Prosecco and Cranberry Mimosa

Prosecco and Cranberry MimosasLast year for Friendsgiving I made Cranberry Jello Shots, and I decided to keep the cranberry tradition running for this year's cocktail. 

Prosecco Cranberry Mimosa, serves one.

cranberry juice 
fresh cranberries 

There is much debate on the proper proportions for a mimosa. I believe half Champagne, half juice is technically correct. In my opinion, the 2 parts Champagne (and in this case, Prosecco) to 1 part juice is the best version. It's less sweet and deeeelicious. 

Prosecco and Cranberry Mimosas  Garnish with a few pieces of thyme inside the glass and a few cranberries on a stick. 

Prosecco and Cranberry Mimosas     Prosecco and Cranberry Mimosas Need a mocktail version? I've got you covered. 

Choose between sparkling juice (I used peach) and ginger ale to replace the Champagne or Prosecco. These are great alternatives that still create a sparkling drink. Ginger ale is sweeter. 

Prosecco and Cranberry Mimosas       I always make the cocktail for our family Thanksgiving too. It's so fun. I try a different one each year, and I like recipes like this that allow guests to serve themselves. Do you make cocktails for your Thanksgiving celebration? If so, share your traditions! I'd love to hear. 

Cheers!! xo. Elsie 

Credits// Author and photography: Elsie Larson. Photos edited with Stella of  The Signature Collection and Imogen of The Folk Collection