ReStyled Men’s Button Up: Two Ways

MENS BUTTON UP DIYYesterday I shared my ReStyled backpack, and today I wanted to share how I ReStyled two men's button up shirts. I love how cozy an over-sized button up can be but I wanted to add a little personality to mine. First I thrifted two men's shirts, then here's what I did:Plaid collageSupplies: Men's button up shirt, lace, scissors, sewing machine.

Begin by fitting the sides to fit you correctly. If you're worried about messing up the measurements, move inch by inch to create the perfect fit. Be sure to never cut the excess off, until you're positive it's the right size! 2. Take a piece of lace, cut it into an elbow patch, then top stitch it on!IMG_4009-2IMG_4009-2IMG_4009-2Super simple but a fun little detail for a flannel or plaid shirt. Next I challenged myself to create a skirt from a shirt! Here's what I did:Plaid skirt collage 11.Supplies: Men's button up, lace, sewing machine, scissors, sewing pins.

2. Begin by cutting off the sleeves and neckline, creating more of a square frame. 3. Flip it inside out and stitch the sides where the arm holes use to be. 4. Hem the top of the skirt by folding over the top of the of skirt 1 inch.Plaid skirt collage 15-6. Hem the bottom and any side splits there might be. 7. Next, at the waist band of the skirt, remove the top bottom button and sew it onto the opposite side of the fold so that you can now use it to button the skirt. 8. Lastly, sew a layer of lace onto an existing pocket, or if your shirt doesn't have one create a new one! We made our edges clean, but you could top stitch it as well to create a more handmade look.Skirt 1Skirt 1Skirt 1Now I have two new-to-me items for my winter wardrobe. Stay cozy! xo. Kinsey