Four Eyes

A Beautiful MessA Beautiful MessA Beautiful MessA Beautiful MessHey, friends! A few days ago we took these photos at this building that was once a hair salon. It's so pretty. We instantly started to restore it in our minds. I mean, how can you not? I even emailed our realtor about it against Emma's will. Ha! Old buildings are just too amazing. Someone please buy this and restore it to its former glory! We're in love. 

Subject change. Fun news! We designed a pair of glasses for BonLook! We started this process about a year ago, actually. After being told we could design anything we wanted (and believe me, the first things that came to mind were outrageous novelty sunnies and candy-colored granny glasses), we decided that what we really wanted was a pair of glasses that we could really wear in our everyday livesβ€”our own dream pair, if you will. So we picked a classic, menswear-inspired pair of wayfarers with slightly big proportions (to fit our giant heads, right?) and the option for a gold, glittery frame as well as two classic colors, black and tortoise. 

A Beautiful Mess    We named our frames Jack and Norma after our grandparents who are celebrating 61 years of marriage this month. We love wearing them, but the fact that our mom and grandma asked for pairsβ€”that was the ultimate for us. Three generations wearing one glittery frame? Yes, please. 

EmmaEmmaEmmaEmma's wearing: Glasses/BonLook, top/Anthropolgie, jeans/R&S, shoes c/o BC Footwear (last year). 

ElsieElsieElsieElsie's Wearing: Sunnies/BonLook, Denim Top/Target, Shorts/Express, Shoes c/o ModCloth, Bag/Marc by Marc Jacobs

A Beautiful Mess + Bonlook glassesHere are a few more photos that we took for BonLook. Which combo is your favorite? xo. Elsie 

Credits //Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with Rose from The Folk Collection and Jean from The Signature Collection.