocery store and farmer’s market, but I don’t have a convenient way to bring my goodies home.

  • The PUBLIC basket is the sweetest thing! No more crazy backaches from my backpack full of groceries!

  • The Mixte bike is sa-weet! And the Nantucket Somerset Pet Basket! πŸ™‚

  • I think the Farmers Market Twin Pannier is so smart and stylish! Thank for the chance – PUBLIC bikes are pretty great!

  • Oh my goodness what an amazing giveaway! I would love to own the
    Nantucket Lightship Bike Basket, its just so cute! Fingers crossed!

  • The Public C7 in Royal Blue is awesome! Hello bright and colorful!

  • This giveaway seriously makes me drool!

    I’m eyeing the MS in Powder Blue, but could really use a Nutcase helmet for my little guy. I’m sure he’d love the Skuut balance bike. So much great stuff!!!

  • I bet that Brooks B67s bike seat could make any trip to the market feel like I’m pedaling on a cloud!

  • I really adore the picnic-basket. And it would be wonderful to be able to drive out in the forrest with that one on my bike.

  • Oy, so many cute things! Honestly I NEED the Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Stand. Would be so helpful in my workshop where we keep the bikes! Thank you for the giveaway. πŸ™‚

  • I absolutely love the cute helmets. Have to say the red polka dots one is my favorite!

  • The Valencia bike is one the prettiest bikes I have ever seen! The stripes and the classic look is the best paired duo that I have seen in a long time. I could see myself coasting down the street with one of these :]

  • The Nantucket Lightship Bike Basket is adorable! What a great giveaway. Thanks for the chance πŸ™‚

  • I love public C7 in orange. It’s perfect company for the summer.
    Thanks for chance to win.
    Like your blog very much

  • I have been crushing on the PUBLIC C3. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for to zip over to the farmer’s market!

  • What a great giveaway! I’ve got my eye on the Basil Select Pannier.

  • Seriously this was really hard to choose.I would have to say my first choice is the covered picnic rack basket. My hubby and I love to go on destination picnics on our bikes.

  • There’s so much to like. I do really love the Farmers Market Rack Basket.

  • definitely between the covered picnic basket or the pet basket, will be really useful for this spring-summer.. but I love the child seats too but those have to wait until my baby can seat by his self. πŸ™‚
    I want to win!

  • I really need a new bike…

    I think the Public D8 in Black is pretty much my dream bike!

    Thanks! πŸ˜€

  • I have been dreaming of getting a bike! I would love the standard in orange. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • I love the Basil Bottle Basket! Perfect for quick runs to the store. That or just the Public Basket. But pretty much everything is to die for. And those Nutcase helmets? Yeah…

  • I was just looking to buy a tote for my bike and the brown Herringbone Flap Single Pannier is perfect!!!

  • I love so many things from there, but the Po Campo Wristlet and Handlebar bag is perfect! Would LOVE to win- thanks for the giveaway!!!

  • I adore the covered picnic rack basket! Not to mention like everything else on the site. Thank you for the opportunity to win bicycle accessories.

  • Ahh I’ve had bike fever lately! Just from browsing quickly, I would say the Public C7 is my favorite. The style is retro and cool. Thanks for hosting a giveaway!
    [email protected]
    -Victoria Pasquale

  • i love the public m8 bike in sky blue, so pretty! makes me want to go on a nice spring bike ride right now!

  • I am drooling over the PUBLIC M8 in powder blue!!!

    I’ve been using the Capitol Bikeshare bikes but would love to have one of my own πŸ™‚

  • What a great giveaway! I’d gladly take the Public basket with a rear rack!

  • I am IN LOVE with the Public V7-Harrison. It is absolutely perfect!

  • I LOVE the C3 in white and the M8 in blue! The picnic baskets are also amazing. I would ride this bike everywhere!

  • The Farmers Market Basket in cherry is my absolute favorite. I ride by bike to work everyday, and this would be an ideally practical and adorable accessory for me this summer.

  • The V7 in spring green is the perfect color. Our wedding color in fact! Adventuring on such a sweet ride would be heaven.

  • I’ve been eyeing up the C7 ever since you posted about your new bikes that you and Jeremy got!

  • so many wonderful things…but I love the Farmers Market Rack Basket!

  • I’ve been looking for panniers for weeks! You read my mind! The Fremonster Flap Pannier is super cute, though I also can’t resist a cute basket.
    Thanks ladies!

  • i love the farmers market rack basket. would be a perfect addition to my bike that i bought just last year! πŸ™‚

  • Oh my where to begin!! I have just got a new Pashley Penny cycle, which is on my blog under Out and Abouts if anyone is interested…ah i think i would pick the Bamboo Fenders set….so pretty xxxxx

  • Ah, the Farmers Market Rack Basket would make the weekly cycle back from the market so much easier.

  • Love Love Loooooove the Nantucket Lightship Bike Basket. So cute and stylish, yet would be the perfect basket to put belongings in.. whether you do a trip to the park or the grocery store.

  • LOVE the PUBLIC basket! I just got a rear rack for my bike, and this would be perfect for taking to the grocery store or farmers market!

  • I want the lightship basket for my cruiser bike! I’ve recently taken up bike riding again and was just saying the other day I needed a cool basket for it!!

  • I love the Peterboro Original Bike Basket. I am a car free lady and this would help with shopping this summer. Have a grand day!


  • I love the Creamcycle!! Will keep dreaming for now… πŸ™‚

  • I LOVE THE BIKE! I would probably ending up buying the whole package…I’ve been wanted to visit the location in California πŸ˜€

  • OMG, their bikes start out at $600. Yikes, I wish I could afford the basket.

  • The Farmers Market Rack Basket would be perfect for my summer shopping. I want to fill it with cheese and wine and pedal to the beach!

  • There are few things I love more than pulling my bike out at the beginning of spring and taking a ride to see all of the pretty new flowers. What a perfect giveaway for this time of year!

    I adore the nutcase helmets (the one with the polka dots is too cute!) and I’ve always wanted a rear rack for my bike.

  • I would definitely use this towards a new bike! I love my bike, but it’s from the 60’s and getting very rusty and hard to ride πŸ™

  • The D3 Is just….Adorable. Man I Love them all but that one is just amazing… So many lovely things.

  • I love the Nantucket Lightslip Bike Basket. It’s the perfect bike accessory for spring/summer. πŸ™‚

  • Oh my God! The Skuut Wooden Balance Bike is incredibly cute! Now I only have to find a suitable man to make a baby with…

  • i was just looking at baskets the other day on public. I would love a basket for my new pink bike! I ride almost everyday to the beach and am looking into a basket to put my stuff in.
    Thank you!

  • i am in loooove with the nantucket basket. currently, i’m trying to bike while wearing a purse. it’s not going too well….

  • I would love the Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Stand for my boyfriend and me!

  • I love the Nantucket Lightship Bike Basket! Great giveaway – I’ve been looking for a basket for my bike =)

  • I love the Lightening Vest. I like and ride my bike in Brooklyn and am always struggling to find ways to increase visibility at night while still being fashionable. This is a great portable solution!

  • I’ve been salivating over the C7 ever since your his/hers bike post! I might have to sell my car for it…:)

  • The Wald 151 Drop Top Front Basket would be perfect for toting home my fruits and veggies from the farmer’s market. But if I won, I’d be so tempted to buy a bike!

  • Since my boyfriend just made me a new bike, I really need a helmet! The nutcase street helmet is perfect!

  • I’ve been lusting after the PUBLIC C7 bike for a while! $150 would definitely make a dent in purchasing it!!

  • Love the Brooks B67 saddle! I’ve heard great things. You guys are lovely πŸ™‚

  • The Public C7 in Navy is so precious. I’ll accessorize with the Farmer’s Market Rack Basket–as long as we’re dreaming. πŸ™‚

  • AH! I just bought a cute new bike and it is in need of some cute panniers so I can take it to the market! The silver Farmer’s Market Twin Panniers would look perfect!

  • I agree with some of the others — too many bangin items to choose from! however, the covered picnic style basket in honey is beyond adorable.

  • I have been lusting after the Standard C7 bike for ages now. Their bikes are so adorable.

  • The Farmer’s Market Rack Basket would be perfect for toting home my weekly farm share this summer! It’d also save me the trauma of trying to board a packed commuter trolley with a 10-pound box of produce!

  • oh my gosh, i LOVE the Nantucket Somerset pet basket! So cute!! I would love to take my cat for a ride πŸ™‚

  • I love the picnic basket and it will be perfect for my family as we love to do mandy picnics during summer.

  • The Farmers Market Rack Basket would be so perfect on my vintage cruiser! It’s just adorable πŸ™‚

  • This is exciting!! I think the Nantucket Lightship Basket would be a perfect match for my new yellow bike πŸ™‚

  • I would die if I could have the C3 bike in pink!

    Thank you so much for this opportunity; finger’s crossed!

  • The V3 in Orange is such a dreamy bike! I would love to make it mine- my poor bike now is on her last (legs) wheels.

  • I love the Yepp child seat! My baby girl just turned six months & we are ready to enjoy the summertime on our bikes!

  • Flip-flops, a cool skirt, V-neck tee…and to complete my ensemble the PUBLIC C7 in classic orange & the Pop Bullseye helment please!!

  • The Creamcycle is just perfect in both style and color – I love it so much!

  • I love the Yepp Maxi Rear Child Seat! I would love to have it for bike rides around with my daughter. It seemed to have the oppertunity to be used the longest since children up to 4 can ride in it.

  • The good old Classic bikes are my favorites, although the Nantucket basket calls my name. Thanks!

  • What a great giveaway!I’m loving the original peterboro basket, but really everything is so cute!

  • The Public V3, orange, woudl be THE bike for bikes rides with my little girl!

  • Already have a lovely 67 CCM Galaxy!!! But the addition of the Basil Mirte Shopper & Pannier and wine rack would make going and getting produce and fresh bread from the local River Market much more stylish!

  • I am actually in need of a new helmet; mine saved me from having an even worse concussion in a bad fall last month, so I need to replace it. I love the Nutcase helmets. The polka dots are cute, but then I saw the pink one! Love! Also, they say “I love my brain” on the back. πŸ™‚

  • I love the pink Public C7 2012 bike! It looks so cute! I am really thinking about painting mine. Right now it has christmas decorations. Yes I know it’s may, but it’s easy to recognize and I’m always able to spot my bike in a large row of bikes

  • I’ve been lusting after the Classic V3 for the longest time!

  • I’m really enjoying the D8 Classic in Orange! So perfect for summer. I have a moutain bike, but nothing pretty and for riding around town… yet πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance to win!

  • I love the Farmers Market Twin Pannier! Thanks for a chance to win!

  • Oh these are my most favourite bikes ever! I’ve been saving for one – the PUBLIC C7! Its so perfect and so pretty! Thansk Elsie and Public Bikes for this giveaway!

  • I’ve been wanting to bike to work but I don’t have one so I would really love the Public V3. It looks really nice and it would be great for rides around LA. The best part that it is on sale!

  • I am IN LOVE with the covered picnic rack basket!! Its beautiful!

  • I like the brooks B17 seat in green! Such an unusual color for a seat!

  • LOVE the Nantucket basket! I ride my bike all around Chicago and it would be delightful to have a basket to go on it!

  • definitely the PUBLIC C7 Bicycle πŸ™‚ so cute and perfect to ride in a summer dress!


  • I absolutely love the Public D8 bike! They have such amazing stuff… I moved a year ago to the capital of my country to be a college student and I never got to ride a bike again as my old one is still at my parent’s, I’ve been dying to go riding a bike again!

  • The Basil Bottle Basket is just adorable! Way to take something functional and add that wonderful touch of fun, Public Bikes. Thanks so much for sharing this company!

  • I am obsessed with the bambo fender set. So perfect for a gift for my boyfriend.

  • Also loving the Nantucket Lightship Bike Basket but would love the opportunity to deck out my current bike!

  • I’m been mad about the orange Public C7 since I saw it in their window eight months ago! It has perfect lines; it’s a happy sunny color; and it rides like a dream! I’ve test ridden her three times even though I can’t really afford her. The shopkeepers are also sweet as pie.

  • The Nantucket basket!! I keep thinking about buying one and then putting it off. Maybe it’s time πŸ™‚

  • I love the C7 2012 in royal blue with the picnic basket and rack! I would ride it to work every day!

  • I adore the pink C7 bike! I’m looking to ride to work at least 200 days in the next year and a new bike would be a great way to do so!

  • The Valencia Bike with the stripes?! Oh my stars, that is adorable. And the Rivoli with the bamboo fenders?! Public has it going on!

  • YES – I need a new city bike so badly. I would definitely use this credit toward the purchase of a bike!!

  • Oh my, the nantucket lightship bike basket is adorable! need!

  • My favorite bike on the entire site is the Oxford bike, it’s so grad school-esque, and it would be a beautiful treat to get a new bike!

  • I love the nutcase helmets. I would make mine like zooey’s bike helmet on Yes Man.

  • I love the farmers market basket! perfect for picnics on the beach and park!

  • What a great giveaway! I would love to get a bike to ride to school from my apartment! I absolutely love the 9th Avenue bike!!

  • I’ve been pining over the Federico red brass bell for ages.

  • I really like the Peterboro Original Bike Basket. What a great giveaway as the weather gets nicer and bike season begins!

  • DEFINITELY a big fan of the special edition Valencia bike. I mean, c’mon – who doesn’t love colorful stripes?! Perfect to make any down day an immediate good one πŸ˜‰ That has to be my favorite thing from Public Bikes πŸ™‚

  • I love the Nantucket Somerset Pet Basket! That would be so perfect for my little chihuahua, Eleanor Rigby. πŸ™‚

  • I really need a bike rack like the Saris Bones 3-Bike Trunk Car Rack to transport mine and my family’s bikes! We don’t really have anywhere to bike near our house so it would really nice to be able to bring our bikes to the lakeside bike path in our state!

  • Oh my God, Elsie, I need a c7 bike in pink. You don’t even understand. How else will I be able to shuttle home a basket full of CSA veggies and fruits every weekend this summer? Pleasepleasepleaseplease

  • Oh boy, this giveaway is handy because I really need a new basket for my bike! I love the Covered Picnic Rack Basket!

  • I so want the Basil Bottle Basket for when I go to the grocery store! How awesome is that thing!

  • I really want this Tigra iphone mount. I’d like to start using my phone as a cycling computer and do a little more touring. Having the gps right in front of me would be super handy!

  • Thank you for this amazing give-away! The weather here in Austin is bike perfect right now, I could picture my Mr. on the Public V7 Harrison … oh the possible adventures …

  • I quite like the PUBLIC basket, but there are SO many wonderful things there, I could go nuts with a gift card!

  • The covered picnic rack basket is SO adorable! I’m already daydreaming of all the picnics I’ll take it on!

  • The C7 bike has been on my wish list for a LONG time now… it would be wonderful to put the prize towards that!!

  • I was just saying I needed a new bike. A nice one to put a baby seat on. That new pink C7 is so stinkin’ cute but id probably go with the C3. Of course it needs to have a cute little Knog Beetle Headlight in red too.

  • I love the Nantucket Lightship Bike Basket! My boyfriend bought us matching vintage bikes to celebrate our anniversary a few weeks ago, and this would be the perfect addition!

  • I’m deeply in love with Public C7 in pink and the PUBLIC C7 9th Avenue *___*

  • I love love love the Orange Poppy Fremonster Flap Single Pannier! Great color, it make me feel happy!

  • Ahhhh – LOVE the orange PUBLIC C7 – I’d ride and ride to my hearts content in the wide open spaces that I adore! Any basket is WAY cool!

  • Oh I would just love a basket for my bike, I really like the peterboro basket, its just so classy looking!

  • I just moved downtown and trips to the Bistro Market would be so much more enjoyable on a bike! I’m loving the Nantucket Lightship basket, but I’m glad I went to the website because they have a Pet Basket!! Just what I need. The Public V3 is the bike for me. What a great giveaway.

  • I LOVE the Public M8 – Rivoli! So classic looking, and that sweet basket on the front is to die for!! *Fingers crossed* πŸ™‚

  • OMG! I’d use the credit to get a rear child seat. Awesome and thanks. xo

  • I LOVE the picnic style basket.

    My bike got stolen last summer in Chicago (double locked and everything). Little did I know that it would be all better come that evening because my boyfriend proposed! Bad day turned good πŸ™‚

  • I love the Fremonster Pannier in the Poppy color! It would match my poppy tattoos. πŸ™‚

  • C7 – 9th Avenue. With the grips and basket- it’s adorable! I need this for long weekend bike rides!

  • The Nutcase Little Nutty Bicycle Helmet in Modern Dot would be so cute on my little man. Thanks for offering such a great giveaway. You rock!

  • I think the PUBLIC M8 in Orange would be so cute to ride around town with. It has such a charming frame, and the color would add such personality to it compared to all the standard bikes you see from Walmart or where ever. Definitely see myself riding on one. I’m a tiny person so it’d be nice to have something light weight to carry.

  • Oh my stars. Love Public bikes so, so much. The M8 in blue would make my life complete.

  • I love the Nantucket Lightship basket. I grew up on the island and those pretty baskets always bring back sweet memories of my childhood.

  • Amazing! I am totally in need of a bike basket for my dear Emerald (yes my lovely stead is named Emerald), and I would love to see her with a farmers market basket, to parade around town with πŸ™‚

  • I adore the PUBLIC federico red brass bell. it would compliment red shoes on the bike so well πŸ™‚

  • original peterboro basket is adorable, it would be a great addition to my bicycle!

  • The M8 has been haunting my dreams. Sometimes it’s blue, sometimes it’s orange.

  • Wow, thanks for the great giveaway!
    I’ve been looking for a great basket for my cruiser for so long, and the Covered Picnic Rack Basket is the absolute cutest!

  • Awesome giveaway! I love, love, love the Public V7… in green! πŸ™‚

  • Love the Covered Picnic Rack Basket!! So cute & would be lovely for picnics in the park with my boyfriend!

  • I want the Nantucket Somerset Pet Basket for my mini dachshunds

  • I’m finishing up building a bike from spare parts, and the Basil Bottle Basket would be the perfect accessory for commuting around D.C.

  • Those baskets are rad—but I especially like their bikes!! Particularly every single orange bike-so pretty! I’d say my favorite of their bikes, though, is the C7 in orange!

  • Oh this is hard πŸ™‚ I think the orange C& bike, but so many cute helmets and baskets *sigh* how fun

  • I LOVE the PUBLIC Basket because it’s so simple and functional

  • The V7 Bike is awesome…plus, the mini stripes!!! Add a basket and I’m ready for the farmer’s market πŸ™‚

  • This great! I am in the market for a new bike, one with a step-through frame so I’m really glad I discovered Public Bikes. I’m eyeing the Public C7 in green πŸ™‚

  • All very cute products! But i think a bike would be the best investment. Probably the
    PUBLIC M8 – Rivoli. So chic!

  • You’ve gotta be kidding me! The Public V3 is my dream bike!! It would be incredible to ride on something new, instead of my current bike which I salvaged from the dump.
    Don’t get me wrong! I love my current bike but…. let’s just say it has some quirks due to age.

  • I am thinking the Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Stand. So, I have better storage in my house for mine and my hubby’s bikes.

  • The Farmers Market Twin Pannier. Would love one for a replacement of my beat up pannier.

  • Awesome giveaway! I’d love some cool gear for my bike πŸ™‚
    I really like the Nantucket Lightship Basket, as well as all the headlight/tailight stuff. I could use lights for when I’m biking back from work at night.

  • I LOVE the Loquita Silk Scarf – Cock N’ Balls, odd name but very cute

  • The Wristlet and Handlebar bag is SO cute for a quick trip around town!

  • Eeee!The Public Basket. The Covered Picnic Basket.The Basil Bottle Basket! The Oxford Bike!! Too amazing.

  • My favorite is definitely the Peterboro Original Bike Basket – Large; Colour: cherry.

    I’ve looked for a Basket for my retro style bike for so long and couldn’t find a beautiful one. Didn’t know Public Bikes. They have some cool stuff.

  • The Brooks Brick Lane Roll-Up Panniers would be great. There when you need them, rolled up when you don’t.

  • I love the Peterboro Original Bike Basket! Adorable and practical! I would use it for trips to Whole Foods and the Saturday morning farmers market that is a fifteen minute bike ride away.

  • The Picnic basket and the leather grips! Soo cute and would go perfect on our bike!!

  • I love all of the baskets, it’s so hard to choose! (A basket paired with a duck bag, so cute!)

  • I love the Peterboro Original Bike Basket in the Cherry color. I live close to a farmer’s market so this would be perfect!!

  • amaaazing giveaway! definitely the Covered Picnic Rack Basket — i love its versatility of use, classic design, and concept! thanks for this giveaway!

  • I want a C7 white bike sooooo bad. It would be the perfect bike to ride to the farmer’s market in Santa Monica on subdays.

  • I would loooove any of their special editions, the bamboo fender one is so nicee.

    ps, I recently discovered your blog and am enjoying it πŸ˜‰ especially the diys !

  • I just fell in LOVE with the “Creamcycle” bike! It’s so beautiful, fun, adventurous!

    It would be so awesome to have a bicycle again…I had a red one several years ago, and I rode it every day to-and-from work. One day, while out on a pleasure ride, pieces started to fall off along the path- and pretty soon the whole thing was inoperable. I wish I could have fixed it- but it was old and “its time had come.”

    I have been bike-less ever since, and this makes me sad.

    You see the world in a new light on a bike!

  • I first heard of Public bikes when I was in SF. I like the cream Public V3 but I LOVE the nutcase helmet!

  • My awesome red “traveler” ($5 garage sale find) definitely needs a Nantucket Lightship Bike Basket, a Frederico red brass bell, and probably a Brooks B67s Seat. I couldn’t stop at just one item. πŸ˜‰

  • hi ladies!
    i would love the nantucket somerset pet basket to ride around town with my weiner dog lola!

  • oh my. i love public! and a beautiful mess! I would totally get the C7 bike in orange. then me and the kiddos could terrorize the neighborhood πŸ™‚

  • Love so many things in this shop!!! Some of my favourites are the duracork grips, the handlebar bags, the stepthrough tee, the bike paperclips… but if I had to choose just what to get if I win, that would be the brooks b67 women seat in brown with a tin of proofride dressing for proper care πŸ™‚ Amazing giveaway!

  • That brown tote would look adorable on the back of my pink schwinn bike!!!

  • I always go shopping by bike and often find myself lacking bags or something to hold my shopping spree: I adore the Nantucket Lightship Bike Basket and I think it’d look great on my old 30-year-old bike!

  • my fav is PUBLIC C7 in cream a beautiful bike will be great when i start uni!

  • The Nantucket Lightship Bike Basket is perfect for a quite jaunt to the Museum down my street (and park). With a bottle of wine, some flowers, and a sammich, I think I could date myself forever! πŸ˜€

  • Nantucket Somerset Pet Basket is obviously the best item! With the pet basket my dachshund and I could ride all around town!

  • The Ballard Market Single Pannier would be perfect for my Schwinn!

  • Hi! I’m a military kid and i’ll be going to high school on base so I thought it’d be easy to just ride a bike to school. I really like the Public V7-Oxford (standard). Oh, and i’m sure you hear this a lot but I love your site!

  • I love the standard c7 in orange! my bike was stolen last semester and i’m in desperate need of a new one!

  • I like the rear and basket racks! Nice to be able to run down to the store and carry things home easily!

  • Of all the great things on Public Bikes shop, the Handlebar Cup Holder is by far my favorite item. As a student and committed coffee drinker, i would enjoy my morning bike rides to class even more. πŸ™‚

  • I’ve wanted a Public bike for ages!! I’m obsessed with the
    PUBLIC C7 – 2012 in Pink!! πŸ™‚

  • The Nantucket Lightship Bike Basket would be the perfect addition to my old Cannondale; so cute! I’ve been looking for a basket, and this one is just perfect. If I don’t win the giveaway I may just have to splurge on it πŸ™‚ Thanks Elsie & Public Bikes!

  • Omg I’ve been looking everywhere for a perfect basket for my bike! The Originial Peterboro is it! Simple but exactly what I need!

  • I’d love one of their handlebar bags! I’ve been thinking about getting something small to carry personal stuff in when I go to the gym and back, to farmer’s market and back, etc. πŸ™‚

  • Love the Nutcase Bike Helmet with Semi Mini Dots! I’ve always wanted something to help me stand out while I ride the MS150 from Houston to Austin and this will for sure help for next years ride!!!

  • Lovelovelove the farmers market basket! I would use it for Pikes place here in Seattle! Thanks Elsie for the amazing giveaway!

  • The Nutcase Street Helmet – SuperSolids in british green is incredible! I love the simplicity of it!

  • I love the Nutcase Bike Helmet in Simi Mini Dots! I have been looking for a cute helmet everywhere!

  • Love public bikes, I’ve wanted one for awhile. What an exciting giveaway!

    I especially love the public C7-9th Ave one πŸ™‚

  • I have been saving up to get a bike just like the Public C7!!! I think it is beautiful especially when you add one of those adorable baskets πŸ™‚ so vintage feeling

  • Oh gosh, I think I visit the website every day to drool over bikes. I’ve been swooning over the M8, although I’d probably grab a helmet also because they’re not heinous looking!

  • I love the Nantucket Somerset Pet Basket. It would be perfect for my min pin Iggy! (the wire lid is absolutely necessary to keep him in. lol)

  • I’ve been looking for something just like the pro campo handlebar bag–so cute! Also, May 10th is my birthday, so winning would be especially sweet!

  • I adore the green v7 and the orange d8! i’ve always liked the way these bikes look as they pass by. i’d love to hang one next to my transeo!

  • love the c7 step thru bike in orange but can’t wait for the c8 in powder blue πŸ™‚

    great giveaway thanks

  • I have had my eye on the orange C7 for a few weeks now, so perfect!

  • So cute! I can already see myself biking to the Portland Farmer’s Market with that Farmers Market Rack Basket!! Love the blog btw – xo

  • do i really have to pick just one item? oh my goodness i love everything! i’m especially diggin the nutcase helmet in pop bullseye. safety first!

  • I love love love the Ballard Market Single Pannier. So functional and cute!

  • I still love the standard 3c! Especially in white, it would look so cute with dark brown accessories!!!

  • Oh man, I need the Nantucket Somerset Pet Basket for my new baby pup, Albert.

  • I actually really love the Public V3 in greeeeen! Love their panniers as well!

  • I love the Nantucket Lightship Bike Basket! It’s so cute and reminds me of movies! :]

  • The Farmer’s Market Rack Basket is not only adorable but so functional! It would be perfect for my rides to the local store.

  • I love love love the 9th ave bike!!!!! i hope hope hope i win!!!!! i never win anything! and i’ve been savign up for a bike and this would be so perfect!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ good luck to everyone!!!!!

  • There are so many practical things but my favorite is the Public basket! Its so smart and cute! Thanks for the chance to win one πŸ™‚

  • Oh I love the Wald 151 Drop Top Front Basket! That would work so well on my bike.

  • I love the Front Rack, this is so cool and i like the sweet colours!

  • LOVE the bamboo fenders! They are so spiffy looking compared to the other’s I’ve seen–They’d be perfect for my new bike!

    Thanks for the excuse to bike-accessory-shop πŸ™‚

  • I really like the Nantucket Child’s Bike Basket!! :D, LOVE YOUR BLOG, ITΒ΄S SO CREATIVE!!

  • I love this and I love the large Peterboro Original Bike Basket! So perfect for a summer picnic!

  • Ahhhhh I need a bike so bad! The Public C7 2012 in either Orange or Pink would definitely be my top choice. SO CUTE!

  • I absolutely LOVE the nantucket basket! Eeek! So wishing I was riding my bike beachside right about now!

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  • I am in love with the V7 bike! It would be perfect to ride around campus on this fall!

  • I am loving the farmers market basket! Adorable. Would look perfect on the old bike my husband and I are restoring!

  • How cute is that Nantucket Somerset Pet Basket! I am always dying to bring my kitty with me on rides to the park, but she wriggles out of my open basket too easily. This would be perfect!

  • Oh! it’s the Ballard Market panier. And mother’s day is coming! and our anniversary! BTW, I found your blog through etsy…happy they shared it.

  • I love love love the Nantucket Lightship Bike Basket!

  • The Brooks Brick Lane Roll-Up Panniers are totally gorgeous. Crossing my fingers!

  • Nantucket Lightship Bike Basket, perfect for a ride out to the market on Saturday!

  • The baskets are all so beautiful! What I really love is the Nantucket Somerset Pet Basket… my lil’ maltese would be so safe and cozy in there aaand it’d look super cute on my beach cruiser!

  • I love the C7 bike, and especially the fact that it is designed with wearing skirts in mind!

  • The Nantucket lightship bike basket would be perfect on my bike! Then I could make all other girls here in Stockholm – Sweden jealous!!! πŸ˜‰

  • Ohh, these are so pretty! The covered picnic rack basket is perfect for biking out to the forest preserve for a picnic. I prefer rack baskets, but usually they are not this stylish!

  • I spent some time in Copenhagen last year – the most wonderful thing was that people did not let rain disturb them at all, they just put rain coats over their fancy clothing and kept on dancing. That’s why my favorite item is the Iva Jean Rain Cape – rain coat and fancy ^^

  • covered picnic rack basket! in natural! “Peterboro is the oldest basket manufacturing company that crafts baskets 100% in the United States” awesome πŸ™‚

  • I really like the Brooks Leather Grips! Love Public Bikes love your ladies and your blogging!

  • I would love to have the V7 in black or green with a rear picnic basket. Such gorgeous bikes!

  • I really love the versatility of the Ballard Market panier (and I really need one, now that I’ve committed to commuting) also the spoke lights are awesome for night time visability!

  • Oh! I love Public V3 in orange (of course :D). I was thinking on buying one so, it’s perfect!

  • I would get the most out of that $150: handle grips, new helmet, duck bag, throw in a new light or 2…

  • The Covered Picnic Rack Basket, for sure! Sooo perfect for summer rides with a special someone!

  • Sooo cute. Everything on the site is amazing. I love the Brooks Leather Grips and of course all the pretty baskets. Love those Public Bikes. Love this blog.

  • I’m madly in love with the Covered Picnic Rack Basket. Super sweet.

    Great giveaway πŸ˜‰

  • Oh my goodness that Rivoli bike is the nicest bicycle i have ever seen! I have always wanted a bicycle in that style, but there is no way I could ever afford it – thank you University fees. And the white with bamboo? I think if it is possible I have fallen in love with an inanimate object!

  • I’ve been eying the M8 and C7 bikes to start doing more commuting by bicycle. What a great giveaway! Thanks!

  • I love the nantucket light ship bike basket! It’s super cute and I like the name πŸ˜‰


  • OH Man! I love the M8 in orange. This would be perfect to get me over the hills of Portland

  • Pretty much everything on Public Bike’s site is adorable…. I want it all!

    I am in need of a new helmet and maybe a basket. πŸ™‚

  • Oh dear, I’ve never seen anything as cute as those baskets!! πŸ˜€ Especially the Lightship one.. stole my heart!

  • The C7 bike in orange is my absolute fav. Man, I would love to ride around on that.

  • I have been saving up for a public classic. I can’t wait to get out and ride it when my little man gets older. So much to look forward to. Thanks for the great giveaway.
    Fritzi Marie

  • I just recently got a beautiful vintage Spectra, and all it needs is the PUBLIC Rear Rack! …and maybe a lovely basket. πŸ™‚

  • I LOVE that Basil Bottle Basket (in yellow, for sure)! πŸ™‚

  • My goodness I want the Public C7 in pink. I’m in college and need a bike like no other. Especially now that I’m moving off campus and I’ll need to be getting to both my jobs, volunteering, and classes.

  • The Public C7 in Orange has been on my wish-list for a couple of years now. I would love to make the final leap and order one! Getting rid of my car is one of my goals this year πŸ˜‰

  • ah! I just graduated university and I’ve been saving up for the public M8 Rivoli bike. I’ve looked around for others less expensive but nothing even compares. LOVE this bike!

  • I would definitely get the Peterboro original bike basket and possibly also the covered picnic rack basket. I have been hunting for a new bike basket and the Peterboro is exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  • i love the Valencia bike. it’s so cute and no one else on campus would have it. (:

  • i liked Valencia, obviously. those stripes are KILLER! how cute would it be so cruise around on that! COME ON NOW!?!?!

  • WOW! The “Nantucket Lightship Bike Basket” is so cute! Makes me want to have a bike and ride through green fields full of flowers! πŸ™‚

  • I’m loving the white ninth avenue bike! So adorable and perfect for riding around the city πŸ™‚

  • Oh my goodness. I’ve wanted to invest in a bike for so long! I live too far from work to walk, but close enough to bike there! I LOVE the CREAMCYCLE!

  • I LOVE the Farmer’s Market Rack Basket… it would go perfectly with my new bike!

  • I love the public C7 bike – and it would be so charming with the Nantucket Somerset Pet Basket… for my cat though πŸ™‚

  • Nantucket Somerset Pet Basket so my little maltese Biggles could ride with me and I wouldn’t have to worry about his “little dog syndrom” kicking in and him jumping out!! πŸ˜€

  • I am in lust with the Public C7-2012 in Royal Blue. I’ve been doing a lot of group rides lately and I have a beach cruiser that is a killer on hills and bridges.
    xoxo, Kelly

  • I’m obsessed with finding the perfect bike basket- and here it is at public bikes! I’m an NYU student and I wanted to zip through the city in style, my lunch kit nestled safe in a cute basket like this πŸ™‚

  • The Nantucket Somerset Pet Basket has to is the most fabulous basket for a bike ever;I love it! The DoggyRide Mini Dog Trailer is also wonderful.

  • They have so many great things! I love the covered picnic rack basket and the Public M8 πŸ™‚

  • I love the Selle Leather seat! It’s so beautiful. I have a vintage bike that I would love to spruce up with a lovely new seat (:

  • a bike like my youthful days in Switzerland πŸ™‚ – I love them all, and the baskets too. I guess I would get a Public C7 with step through frame, in white (green if possible, but I didn’t see that))

  • i love all the bike baskets and racks but i honestly LOVE the viaemsch deer bust so much!!

  • I love the Wald 198 Front Basket! It would be really useful for me, I find things at the creek in my neighborhood (arrows, little abandoned tables,bricks- All kinds of things!) and this would be very helpful in hauling them back home!

  • I love the Basil Bottle basket. our local farmers market is within biking range and it would be lovely to just bike there for our food!

  • I cant decide between the Nantucket Somerset Pet Basket, PUBLIC Basket, and the Swiss Loadfix Bungee Strap. public bikes is so cool.

  • Seriously!?!?

    Yesterday I posted about this being on my Mother’s Day Wish List.

    I Love PUBLIC and would choose an orange M8 bike!

    Thanks once again, for all the fantastic giveaways!

  • I love the Ballard Market Single Pannier (in black and red). I love that its multi-purposed as well as cute and durable! Panniers are such a great addition to a bike because they allow you to carry tons of important items without the stress of wearing a messenger bag! love it!

  • I LOVE the M8 Bike in blue! I don’t have a bike, so this would be absolutely a dream come true! Fingers crossed!

  • Wow! I would put the $$ toward a shiny new bicycle–something yellow…

  • I love Covered Picnic Rack Basket in Honey. Thanks!!! Also, I love your blog…so many great treats!

  • LOVE the Farmer’s Market Rack Basket! I just started commuting by bike and this would be perfect for my commute!

  • I like the Public C3 bike. It’s says it for ladies who are 4’8″ to 5’5″. As a lady who’s 4’9 it’s nice to finally see an adult bike in my size. I have to usually ride a child’s bike which bother me since they tend to be a bit juvenile for my taste.

  • I just got rid of my car, and the PUBLIC M8 in sky blue would make my commute to school every day simply amazing!

  • How lovely!! I love their accessories, but right now I’m in need of a tail light/ headlight combo so I would spring for the Danger Zone Tail Light

  • My favorite item is the PUBLIC Farmers Market Twin Pannier. I love using my bike to go grocery shopping. Thanks for this opportunity.


  • love the nantucket somerset pet basket! I always dreamed of taking my favourite chicken blanca rosa out for a ride tour!

  • This may seem silly, but I love the Frederico red brass bell. There’s something so nostalgic about bicycle bells. Why don’t I have one? Must get a red bicycle bell!

  • OMG I love the Peterboro basket! But I need an actual bike to put it on! πŸ™‚


  • I have been coveting a Mixte frame in white or blue for so long – with a Peterboro basket in front and a picnic basket in back, of course!

  • I love the Nantucket Lightship bike basket. I think it would be perfect on my vintage Hollywood Schwinn bike! I recently moved back to my home town so that I can be close to my family while undergoing chemo and I’m really looking forward to riding my bike to work again!

  • Hello! It’s always a pleasure to go on your blog! This is one of my everyday-take-a-look-blog πŸ™‚
    I discovered the brand and the PUBLIC Farmers Market Twin Pannier is very nice!

  • It’s not very cute, but the Basil Select Messenger Pannier would be so nice to have on my bike commutes.

  • I love all the baskets for the bikes! They are so unbelivably cute and such a classic look.