Sister Style: Uniforms

Sister StyleSister StyleSister StyleSister StyleI love the idea of having a uniform. I’d love to be one of those people who opens up her closet and grabs any combination of items and they magically work together because their style is so consistent. My husband is one of those people. His closet is a rainbow of gingham. And you know what? He picks out his outfits way faster than I do. Lightning fast

At the same time, I like buying weird stuff. I like color and pattern and trying every trend on at the store even if I’m 99% sure it won’t be cute. I love clothes, and I have no system.

What about you? Do you think it’s better to have a uniform, or to wing it forever? Maybe your comments can convert me, but maybe not… We shall see. 

On a side noteβ€”do you like the pink dumpsters we found? Sarah was like, “Is that too weird?” and we were like, “Nahhhhh. Just go with it.” Personally, I think they’re pretty cool. 

Sister Style     Emma’s Wearing: hat/Free People, shirt/vintage, belt/H&M, dress/ASOS, purse and shoes c/o Sole Society.

Sister Style      Elsie’s Wearing: Bag and Shoes c/o Sole Society, Kimono/Shop Sosie, Top/thrifted, Jeans/Jessica Simpson, Sunnies/Tumbleweed Handcraft. 

Sister Style       We teamed up with the awesome folks at Sole Society for this post.
Emma: Bag and Shoes
Elsie: Bag and Shoes

xo! Elsie 

Oh yes, and one more thing… 

Bump-itBump it. 

Credits// Author: Elsie Larson, Photography: Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with Jean, Hazel and Merit from The Signature Collection.


  • As someone who went to Catholic grade school, I LOATHED having a uniform. I envied all the public school kids that got to pick what they wore. Then high school came along, and I was uniform-free. At first I loved it, but there were times when I missed not having to think about what to wear and just hiking up my plaid skirt with knee highs.

  • I am a uniform-er! But on accident. I realized about five years ago that I really only wear THREE colors: black, white, and pink.
    I’ve started trying to branch out, but…I can’t do patterns. Just can’t. I see a patterned shirt, and I just can’t buy it. I can’t even define WHY I don’t like them! I’m just a solid-color kinda girl (I think there’s a word for that….oh yeah, it’s “boring”).

  • Sole society really does have the best shoes going and I feel like no matter what your uniform is, you can find something that will work. I have my eye on a bunch of pairs that I’m saving up for.

  • I think it’s best to have a combo of both! I curate my closet very carefully, keeping with colors, patterns and shapes that make me feel comfortable, but with enough room to add and take out trends as I please! I always leave some room for something weird though. You never know when a dirndl from the 50’s will be totally appropriate (yes! I have worn it as every day clothes!)

  • That kimono looks lovely! I ALWAYS switch up my clothing items because I like so many different styles. Sometimes I wish I was more consistent with my outfit choices, but I guess unpredictability is part of what makes life fun!

  • Nah, I have a uniform and I find it boring. I wear dresses, black tights and a cardigans almost everyday. It may look cool in my closet and it’s kinda fun having this thing people remember me by (Alicja, girl in dress and cardi, yeah?), but then it’s difficult to expand your comfort zone. For example, I absolutely love your top, Elsie, but, well, it’s not gonna happen here. Unless I would throw a sweater over.
    Cool dumpsters too!

  • You girls look great. The pink dumpsters make a very cool background for your photos. I am quite consistent with my wardrobe I usually go for solid colors but it’s fun to have some interesting pieces to mix and match.

  • My boyfriend wants to adopt a uniform of basic pants and always a nice blue oxford. I get it … but I think fashion is meant to be a costume every day – it’s so fun I couldn’t bear to wear the same sort of outfit everyday (perhaps that comes from a Catholic school past!) But if I could I would wear all black every day, it’s so elegant! However, I have too strong an affinity for print and pattern πŸ™‚

  • In catholic grade school I loved having a uniform because as a kid I was such a minimalist when it came to clothes– only the basics for me! But now I’m just like you, Elsie– I’ve tried to accumulate one if those covetable classic/everything goes together wardrobes but I just can’t help but love a hundred different styles at the same time!

  • Emma’s shoes! Ugh, love them!
    And the dumpsters are great! Love the colour!

  • I have a sort of uniform shape- high waisted, and a more boxy shirt. But I try to vary it with colors, and prints, and such. And then there’s the days where I totally wing it…

  • I feel I’m constantly trying to figure out a style that works for me, my heart says to go wild and be weird, while me head says to stay uniform. So both of you ladies are a huge inspiration when it comes to this series!

  • I love buying all sorts of different fashion styles and pieces…really whatever catches my eye. A uniform does have it’s appeal though. Haha, I guess I’m really no help at all. ^_^ I LOVE your green top, btw. It’s vintage? Lucky find!

    xoxo Mandy

  • My closet is filled with random weird stuff. When I like something, I forget to think about when, where or with what I’ll wear it. Sure makes for an eclectic wardrobe.

  • I am a semi-uniformer. All of my slacks, skirts, leggings, capris, and shoes are black. I can then easily grab a cool looking top and I have a complete look.

  • Love that green top! I sometimes reach into my closet, pull out two things, and see if I can make them work together no matter how odd the combination. My preference is to look put together but still kind of eclectic.

  • Emma’s shoes are awesome!

    I get bored easily. Obviously I have my few go-to pieces that I can pair with anything if I’m not trying to be super trendy or take too much effort. But I love experimenting with clothes because it’s fun and you never know when you’re going to discover a new style to fall in love with.

  • The fist bump explosion totally made this. And the pink dumpsters – suitably weird. πŸ˜‰

  • Totally ‘uniform style’ for work – chinos, button down shirts, with lots of colors to choose from – leather shoes, belt, bag – it goes together so quickly in the morning! Evenings, weekends are more creative!

  • I wear what makes me comfortable. If I’m thinking about how I look (what do other people think about how I look? Etc.) than I get rid of the outfit. It took me awhile to start doing that, but it has helped SO much. I typically stick to darker solids, with the occasional pattern mixed in. Only the simplest accessories (if any) and never heels. That’s just what I do. πŸ™‚

  • I have a winter uniform – skinny jeans, converse, band t-shirt and cardigan. usually with some awesome knitted accessories (perks of being a knitter!)

    But in summer it’s a different story. Out come the patterns!!!

  • This post was supa cute. Love that fist bump and pink dumpsters. As far as a uniform, I’d say I have a uniform.. usually a jeans/tee girl, but I like to mix it up with some nice prints and some more flowy shirts, but for the most part, I like looser fitting clothing on my tiny frame. I think it’s good to have items/outfits that you KNOW work and are comfortable and then mix in some trendy pieces.

  • I have Elsie’s top… got it at Anthropologie last year. Love the way you styled it!!

  • I always think that I would love a uniform for the simplicity….but then again, like you, I really love clothes and different styles and looks….a uniform might not fulfill my need for imagination and creativity! So I say, be who you are in clothing and in everything else too!

  • Wearing a white uniform or scrubs as a nurse definitely cut down on the time it took to get ready for early morning shifts! Cute photos – and I love the pink dumpster backdrop!

  • Ohmygoodness, you two and your outfits are always so adorable! LOVE the pink dumpsters and especially the closeup portrait of Emma. What lipstick is that??? The pink and rust backdrop sets it off perfectly!

  • I had a uniform in school and missed it. lately I’ve been curating my wardrobe and adding to it very carefully in a very specific color scheme and its been GREAT. Its not a uniform per-se but everything goes with everything else really easily so I don’t have to think too hard.

  • I used to love picking out a unique outfit every morning and then I kinda out grew that. Since I started working an 8-5 job I just don’t care to put the effort in to it. Now I buy basics in seasonal colors with fun scarves and jewelery to my twist on it.

  • I’m big on color and usually keep a consistent feel throughout my color choices. Personally I prefer uniform but with the freedom to work in fun trendy pieces! As long as the colors work with your uniform (for me, my most common neutral is gray instead of black or navy, etc) then it’s the perfect balance. Right? πŸ˜›

  • my roommate says i have too many solid colors. she’s trying to diversify me into patterns. maybe i don’t need to listen though. maybe i’m just that uniform person
    thanks for broadening the scope of this debate πŸ™‚

  • I’m very much all over the place, if I stick myself into one trend then I will always feel like I’m “missing” out on another. I think that makes me eclectic?

  • Love the dumpsters! I’m a uniform girl. Four pair of the same black pants for work. Same four pair of jeans. Handful of similar shirts. But I love looking at non uniform wearers. I’d never try to convert you. Life would be boring if we were all uniform girls!

  • I say be a little of both! First off, I go to a private high school and I’m a terrible morning person, it just does not happen, so it’s so nice to be able to throw on the same spirit sweatshirt, plaid skirt, and black shoes everyday, even if I do hate it once I have it on.
    But on the weekends I really like being able to shine: wear that cat-patterned skirt with a polka dot blouse, whatever! Then that morning person kicks in and steps into her closet which is about 50% black, white, and/or grey, and 50% COLOR (50% of all that being polka dot, of course) and I sigh in relief as I realise I can wear most of my closet together and be pretty safe, even with morning brain. I definitely love buying quirkier clothing, but paired with a ton of b&w it can be both fun and cohesive. The perfect match!

  • I kind alove both and so I split my closet. Jeans, trousers, shirts and cardigans are all neutral colours, so I can pick and go without thinking to much. Dresses on the other hand come in all colours and patterns and when its a dress day I really like to take my time to bring it all together. PS: Love the dumpsters.

  • Nah, you’re so creative with clothes, and you always look fab..keep your way πŸ˜‰

  • My life was so much easier when I had a uniform. I used to always wear a dress over tights with either flats or boots and a cardigan or a coat. I have since strayed away from that when my size changed and I couldn’t fit into everything anymore. I also began to detest wearing tights. Every pair seems to run after one wear! It ends up costing me so much money πŸ™
    Now, my closet is more of a mix and it takes me forever to get ready. I have a ton of things that don’t go together except within one outfit, but I still love it. I’m still trying to get a sense of my new style prefrence and get back into having a uniform, but who knows if it’ll happen.

  • I don’t have a uniform, but I tend to always by the same shades of color – cremes mostly. So I’m often trying to force myself to buy patterns and new colors.

  • I feel exactly the same, I just throw on whatever I happen to feel like wearing that day! I’m leaving for college in a few months, and I keep dreaming up a new “uniform” wardrobe πŸ˜› -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • I think experimenting with style and being forced to try new things together in your closet is in some ways an extension of being a designer/creative type, always playing around with new things and never settling into one single pattern of doing things – I think that’s important!

  • I’m totally like you Elsie, I think I’ve got enough clothes when it comes to a number but because they don’t really go together, I can justifiably say, every morning, that I have nothing to wear! I always tell myself I’m going to buy things of a certain colour palette like black grey white and blue. You can take a guess how that works…


  • Wideeyedlegless has a great series on curating a wardrobe and developing a uniform. It’s inspiring (just like ABM!).

  • As a nurse i wear uniform at work and i love it (exept than in france it has to be white). i love that i don’t have to bother about what to wear every morning AND that i don’t have those problems like ” OMG i haven’t done any laundry, i have nothing for tomorrow” and ended up wearing a swimwear as my last painty (yep it happened!!). on my days off though i just wear anything i want! i mix patterns, colors… sometimes it is ok sometimes it is not ok but i don’t care, i feel comfy and i wear what i love with pride and chin up!!

  • I wear black, brown and dark blue clothes almost all the time. I have also a few red/dark green or patterned clothes though, but I just can’t stand anything bright, I’m feeling uncomfortable that way. So I try to mix it up with colourful accessories and shoes. That’s OK.
    (Sometimes wonder if it’s normal. :D)

  • The pink dumpsters are awesome. My uniform every day is a t-shirt, exercise pants, and tennis shoes. On weekends I wear scrubs. I tend to lean towards the uniform, obviously.

  • I wear green every single day of my life, and have been doing so since about 2000. My close friends recently came to see my new house and when I showed them my closet, they were shocked (/scared?) when they saw my massive collection of green shirts hanging there. I was surprised that they were surprised – but they said it was just crazy to actually see, lol.

    So, that’s my uniform! Pros: Shopping is easy, just look for green. Cons: People think I’m nuts. And maybe they’re right… Sometimes I see a non-green item that I love. I buy it, but rarely ever wear it, unless I can pair it with something green.

    PS – Elsie – needless to say – I LOVE your shirt!!

  • Oh my gooooood…just falling in love with Elsie’s Shoes!!! <3 <3 <3

  • I’m pretty uniform, if I wasn’t it’d take me forever to get dressed. But, I do have things that I have are different just in case I feel brave enough. I stick with solids or stripes and I always have multiple of the same jeans I like (It’s hard finding what fits). I used to be the girl that never wore shorts ( I live in Florida, so I looked crazy), it took me 4 years to get comfortable in a pair of shorts.

  • Having gone to a strict Catholic school in Jamaica with a white uniform for years and years, my resort wear “uniform” is as Bohemian as I can get. I think I would describe at as anything Anthropologie! Love both outfits, Elsie love, love that top.

  • i had the pleasure to experience both: i went to a school with school uniform in south africa and one without in europe. and i must admit: i just loved having the school uniform! have missed it ever since..

  • I think I’m slowing developing one. At 38 I’ve been through a lot of trends already, so I love to watch them, but care less about having them. I love pattern and color so I think my “uniform” tends more towards buying stuff in colors I really love, so that more and more of my stuff will mix and match together. I reinvented my style all the time in HS and college, but working mamas of 3 only have so much time in a day, you know?

  • I totally wish I had a uniform, but I’m so all over the place! I feel like someday I’ll outgrow that, toss all my stuff and replace it with a bunch of nice basics (with a few statement pieces) but right now I love being all over the place! Cute outfits!

  • Depending on what I’m dressing for makes me either a uniform/not uniform person. If I’m dressing for my (pretty boring) office job, I know exactly what I’m going to wear in minutes. Some sort of nice pants with a sweater/shirt combo or a dress/skirt with a blazer. If it’s my day-to-day stuff, I’m just winging it! I think it mostly just has to do with the fact that I have more leisure time on my days off to decide what to wear. Work days, I decide while I’m brushing my teeth! haha.


  • Uniform all the way. If I’m not in jeans and a t-shirt I just don’t feel like myself. Still, love reading vogue etc, just for the sheer beauty of fashion.

  • I like to buy interesting pieces, but I feel like I can never wing an awesome outfit because of my weird choices. I am super envious of the people that just pull whatever out of their closet and still look flawless.

  • Some days I totally wish for a uniform, but I’d get bored, so I am happy I get to wear whatever I want. Even if that means I loo ridiculous a good 30% of the time. But hey, life is full of trial and error.

  • I vote a fun closet over an easy closet, all. day. Basics get boring when that’s all you have!

    xo Ashley

  • I definitely try NOT to have a uniform, but I fall into a different combination of the same outfit pretty much every morning. I always buy random, exciting new items and I don’t ever wear them! It’s a conundrum.

  • Yes, I love having a “uniform.” It reminds me of cartoon characters, you know, how they were sketched wearing the same thing every day and thus became an identifier for that character in the show (Pepper Ann was one of my favorites!)

  • I was thinking about how awesome the pink dumpsters in the background are before you even mentioned it! Oh and the outfits are good too. πŸ˜‰