Win a Canon PIXMA MG7120 Photo Printer! (Closed)

Canon printer excited to bring you another amazing giveaway from our favorite folks at Canon USA! We're giving away their MG7120, which is not only an amazing printer for making those picture perfect moments a little more permanent, but it syncs with their PIXMA Printing Solutions app. What that means is you can print your photos from virtually anywhere to anywhere! Emma and I used it to print out some of our favorite moments from our trip to Palm Springs, and the photos were just sitting on the printer when we got home. Awesome, right?! It's definitely our go-to photo printer in the office, because it's just so easy to use.

Here are all the projects we've made with an MG series Canon printer.DIY Photo Wall Clock! 1We made our own photo wall clocks!

How to get a photo to transfer onto woodEmma transfered a photo onto a piece of wood.

1How about your very own photo playing cards?

How to sew a leather clutchHere are a couple photo clutches we made with the printer.

Colorful advent made with scrapbooking paper!Loved making this colorful advent calendar for Katie!

Homemade Holiday Card! (click through for DIY details!)We used the printer for all the photos in our company Christmas card this year.

How to style a corner gallery wall (click though for a video tutorial!)So many photos in my corner gallery wall were printed out on our MG7120.

There are so, so many possibilities when you have your own photo printer, especially with the holidays coming up!

TO ENTER: Just leave us a comment telling us what photos you'd be printing this holiday season. Giveaway is open until Dec. 6. Good Luck! xoxo. Elsie + Emma

P.S. All readers can take advantage of the Canon Black Friday deals going on today through Dec. 3, where you can get 55% OFF the MG6320 in black or white!

A Beautiful Mess Giveaway Rules

  • I would love to print all of the photos of my family! We’re not all living in the same place anymore and it’s hard sometimes! Having more photos up would make me so happy!!

  • I will be printing: family photos, holiday cards and postcards, posters to liven up our quaint apartment, and in general lesson plans for my classroom!

  • I’d love to print some images of my creative projects to send to my 92 year old great aunt, who is not on email. It always seems like too much of a hassle to order prints, but having a nice printer at home would solve that!

  • i’ll be printing out lots of photos for a scrapbook i plan to make for my mom and aunts for christmas πŸ™‚

  • Camping with my family, I’d also like to make a photo book of my mom’s garden for a christmas gift!

  • I would love to use this to print off some family photos and several travel photos from this year!

  • Photos from my grandmas 90th Birthday party. Also some photos I took of my daughter here recently.

  • My printer just died, I’d love to win this! This Christmas will be the first Christmas in many years that all of my family will be together. My Dad and I are both photographers and I’m sure we will be taking tons of shots of everyone together:)

  • I love the projects you’ve done with this printer! I would use a printer like this to print picture of my niece and nephew and to print projects to work on with them – one of my favorite pastimes πŸ™‚ I also a longtime project that I’m working to transfer to wood which this would be great for.

  • I’d print photos of some of my favorite memories of me and my husband. I would also print some precious memories of me and my mom.

  • This holiday season I would be printing LOTS of photos of my husband, my dog and I for our memory books and walls. It was our first year together as Mr. and Mrs. so I have lots to pick from. Also our holiday cards for my business — a small custom bakery. πŸ™‚

  • I would use this amazing printer to print my favorite holiday photos of my family and 1 year old son. It would be great to print my own Christmas cards, too! Lord knows with a 1 (soon to be 2!) year old, and hopefully another on the way – we will have many photos that need to be printed. This would make it so convenient for me to share those special moments with grandparents and family who live out of state (we are from Springfield, MO, too!). I would definitely make good use out of it, and probably wouldn’t be able to afford it on my own. I would LOVE to try out some of the DIY ideas I’ve seen here on ABM. Thanks for the opportunity! Good luck to everyone who enters!

  • I’ll be printing some long-awaited photos of me and my boyfriend! We have tons of pictures but never seem to print them off.

  • Oh, man. I REALLY WANT THIS! I would do so much with it! Print photos for galleries in our home, print our recent family photo shoot for projects and friends and family. Most of all though, I want to start offering photo charms in my charm shop! You can see my shop at Wouldn’t it be a great addition to have a little picture of your kid in a charm too?!

    Love Carin Jones

  • I love all the wonderful projects you made using prints from your photo printer. So creative! I would love to print photos of nature for holiday cards.

  • I actually have zero photos of my family during the holidays. I live alone now and don’t have any pictures there, period. So I’d take a bizillion photos this year and print them and hang them on my walls. To remind me that although I live alone, I’m not alone. πŸ™‚

  • I would love to print up some photos of our loved family traditions! Eating turky lunch in pjs with paper crowns, giving our beloved pets their gifts! All the good stuff that really makes Christmas feel like Christmas!

  • I would love to print photos of what my family and I are doing this December to put in a homemade scrapbook!

  • awesome giveaway!! I would print so many photos to make homemade gifts for family and friends!!

  • A calendar for my dad (his gift every year – but wouldn’t it be nice to print it myself this year??). A scrapbook of all my mom’s favorite old photos of us (with remakes of the photos with our current selves). Prints of my talented brother’s art.

  • This is amazing! I will be printing so many photos this winter and will be starting Project Life! This would be perfect for printing photos of my dogs, boyfriend, family, and photos I edit with the #ABeautifulMess app! πŸ˜‰ Your projects look fun. Going to Pinterest now to look for some good ideas! Thank you ladies!

  • I want to print the photos that show our everyday life. The photos of my cutie nephew and niece I take during Sunday dinner or the photos of my husband and I lounging on the couch. I love the look of the awkward, outstretched angle when i take photos myself. (No selfies though!) I want to fill my gallery wall of the everyday, simple moments. Happy Holidays!

  • I’d definitely be printing out some pictures of my cousins daughter and I, and give it to her when she’s older!
    Maybe my cat, or pup…hehe.

  • I really want to design and print my own save the dates for our wedding next year <3 I've even been playing around with designs in The Beautiful Mess app!

  • I would print our wedding pictures and pictures of friends and family for our new home to make our place more homey.

  • I will be printing mostly holiday memories and all the photos of Christmas preparations! Planning to create a little scrapbook πŸ™‚

    Good luck to everyone!

  • I would love a good printer like this I think I would print all of my pictures and the some more ! Maybe a huge mural of family pictures taken over the years, thanks for the opportunity x

  • The playing cards would make such a great gift!!! I’d be printing those…and some photo greeting cards!

  • I will be printing out photos from my family’s trip to NYC and use them as a present for my parents.

  • We are expecting our first baby so I want to print photos of our little one to send to the grandparents.

  • After seeing your suggested ideas I might try one of them – but will certainly use it to print some of the great holiday family pictures we will take and attempt to make a 3D type pop up photo.

  • Wow! Just WOW! I really like to win a Canon PIXMA MG7120 Photo Printer. This will be PERFECT to print my holiday photos of my fiance and me from 4 years ago til present. We are in a LDR relationship so looking at photographs and holding them will be much better than looking at them on the laptop. I know I’ll win. xx Jean

  • I would love to print photos of my family, friends, and pets to put up around the house and also for gifts! it would be so handy to have a printer at home, as my father is a photographer and has been meaning to print his photographs forever. I’d love to do this for him.

  • ohhi love you guys!I woulddefinately print photos of me and my friends from our recent trip to Italy,to make an album πŸ™‚

  • I have so many backlogged photos, I’d be printing tons! Especially from our Friendsgiving last weekend πŸ™‚

  • I would print some old pictures of my grandparents. I like the old vintage look of the pictures and I want to hang them up in some vintage frames , so I can see where I come from every single day. I miss them so much xxx

  • I’d print photos of me and my man from our previous Christmases together so we can hang them on our christmas tree!!

  • What wouldn’t I print with this beauty ! I have a very poor printer so I have years of family memories trapped inside my computer ! Thanks for the opportunity x

  • Printing : Adventures and family photos to mostly catch up on crafts posted here on ABM!!!! I must ask, what is the code for the discount?

  • i would print photos of my mom and me, a few of my friends and lost of my furry babies, and make a couple of project with them, specially a calendar for next year

  • I would print pictures of my brother’s new puppy to put in an album to give him for Christmas! I got my first DSLR so there are plenty of pictures that are begging to be printed!!

  • My other printer I had for 3 years (and didn’t use too much – except to print my happy, colorful photography to cheer up friends and strangers) had a fatal error occur suddenly. I am bummed and dumbfounded. I want to be able to print photos again. And I want something reliable and pretty too. πŸ™‚

  • I’d love to print photos of my boyfriend & his daughter for apart of his Christmas gift. as well as family photos for my family. And printables for dΓ©cor in my new apartment

  • I want to print all the photos of the new apartment I share with my husband. We’ll never get these days back, and I want to remember every little nook of our first apartment together. <3

  • I’d be printing family photos and photos that i took while traveling to hang all around the house πŸ˜€

  • I’ll print photos that will go to my december daily album, in varied sizes from 2×2 up to 6×8. I really love my canon pixma printer but I need to upgrade it. Thank you for the chance girls!

  • hi girls. i’m a french canadian living in montreal who discovered your blog few months ago. like you and your readers, i’m a diy passionate and a pretty things lover. you both truly amaze and inspire me. as for this holiday season, i will officially graduate from uni in december and for the special occasion will go spend a whole month in my home town up north (no kidding, its almost the north pole at this point!) with my whole familly. i just look forward to spend time with my mom, baking and knitting while the snow’s falling. i’m surely planning on briging my camera and capture memorable familly shots before comming back to the big city. i would love to find my pretty pictures all printed ready and waiting for me when i come back! πŸ™‚

    keep up your amazing work. xxx

  • I’d print old pictures of my grandparents on their wedding day to use in crafting Christmas gifts for them!

    Great giveaway!

  • I will be printing pictures of my family who are all back together again for the holidays after a year apart πŸ™‚ And our dog Shiloh who is more photogenic than my whole family combined πŸ˜€

  • I have thousands of pictures to print off my iPhone & laptop! I’d definitely be printing those off and giving some gooders to family and friends during the holidays! It would also be great for my freelance business!

  • It’s coming up our first wedding anniversary!!! I’d be printing a looooot of pictures from that special day!

  • It’s my first christmas in my new flat that I share with my gorgeous boyfriend! So I would be printing all the photos of our first Christmas in our little home together and using them to scrapbook!

  • I had a baby in July and still have to print pictures of her for our walls!! Hopefully we’ll get some good Christmas shots and a new family one for our walls!!

  • Will definitely gonna print photos of family and to decorate my home walls with them

  • I will be printing lots of photos of my wonderful family and friends and crafting them up into gifts for next season.

  • FIrst up…some old photos of my parents and grandparents shared through email by my uncle. Would love to have those printed and framed.

  • My husband and I are now living across the country from both of our families, and it would be so nice to finally be able to send family photos to stay in touch! Real photos are so much better than Facebook.

  • wow! great giveaway! great gift to put under the christmas tree!
    I have like a lot of phtos or designs to print and
    many ideas for crafts!

    kisses from Greece!

  • I’d print out A family photo of me, my boyfriend and our dog and sent it to my family that lives so far away that I barely see them.

  • I would love to print some photos of my visit home this Christmas. I don’t live near my family at the moment and it would be lovely to add some to my version of your corner gallery wall!

  • eeep! i’ve been wanting a good photo printer!! I need one, so I can stop so many trips to walmart, ha! I am printing my own Christmas cards this year. I would also love to have this printer so I can pick up my Project Life!! Canon is the best.

  • My son and husband and of my two dachshunds, yorkie, lab and cat. Also of my niece and great niece, plus there is a new baby coming to the family in June. Can’t wait.

  • I would love to print out more photos of my husband and I for our first Christmas as newlyweds!

  • i wanted a black/white photo wall for my home for so long just like elsie’s corner wall. but never had the right printer. i moved in another city in 2011 and want a wall full of pictures of my friends that i won’t no longer miss them so much every day – in mix with pictures of nice positive words.

  • I would use this in my classroom so my students could print their photographs! What a great giveaway!

  • [email protected]

    I would love to print some photos to frame for a gallery wall- since we have moved in our walls have been blank! We need some photos! But such a hassle to go to a store and print or upload to an online printer! I hope I win!

  • This is by far the most amazing giveaway I’ve seen in a blog!
    I’d love to print all the photos of me and my loved ones from various events throughout the year to hang around my room to display. I just love having familiar faces in my room!

  • I would print picture of my family and friends. Also, print out pictures of the forest that I took years ago.

  • I want to create a Project Life book for my best friend for her 18th birthday. We’ve been friends our entire lives and I want to give her a collection of our favorite memories in photos from the last 18 years. You guys have inspired me so much!

  • There are so many photos I would love to print this holiday season! My in-laws do not live near and I would love to print the photos we have taken over the last 12 months when we have spent time together and place them into a scrapbook for them! I would also love to print photos of trips from the last 12 months and try to decorate our new living space!

  • Vacation photos, grand baby photos, everyday photos, you name them and I have them to print. I would love a good printer so I can print at home.

  • I will be printing my first family portrait with my baby girl!
    Side note: Emma, I made your bourbon and baked apples ice cream for thanksgiving and it was awesome!

  • I just got married so I’d be printing all of our wedding photos. What a cool giveaway! Thank you!

  • This holiday season is my first with my baby boy and so I am sure it will be TONS of photos of him! and of course the rest of the family πŸ˜‰

  • I’d love to print out custom Christmas cards four our friends & family! Also, my boyfriend and I have recently finished the looong process of moving to our new house, and we still have a lot of work concerning home decor – so I’d love to print out a few photos & artworks to hang on the walls πŸ™‚

  • I’ll be printing photos to make a scrapbook of the first two years with my boyfriend… it’ll be a present πŸ™‚

  • [email protected]

    This holiday season I would be printing out photos of my pregnant belly surrounded by all my family who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the first grandchild to both my parents and my husband’s parents. I’d love to capture these moments because I never imagined how excited and anxious the family would be.
    Kim S.

  • I would definitely print some holiday printables from some Etsy shops I follow! And also all the family holiday photos that end up lost in the jumble of iPhone photos and never seem to get printed πŸ™

  • I’ll be printing family photos to display for christmas! We don’t get to print our photos as often as we like.

  • I would love to have actual photos of my grandchildren, daughters, pets, and vacation snapshots instead of filing them away in a computer folder. I’d enjoy having a more portable way of sharing memories!

  • Photos of friends, family and memories to personalise my university room πŸ™‚

  • I would print up all the photos of the past year and go into a scrapbooking frenzy!

  • Since I live in the south Sweden I will print snow pictures, put them up all over my walls and dream away to the snowy north!

  • I would print a lot of pictures of my new puppy and of my nieces and nephew running a around the house . πŸ™‚

  • For Christmas I want to make my grandmother a 2014 calendar featuring old & new pictures of her grandkids.

    Awesome giveaway!

  • This holiday season will be my first with my baby boy so I am sure I will be taking a TON of him!! and the rest of the family too πŸ˜‰

  • I’ll be printing photos of our first family Christmas together in 4 years and my gorgeous mum’s 50th birthday!

  • Great ideas! I find them very inspirational. After repainting my room, I have an empty wall, wood be great to put there my holiday photos.

  • I would love this to print my son’s senior pictures, I took his pictures and he edited them, it made it more special and saved us $$$.

  • I’ll be taking lots of photos of family, friends, pets, and inspiration that comes with the season! πŸ™‚

  • I would print family portraits and pictures of places we’ve visited together and I would make a gift for my mom. It will be a composition of frames on a wall that has been yellow e empty for too long already! I’m sure she will love it!!! πŸ˜€

  • I would love to print pictures from my summer in Spain to put onto a collage wall!

  • we dont have any kids so i usually take photos of our two cats (especially watching the sandhill cranes in our yard) and the nature around us

  • [email protected]

    Pictures of my daughter’s first Thanksgiving and Christmas!

  • I would love to print photos from my baby boy’s first year! You know, all of the one just living in my phone and computer! I would make them exist with this printer! Love this giveaway!

  • I’d love to print the series of portraits I took of myself and my siblings as a Christmas present for our parents! πŸ™‚

  • We moved in March and my brother passed away March 28, 2013… I just began decorating as I wasn’t motivated to for sometime. I’d finish decorating my house with beautiful family photos of him, my kiddos, and our life. Moving forward in 2014. What a year this has been. What a cool giveaway though – I’d be thankful for this for so many reasons! Happy Holidays

  • I’d print tons of photos of family and friends because I’m moving (way too far) away tomorrow

  • I would love to print out all of the photos of the pretty fall photos I took these past few months and photos of upcoming Christmas festivities, too. πŸ™‚

  • I would be printing more photos of past Christmas’ to share on Christmas day with my family.

  • I love some of the prints on your gallery wall! I have so many pictures and prints in mind that I simply haven’t gotten around to printing yet. Since buying my first house last year, I still have so many bear walls that need prints hanging on them. I would surely use this printer for that!

  • I will definatly be taking alot of holiday inspired pictures this season and would be great to be able to print them and then send them off to friends or make scrapbook for memories !!

  • I would like to win this printer! I’d print family photos and photos of my favorites moments of 2013 for gifts, diy projects, holiday cards, scrapbook…

  • Photos of my little sister and our dog on one of our many walks through the snowy woods!

  • I would be printing a lots of pictures of my family and my boyfriend, and I would love to make Christmas gifts of these photos! πŸ™‚

  • I would use this to print photos, to send to my grandparents, of all our holiday fun! They dont own a computer, and they miss out on seeing pics of my kids I post on social media. I would love to start making prints more instead of having them all stored away.

  • I would be printing my project life photos to finish my folder ready to take back to the uk and show everyone what we get up to now we live in Canada!

  • I’d love to print the photos of my Grandmother’s birthday. We made some great family shots.

  • I will be taking lots of photos of my rescue dog “Little”. I need to put together a scrapbook for him and this would be the perfect gift to win to get started! πŸ˜€

  • I’ve been collecting old polaroids and busting out a new film camera, so I’m going to take advantage of my resources this christmas season and DIY all my Christmas gifts! I’m thinking polaroid coasters for a start.. πŸ™‚

  • Ill be printing Christmas photos and everyday photos for December Daily and Project Life.

  • I would print photos of me and my fiancΓ© with our Kitten Porter!! One little happy family! Can not wait to capture all of our memories for years to come!

  • so excited about this opportunity! I live far from my family & love to send them photos of my new California life. Would looove a nice printer like this one!

  • I’d print out pictures I’ve been pinning to create a corner gallery like the one you did, Elsie!

  • I recently got engaged and plan on printing lots and lots of pictures as we begin to spend our first holiday season together as an engaged couple!!

  • I’d finally print and send my mom in Missouri pictures of her grand-dog in Austin that she keeps asking for. I’d also print photos of our honeymoon in Japan to fill in the remaining empty spaces in our home.

  • My husband and I are getting raising money to move to South Africa and work at an HIV orphanage. We hope to leave in January, so this December we will be printing lots of family photos to hang on our walls in Africa!

  • I would be printing the recent pictures of my family at a turn of the century cotton factory! My son was having a blast running around and it was evident on his face!

  • I want to scan and print handwritten recipe cards and make a recipe book for my mom and aunt’s including some of my grandma’s cards (and other family favorites)!

  • I’d finally get going on printing some pics from my trip to Africa earlier this year!

  • I’ll be printing pictures from my trip to Rwanda (making a scrapbook) as well as some of family & friends to hang up in my new place, which I moved into in September. Thanks for running this giveaway ladies!

  • I would like to print photos of the first Christmas away from home spend my boyfriend and I, both are Spanish (from Madrid) but I work in France (Toulouse) and I have to spend Christmas working. I’m doing a scrapbooking album for our 5 years together in 2014 and these pictures of course I want them to appear^-^

  • I would print all my pictures from my trip to Alaska in Sept. I also have lots of other family trip pictures would love to print and scrap.

  • I would love to print our holiday photo presents for our family on this! I would also print the last 6 months of photos for my project life album!

  • I kept a jar all year on my window sill that I filled with the Best Parts of 2013, written on small scraps of paper to be read on January 1. I would print off a pic to go with each memory and make myself craft something amazing. πŸ™‚

  • I’d print pictures to send my husband while he’s deployed to keep him in the loop. I mean, it’s important for him to know what our cat Monkey is up to, right?

  • I’d finally print and send photos to my mom in Missouri of her grand-dog in Austin. (She’s been asking for a while πŸ™‚ I’d also print photos from our honeymoon in Japan and fill in some of the remaining bares spaces in our home.

  • If I won, I would scan old family photos, restore them the best I can, and print out better quality versions of them before they deteriorate any further!

  • this printer would be perfect for our gallery in the future. these days we only have the frames and they are waiting the get hung up. πŸ˜€

  • All your printed projects are fabulous. I print a lot of photos for mini albums and to make Christmas gifts for family! I use a lot of ink!

  • It would be so great to be able to print up and send photos from my study abroad in England to my family back home!

  • I’d absolutely love to print out all the pictures I’ve taken on my camera over the years. I don’t really have a ‘photo’ printer, so those pictures never really see the light of day. Which is a shame, because I love having scrapbooks and photo albums!

  • I’m expecting in the next few weeks, so I’d definitely be printing photos of my little guy when he arrives!

  • I never print photos so I would print all of the best ones from the past year and find a fun project to do with them or a great way to display them.

  • I would be printing tons of family pics for our gallery wall! Fingers crossed!! πŸ™‚

  • I will be printing photos of pets (two dogs and a rabbit) as well as pictures of my family, I hope to capture some nice candid ones this year!

  • I’ll be printing pictures of the christmas parties with family, my youth group, and my choir! Also of when my aunt and uncle come for the first time in three years!

  • We just had a baby so we have baby pictures from fall and holiday photos of all three boys to print. Maybe even make some cute gifts from them if there is time!

  • I would print my Christmas cards and photo calendars at home – how convenient that would be!

  • I would print pictures of our new dog and the heritage project I am working on! We have a lot of old family picutes and documents I have been scanning so that everyone in the family would have a copy but with a good printer I could print out some of the pictures and documents and give them as presents!!

  • ooh amazing contest yessss! no more trips to the print shop would be just fine with me!! I would print all my fave photos from the last year, collage & modpodge them to my round kitchen table top! whew! inspired by the suitcase in your ABM book πŸ™‚

  • My grandparents just bought their first digital camera ever. They are pretty excited by the convenience! I’d love to be able to print pictures for them right in their home. That would really blow their minds! I’d print out their holiday photos for them πŸ™‚

  • I will finally get some wedding pics printed to send out to the fam. Also some new baby bump pictures as well as future lil babe photos!!!

  • I would print pictures of my husband and daughter. Also I love to send pictures with my friends when they go out of town.

  • We would love this for keeping our families up to date on our little girl as she grows!

  • My brother and his wife are expecting their first baby this week. I suspect that as a new auntie, I will have lots of baby pictures to print out this holiday.

  • I would print all my snowy pictures from the cold north of Sweden, maybe even a picture of the northern lights!

  • I’d print photos of my boyfriend and nieces, I’m moving to The States and I’m gonna need to see his pictures once and again… πŸ™‚

  • I would love to print the photos I have taken of everyday moments. These are so often forgotten behind big events and holidays. Fingers crossed…

  • Those animal clocks! That is what I am working on for the holidays. I have some animal crazed friends with an entire house filled with bunnies, cats, dogs, fish and the occasional frog.
    So many fun projects on the go!

  • I’d love to print and make my own postcards!
    With dear friends and family living so far away,
    It would be nice to keep them posted with pictures
    And love notes. xo

  • I would definitely be printing out pictures of our kids- I have some very sweet pictures that have not made it off the computer. :/

  • I loved seeing all of your photo projects! It would be a dream come true to use this printer for our Save the Dates. Our wedding is in June, and we want to create a unique Save the Date card with one of our engagement pictures with a classy black and white style. I am a DIY bride to be and this printer would be such a blessing!

  • I’m going on a one week vacation in the winter break and will probably shoot 72349623 pictures – it would be amazing to be able to print those at home!

  • I’ve been putting off framing some minimalistic images / landscapes for our walls. However plain the picture, though, the printing quality simply needs to be perfect!

  • It was my Dad’s 50th birthday at the the beginning of November and we travelled to London for the weekend to celebrate. Ive been looking to print off pictures and make him a scrapbook of our time there, this would be more than perfect for that.


  • This Holiday Season I will be printing Save the Dates (!), thank you photo cards and I would definitely make a DIY puppy clock πŸ™‚

  • My family just had a reunion of all the women down in Savannah Georgia! I have so many photos that I would love to print and send to those wonderful women!!

  • I would print all ispiring photos for my collection collage ,and I had tought to send some chistmascards for longlost siblings and of course lots of cute chtistmassy family photos πŸ™‚

  • I would print all the christmas pictures I will be taking….school concerts, my babies first christmas and all the other fun things we plan to do this season!

  • Every year I print a new batch of photos to add to an album I made for my mother, since she doesn’t have a camera or a computer (I KNOW – how does she do it?!) I’d love to be able to print beautiful photos at home! Plus my and my boyfriend’s apartment deperately needs some wall art, and we have some cool photos from our trip to Turkey that I’m dying to get in frames!

  • I would love this printer!
    I love several states away from all of my family and I would love to print more picture out of them so it feels like I’m more at home!

  • Oh goodness, what WOULDN’T I be printing with this? I’m a graphic design student and a my very own printer would mean the very world to me. All of my many school and DIY projects would be so happy to be printed with this beautiful machine.

  • I’d be printing my favorite family photos from this year to make a fun holiday display.

  • I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to print out some of our fave travel pics for our walls. i am ready to decorate our walls with what touches and inspires us most. thank you πŸ™‚


  • I would be printing lots of photos for Christmas gifts. I love giving something of meaning rather than something random bought at the store.

  • My parents just got a puppy, so I’d be printing all the adorable pictures I’ll take of her when I go home for Christmas!!

  • I would love to win this printer! In the last months, I’ve been experimenting with DIY-projects and lots of them require beautiful prints of even more beautiful photos. Sadly I don’t have a photo printer so winning this would just make my year! I’ve been making a lot of birthday gifts myself lately and it just so happens that two of my best friends have their birthdays coming up soon. So I’d definitely use this printer to make those gifts! I’d also really like to make your photo clutches, they’re so cute. And since the holidays are coming up, family portraits will finally find a way to our walls! And just for the record – you guys are great! Keep up the good work πŸ™‚ Love, Laetitia

  • i will print photos to make a calendar for my boyfriend, since we are going long distance in a WEEk!

  • I’d love to win!! I want to print out some photos for my inspiration wall, mostly fashion-related pictures.

  • I’ll be printing the photos from the December Photography challenge I’m taking part in with my brand new Canon 700D.

  • This is a really exciting giveaway! I’ve been craving printed pictures lately – my laptop was stolen and with it…all my photos. I’m so mad at myself for not printing more in the past, and I’m on a mission to start printing pictures on a regular basis.
    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  • I would be printing Christmas gifts. Most everyone enjoys something with meaning rather than a random gift from the store.

  • I’d print project life pictures. I got through Jan. and part of Feb. this year….hoping to print a bunch and put those 2013 photos in a big fat album. πŸ™‚

  • I will be printing off photos for my living room. We are FINALLY redoing that room after Christmas and the walls desperately need pictures. πŸ™‚

  • I want to print copies of the old vintage family photos I got from my mom so I can send them out to my family!

  • I’ll be printing photos of my great aunt and uncle, my little cousins, my friends, and magical snowy landscapes.

  • I would print pictures of my “new” husband and I as we start our first year of marriage! Also, the great landscapes of the Pacific Northwest during the winter months…pretty cool for a Louisiana transplant!! Happy Holidays to yall! Ashley

  • I’d like to make a photo book of a trip my boyfriend and I took to Europe this past summer. I would love to be able to print all the photos myself and customize the book instead of ordering one from an online store.

  • Hey girls!

    My husband and I are planning on buying our first DSLR camera on Boxing Day this year! I have started my own blog (you girls have inspired me!)and I will be using the camera to make my blog pictures even prettier! Also, my husband does a lot of filming, and he loves the amazing quality of the Canon DSLR cameras! We both win! Also, I am hoping to do an engagement shoot for my brother next year, so we would definetly benefit from a home photo printer!!!

  • as much i LOVE using PostalPix, it’s a little difficult keeping up with printing all of my favorite photos that get trapped in my phone and/or computer. i’d absolutely enjoy having the PIXMA and sending photos to my printer as soon as it’s taken! i’d also love to keep up with all the lovely photo projects on ABM without having to make trips to my nearest copy center to have my photos printed.

  • I am a photographer so I would definitely print out some of my prints! I have been really wanting to do that for such a long time.. πŸ™‚

  • It’s our first year away from family for Christmas and we’re starting lots of new traditions. I would love to be able to use this printer for all the photos I will take!

  • This holiday season I will be definitely printing lots of family photos. I’m dreaming of putting them all in my “memories+art” gallery wall. πŸ™‚ It would be great to be able to print them myself at home- simpler and faster than having it that somewhere else. This giveaway is awesome!


  • I’m going on a two day Disneyland trip for my birthday this year. Disneyland is going to look so pretty with all the Christmas decorations up. And my friends and family are going to join me. I hope to print these memories with the printer. Fingers crossed! πŸ™‚

  • My nan is having her kitchen redone and wants some of my photos on the walls, and I’ve been creating a photo ‘washing-line’ on my living room wall. Need lots of photos printed out and this would be ideal πŸ™‚

  • Well of course cute pictures of my 3 kiddos for all the grandparents! And a few for me!

  • I would print all of my families pictures. This was my first year spending thanksgiving with my fiances family.

  • I would print out pictures of my and my boyfriend’s new puppy and our first holidays living together. Love all of your projects!

  • If I won the CANON PIXMA MG7120 I’d print photos of my family and friends! I want to hang picture frames in my living room and I’d LOVE to fill the frames with people I love.

  • Thanks for the chance to win! I’d print up lots of photos of my daughters first Christmas to use in her PL album…then I would go crazy printing up photos to hang around my house. My walls are pretty bare right now…mostly because we live in military housing and I don’t want to put holes in the wall, but now that my daughter is here…I want pictures of her cute mug everywhere! LOL!

  • I would be printing a bunch of pictures of the bf and the family to start the photo wall I have been dying to create. πŸ™‚

  • I would print all the Christmas photos from our big family gathering we have every year! That… and some of our dogs and my boyfriend. πŸ˜€

  • I would love to print wedding photos (6 months married on Monday!) I’m super excited to decorate for Christmas, it is my favorite time of year. I would love to be able to use the printer for fun DIY home decor and gifts!

  • I am just getting into photography and I bet I will have a bunch of pictures to print! And I have a blank wall just waiting for a collage of pictures!!! πŸ™‚

  • Is there anything better than a gallery wall? I’d love to do some prints of my kitties and the scenes around my beautiful home town.

  • It’s our first Christmas as a married couple, so we will be taking lots of photos and making some new traditions! We have so many pictures to print from this year (AND my husband is photographer!) so this giveaway is very exciting!

  • Last year, we had beautiful pictures taken of the whole family before my sister left on deployment and we never got them printed nicely because no one ever decided what they wanted! With this, I’d just let everyone print their favorite photo.

  • I would love to print out some of the family pictures my mom sends me from Norway, so that I could have my family visibly in my apartment even if they’re halfway across the world from me.. πŸ™‚

  • I would love to print up all my adventures from this year as a reminder of how amazing it was; from has been from graduating, getting my first job in my career, moving into a new house and then on top of all that getting engaged to the most wonderful man.

  • What WOULDNT I print is the question?? After a tough year it would be awesome to overcome it with happy Christmas memories for me to print, treasure and share.

  • photos of friends and family just being lazy and hanging out together and tons of FOOD πŸ˜€

  • I would love to print photos that my family members have been finding, scanning, and restoring of my grandparents!

  • I’m in the middle of decorating my room and in need of some lovely art work for my walls πŸ™‚

  • Ohhhh! I would love this! We don’t have a printer now that we moved and we have some beautiful wedding family photo’s we would love to print and hang over the holidays!

  • I would love to print photos to use as wall decor and to print photos for my scrapbook πŸ™‚

  • I would print family photos like crazy! I recently moved to oregon and get to spend Christmas with my family in Arizona this year. This would be an amazing prize!

  • Oh! It would be so time perfect as our printer has just crashed and we are looking for a new one. It would be great to be able to print our Canon dslr pictures of our cat Juno dressed in Christmas style πŸ˜‰ with a brand new Canon printer.

  • Oh how I’ve been meaning to print out so many photos. You wouldn’t know we had a second baby 4 months ago if you were to just look at our pictures around the house.

  • I would love to print all the photos I have in mi pc, having them in a screen is definitely not the same as having them in your hands, pictures of vacations, my recently graduation and all those little moments that are just as special.
    Thank you for the giveaway <3 I hope I win.

  • We have an annual Wine & Cheese Party where I always take pictures that make me laugh year-round. And our family Christmas morning shots are a necessity: Everyone in jammies and with a huge mess under the tree. It’s how I see how the kids have grown and changed each year.

  • My walls in my new house are naked, and I’d love to print out some pictures to decorate!

  • I’d love to take some outdoor photos once the frost and snow settles, and print them to make holiday cards and decorations! That would definitely help me feel more Christmassy!

  • I’d love to print some family portraits. My family hasn’t done Holiday cards in years but I know my mom would absolutely love this. She always talks about it but it never does it. I’d love to give her this gift.

  • I have soo many projects I would make. Tile coasters with some of my fav pics. I really want to try the photo to wood transfer project with some of my wedding photos.

  • I would definitely go on a printing spree if I won this giveaway! First on my list would be some photos of me & my boyfriend. We don’t have a single framed photo in our house. That definitely needs to change!

  • I have three years of scrapbooking to catch up on! This printer is definitely on my wish list!

  • My wee daddy is teaching me how to use his SLR so I’m going to print everything! First up….some nice Autumnal pictures to make into seasonal cushion covers!

  • I would be printing all the photos we’ve taken of our baby girl, who will be six months old on Tuesday, and her cat sister, who is 17. I am a film junky but with photo labs disappearing and instant film being so pricey, I am begrudgingly on the digital bandwagon…. And moqninhac

  • I would print out some of my drawings on beautiful paper. It would be the perfect homemade gift for christmas.

  • I would definately print out all of my holiday pictures from the summer! Didn’t get to do that just yet, so this would be helpful πŸ˜‰

  • I really want to get some of the (many) photos I took this year printed so that I can have little memories scattered around the house!


  • I would print up some new prints for my walls. Decorating in a college apartment is impossible, but having a nice photo printer would definitely help.

  • My partner and I moved across Canada to Montreal at the end of the summer, so now my extended family and brother are in BC, my parents are in Thailand and my sister is in Saskatchewan. Since we’re all so spread out, it’s important for us to keep in touch and up-to-date with each others’ lives! I’d love to print memories past and share our new Montreal experiences with my family around the world.

  • I would love to print photos of me and my boyfriens, and any other one to compar if I am really getting better in photography

  • I would be printing some homemade cards and many, MANY prints to frame for my gallery wall!

    great giveaway, thanks! πŸ™‚

  • Great giveaway! I would print family photos for photo albums that I would give to my family as gifts πŸ™‚

  • I will be printing my holiday album photos as I go and pictures of a recent addition to our family

  • Wow, what a sweet printer! We’d be busy printing pictures of our 4 month old, Elliot’s, first Christmas. Thanks!

  • I would print candid photos of my 3 boys for our new gallery wall (in the works) and some prints to mix in.

  • I have a beautiful vintage photo album which is still not fully filled with photos and I’d love to print pictures from all the significant moments of my life with my own printer!

  • This would be so great…I could make homemade gifts for everyone on the holiday list!!

  • I would print my instagram pictures, some from every month in 2013, and make a collage from them – or two.
    I would give this collage to my parents – with a description for every picture, so they can see what I did all year. And the second one would be for my grandpa, whom I hardly see.

  • I would love this! I would print off pictures of my female cat dennis, my amazing son playing football, and all the cute moments I capture of my sweet little family πŸ™‚

  • I just recently started printing pictures at my local drugstore so this printer would help me out a lot! Printing pictures is addicting!! Thanks Girls!!

  • I would love to print out some of the photos that I took of New York City this past summer. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I’d love to print some of my boyfriend and mine’s favorite instagrams to mat and frame them up on his walls for a holiday gift!

  • I will be printing our family photos, and family photos of my husband. I need to add them to the gallery I’m planning to finish before Christmas.

  • Why isn’t it time to make all my digital photos something I can enjoy in every room in my house?! Yes. Yes it is!

  • I would print lots of photos to fill up the new house that my family is moving into. Old family pictures are my favorite, mixed in with pictures of the new addition! My goal is to fill it up with as many photos possible!

  • I’d love to be able to print photos at home, especially now since I’m doing project life and I love to have photos around the home!

  • Hi! I would loooove your printer so that I could print photos that I take to work from for my paintings.Also,so many interesting vignettes around Los Angeles my new home.It would be grand to be able to print photos that I take on my phone as it’s my camera at this point and I take a million pictures of everything.It’s all about art I guess because I don’t know anyone but my shmooky cute dog here yet :-).Your blog is rad.It is a bright sunny spot on the bleakest of days. I dream of the day that I will be able to entertain as you girls do with a houseful of sweet pals.XO

  • I’d use it for cards and prints for my etsy shop. and to print out my own instagram photos to display in my apartment.

  • Oh my gosh. SO MANY THINGS I WANT TO PRINT. First I would print off our wedding photos (because Walmart is too far across town…) and second I would print off my own graphic designs for my walls!

  • My dining room is in desperate need of photos, so I would definitely be printing and framing family photos to hang πŸ™‚

  • Hey, I just bought a new reflex camera and I’m taking pictures of the x-mas reunion I’m having with my two best friends who are living in London and Frankfurt. Since I live in Madrid we don’t see each other very often. So I’d print some of those pictures for them as a gift.

  • I would definitely print off some of our wedding photos for display in our home. We got married in July and STILL don’t have pictures printed!

  • I make photo collage pins on my Etsy shop. My neighbors are amazing & let me use their printer, but having one of my own would probably be the best Christmas present I could give to them this year!

  • I do photography for most of the people in my family and for their christmas gift i am going to be putting their photos on canvas. This printer would be a great way to help do that! =)

  • I’d love to make photo gifts for all my friends and family this year! Homemade, budget-friendly, and from the heart πŸ™‚

  • I would print photos of the most amazing moments in fantastic summer time to cheer up in the cold!

  • I hate having a bunch of pictures on my computer, and none of them out on display in physical form around the house, so this would help me achieve my goal of having at least one printed photo on every table!

  • Im in high school and i just started taking photos with my dslr last year and im actually getting pretty good~! (Thanks to ur tips)
    I hope to print my pictures for my friends and family, and just as decorations for my room
    People my age dont print pictures enough nowadays, its all digital and on social media
    I want to bring back the printed photo! LOL
    Thanks so much for this giveaway~

  • I have a whole years worth of photos to print this season (family friends, bdays, holidays, etc.)

    This printer would be so great, usually I just have to pick and choose things to get printed out someplace else.

  • I’d be printing pictures of my little family that is going to be a bit bigger. I am due New Years!! :))

  • I would print photos from my trip to Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand… I’ve been back for 6 months but just haven’t had the time!

  • I would print the pictures of all the new wonderful babies that my friends and family members welcomed into the world and create personal Christmas gifts.

  • I was just thinking today that I’d love to have an at-home photo printer to print pictures of my family. It’s important to me to have lots of family pictures around since I moved out a few months ago!

  • I’d print out some gorgeous shots I took in Europe and finally make my gallery wall !

  • Wow, I would love to have one of this, so I could print my old pictures from the year that I studied in USA… miss my dear friends from there.

  • What an awesome giveaway! I’ve been dying for a photo printer because I spend so much time and money printing them off at a local camera shop and could be saving so much! I would use it to print out pictures for my clients and my own home. I’m just moving into a new place and would love to use my pictures to decorate!


  • I have been hunting for a good photo printer to do a bit of catch up with my project life album. So far I have been waiting until I have a bunch of photos and getting them developed at Walmart. Having this printer at home would be so helpful!

  • My husband is going to Korea for a year right after Christmas. I’m printing tons of photos for him to decorate his quarters. And for our daughter, I’m printing lots of pictures for her so she can have Daddy pictures around the house.

  • Oh goodness…what would I NOT print? I recently started doing project life and also December daily. I would definitely print my photos for those but also family photos for my frames throughout the house,. They never get switched out because I’m so lazy about ordering prints…

  • I would print out my designs using Elf quotes for my Elf party and great quotes for all my friends Christmas presents…and of course my Thank you card for Santa for all my lovely pressies!!
    Liesel XOXOX

  • It’s my Jewish BF’s first year celebrating Xmas with us so I’d love to print and document that!

  • What a wonderful giveaway! I would print a loooot of photos for my flat – because I want to make a photo wall there πŸ™‚

  • I have a goal to PRINT all (or nearly all) photos taken in 2014, just like the good ‘ol days of film, so this printer would be the perfect little tool to help me do that! Love the look of these printers as well–so slick and mod!

  • I have been studying abroad for the past 3 months and I can’t wait to print out all my photos to scrapbook and to frame!

  • I have wanted to do a huge collage of all the pics of family and friends for forever :))
    Also i still have to Print Out Christmas cards for all my lovelies <3

  • I was planning on giving my mom and my mother in-law some lovely framed pictures for Christmas. This would be a lovely way to do it πŸ™‚

  • I live far away from my family so I always try and print out photos of my family, life, city and mail them off with my gifts

  • I’ll be printing photos for gifts this Christmas and then a few from some trips to decorate my walls!

  • We just got professional pics this year for the first time (we didn’t even have a pro at our wedding) and I’d love to be able to print them out and do some fun projects at home.

  • I’d print all the photographs I have been taking in photography school for my whole family! It’s expensive to print at my school.

  • I’d love to win this! I think my printer is 8 years old and the pictures turn out….interesting.

  • I would print pictures from my study abroad trip in London and pictures i take during my last year of college πŸ™‚

  • I have tons of wedding pictures to print and I have the 2 cutest dogs in the world. This would be an awesome birthday present. Did I mention my birthday is the 7th?! πŸ˜‰

  • I will be printing photos for Christmas gifts and a few for my own walls as well.

    (Sorry if this posted twice. My computer acted like it hadn’t posted on the first attempt.)

  • [email protected]

    I get to spend my first Christmas with my entire immediate family in 9 years so I’d love to print all the photos of the trip!

  • I would print photos of my boyfriend, pets, and family to make little photo journals just like Elsie!

  • I would love to print out some family photos to put up on my white walls in my new place.

  • I would print christmas family pictures of my family, and random cute pictures of my little sisters!

  • This would get so much use in my house! The photo clock would happen, stat — maybe one for dog AND for cat! And there’s no question that I could FINALLY decorate my walls . . . I have about 20 frames laying empty. So here’s hoping the Pigma printer could my snaps out of Lightroom & into my everyday viewing pleasure!

  • How do we get the 55% off? I just went to the website and it’s not part of the black friday sale, unless I’m missing something?

  • I want to print photos of my cousin’s wedding from this past October and transfer them onto wood like you guys did!! She’s my Secret Santa and she would absolutely love that for Christmas XD

  • Printing a plethora of photos proudly of my paragon son and pretty girlfriend with the Prixma printer will be the pinnacle this pristine holiday season!

    Pete from Arroyo Grande, CA.

  • What wouldn’t I be printing out!! I have a four year old, and I take tons of pics, but have hardly any printed out and framed except from when he was a baby! I need to get on that ASAP! πŸ™‚

  • I would print photos from our first summer in our new home! Lots of hiking, sunsets, bbqs, and pictures of the pups!

  • I will make this holiday photos of my dog Jackie. He has 50 faces, really! He can look silly, intelligent, cute and much, much more. Sorry for my bad English πŸ™

  • I would print pictures of my trip to south east asia! And of course of my family opening gifts πŸ™‚

  • I recently started decorating my apartment, and I’ll definitely be printing photos of the process. Of course, I’ll print the photo for my first family Christmas Card <3

  • I’d love to print photos for my apartment that remind me of my family back home!

  • ahhhh!! i HAVE been looking everywhere for a photo printer! i have tons of pictures on my camera that i would love to frame ! great giveaway

  • These next few months are going to be great!
    I will be snapping pics from Chicago to Flagstaff and everywhere in-between,
    I just hope I won’t freeze!

    If anyone is from the Chicago area, any pointers would be appreciated!

    p.s. sorry about all the exclamation marks, I jut love this time of year.

  • i would print lots of wedding photos from our october wedding, both to decorate with and give as gifts to our parents!

  • I’d like to think I’d take and print lots of pictures of friends and family, but I would most likely print adorable pictures of my cats curled up under the Christmas tree.

  • I’d print photos of me and my boyfriend from our travels and make them an album to give him as a gift!

  • Hey I’m a 20 year old soldier in the IDF
    Next week I’m on a week vacation for the first time of my service for the holidays
    I’m planing to spend the time with my family friends and my boyfriend
    I’d love to print all those pictures of great moment to look at when I’ll be back at the base!
    Love your blog btw πŸ™‚

  • Oh man!
    How about all of my 2013 year!!!! (:
    This year was AMAZING!
    (See blog! πŸ˜‰ )
    I’d love to print out the rest of my pictures that I didn’t get to through postal pix and with my birthday around the corner that would be even MORE awesome!

    Thanks for the giveaway ladies! β™₯

  • I would be printing pictures of my kids! I’m very guilty of taking pictures but never developing them… that needs to change!

  • I would use the printer to make photo ornaments for my tree, and as gifts for my family!

  • This season is when I’ll be printing out all the photos from special trips and moments from this year. I plan to make a wall mural with all the funny candids as a ‘GOODBYE 2013’ background for ringing in the new year!


  • I would be taking pictures of my cat, scottish fold and my puppy. They’re both high energy and when there is finally a good picture of them, I’d love to print them out and keep them in some sort of keepsake

  • I would like to win it, because I am moving soon and want to decorate my new partement with maaaaaany nice photos. My printer is not made for photos and does only black-and-white-prints… πŸ™
    Thank you for the giveaway!!

  • I would fill the walls of my new and so cold and empty apartment with photos of my wonderful family. And make some great christmas gifts for them!!

  • I would send home Christmas cards made with macro photos of these dry snowflakes we don’t get back home πŸ™‚

    [ Missing the “Wet Coast” FamJam ]

  • This holiday I’ll be printing some of the awesomely wacky photos of me and my siblings that always accumulates during the year. πŸ˜€ They would make a great photo album for my sister.

  • I would definitely be printing my weekly baby growth pictures before our first baby arrives in February!

  • It would be nice to be able to print my own pictures and I would love to be able to print my own prints for a gallery wall similar to your black and white one!

  • We aren’t going home this year for the holidays, so this so this would be a perfect way to bring the spirit of Christmastime to our family that won’t be able to see us!

  • I would print so many pictures from my last trip to iceland to make some nice gifts for christmas. it would be great to create everything on my own πŸ™‚
    greetings from germany

  • I take SO many photos this time I year!! A lot of the family, it would be so nice to be able to print them out myself!

  • I would print all our vacation photos from this year that are still on my memory card!!

  • I’d love to print off my photos from college and get started on a big scrapbooking marathon!

  • I’d give it to my mother who’s starting to get back into her photography- unfortunately, many of the photos would be of our family πŸ™‚

  • I would love to print pictures of moments with friends and family to hang on the walls, share, and send. I’d also love to make a collage of pictures from a Christmas store my church has every year for families in our community. My middle school school students helped with some of the preparations for the store and I’d love to show them tangible pictures of how they were a part of something bigger than themselves.

  • I’d print out photos to fill all the thrift store frames I bought last week!

  • wedding photos from our wedding almost two years ago! plus all the photos of my newest nephew. πŸ™‚

  • We just moved into our first house and it would be great to print some of our pictures for artwork. And it would be so much easier to print all of our holiday cards at home!!!

  • Hello! I would be printing pictures of my sisters to give them and possibly using a few photos to make coasters. Since we do not live together anymore, they would be great gifts!

  • I would love to print some photos of my son and his best friend who is moving away soon.

  • I would print pictures of my little one playing with toys and eating sweet treats – baking cookies and enjoying Christmas!

  • I have almost no printed photos of me and my hubby (and our little dog, too) I would definitely print those!!

  • I would use this printer to print out my photographs for my first portfolio I’m working on. πŸ™‚

  • What a lovely giveaway!
    I would love to print out the thousands of picture i’ve taken since i’m in the usa! I’m German and I came to New York to live with my host family for one year. I think it’s a waste to only have all those lovely NYC pictures on my computer.. so it would be absolutely amazing to print them, so I can put them anywhere in my room when I’m back home. Especially now, when Christmas is coming, the pictures will be so nice..
    Thanks so much for this opportunity πŸ™‚

    Love! β™₯

  • I’m printing out our holiday pictures from our first holiday season together. I’m making a photo collage for our room with grams, fabric and garlands. I have an awesome camera and I can’t wait to start shooting this season!

  • I would print some family photos! For my boyfriend and I & for our families since we all live far away from each other.

  • I will printing photos of my wedding and our first Christmas as husband and wife <3

  • would love to print off family photos (we haven’t been together for a year, so it’s a joyous reunion!) and my engagement photos πŸ™‚