Announcement + 10 Summer Fashion DIYs

TxscWe are SO excited to be a part of TXSC this year! We love fashion, we love blogging, we love Austin (!!!!) and we would love to meet some of you this summer. We are honored to be the keynote speakers this year as well as participating in a number of the fun events planned for the weekend. You can read more, see all the speakers, check out the schedule and sign up here. You totally should. It's the place to be. πŸ™‚

And speaking of fashion, style, blogging and summer (seamless transition there, huh?) here are 10 of our favorite summer fashion DIYs. Enjoy!Diy horse print dress1. We are still loving this simple horse print dress. Easy to make, fun to wear!Diy shorts2. Made these DIY shorts 5 ways last summer, still wearing them this summer. πŸ™‚Diy tennis shoes3. Spruce up some sneakers with a little paint to make them more you. Go on. Do it. Embroidered top4. Make your own embroidered blouse for your next summer vacation. Lace back blouse5. Check here for instructions to make your own breezy lace back blouseBraided necklace6. Learn to make this cute braided rope necklaceFeather crown7. Make your own feather crown for a photo shoot or to wear to a special event, like a music festival.Bleach painting8. We love this technique for bleaching painting on textiles. Add a quote to a tank top or t-shirt. Beaded necklace9. Make your own simple bauble necklace to add a pop of color to an outfit. Flower crown diy10. We are suckers for a cute floral crown. Here's one way to make an easy one at home. xo. Emma and Elsie