Boozy Orange White Chocolate Float

Boozy Orange White Chocolate FloatWanna try something indulgent and delicious? We teamed up with Amarula to make this boozy orange white chocolate float that fits the bill in every possible way! It reminds us of a grown up Orange Julius. It's creamy, frosty and less sweet than you would expect, until the ice cream kicks in! You might want a straw AND a spoon for this one. Here's the recipe:Boozy Orange White Chocolate Float Boozy Orange White Chocolate Float, serves one 

1/2 cup fresh orange juice, strained
2/3 cups Amarula Cream
1 ounce Cointreau
Vanilla Ice Cream
White chocolateOrange Float stepsSqueeze fresh orange juice and strain it into your cocktail shaker. You can use store bought orange juice if you need to, but you're missing out! Next, add the Amarula and Cointreau and two handfuls of ice to your shaker. Shake-shake-shake! Orange Float steps Pour into a short glass and add once scoop of vanilla ice cream. Next, sprinkle some white chocolate shavings onto the top of the ice cream. To shave white chocolate I used a vegetable peeler. Garnish with an orange slice and serve! Boozy Orange White Chocolate Float  You're gonna love this boozy treat! The unexpected flavor and melty ice cream are an unbelievable combination! Just a side note, not only did Amarula make an amazing partner for my cocktail idea, but it's actually a super inspiring company. $1 from every bottle of Amarula Cream sold goes straight to the Wildlife Conservation Society to help save the African Elephant and its habitat. You can read more about all the good things they do here. Awesome, right? xo. Elsie 

Credits // Author and Photography: Elsie Larson