Getting Excited to Print Photos with Canon

Our grandmother, Norma Jean, has an amazing photo album collection.

There is a large bookshelf that wraps around one corner of her living room. On

the lower shelves sit rows and rows of photo albums. She has been archiving photos

of her family since the 1970s. We always love picking an album at random and

flipping through the pages. We might see our parents from their first few years

of marriage or one of us unwrapping presents at Christmas or sitting by the

pool on a family vacation. Grandma’s old photo albums are an absolute treasure!

Her dedication to taking and printing photos of her family through the years

inspires us.Penny and DorenPenny and DorenIt’s funny to think that just a few generations ago, printing photos

was one of the only ways you could share your memories. Over the past couple of

years, we’ve noticed we store and share the vast majority of our photos

online through our blog, Flickr, Instagram or Facebook. We love how instant and

easy the Internet can make sharing photos, but the drawback tends to be that we

don’t print out photos as often—which is kind of sad when we think about our

grandmother’s epic album collection. Plus printed photos can be used in so

many ways! Who doesn’t want more family photos to hang or decorate your home

with, to use in scrapbooking or cute craft projects, or to give as gifts to

family members and close friends. Sharing memories should be so much more than

just posting them on the Internet!Dogs wearing clothes!Dogs wearing clothes!

Ice cream date!This year we are proud to be collaborating with Canon USA and their photo printers to share inspiration and project ideas for

using our printed photos. We’re going to be printing lots of photos this year

and sharing the progress of archiving our memories at home. We’ve been planning

out inspiration, DIY projects and practical tips to share with you, all using

Canon printers. Photo printers can be intimidating or even a little frustrating

at first, so we’ll be using a range of printers (PIXMA MG6320, PIXMA PRO-100, and the SELPHY CP900) to show you tips and ideas for projects of

all sizes. This is a dream collaboration for us, so we hope you enjoy this

series as much as we enjoy creating it. We’re so excited about the challenge,

and we’d love for you to join in the fun!Jeremy Larson

Jeremy Larsonxoxo. Elsie + Emma