Start Small / Dream Big eCourse

Start Small Dream Big eCourseWell over four years ago, Elsie and I wrote a course called Dream Job. We had started working together the year before and our small business (a local vintage store that sold some items online as well) was starting to grow. We began diversifying our business. We had made it through some tough times and we were excited to share the lessons we had learned. I loved writing that course because one of my biggest passions in life is small business. And as you can probably guess, we’ve learned SO much more since writing that first course. We’ve put all those experiences into our new course Start Small / Dream Big.

You can hear a little more about our story and the course in this video:

Elsie and I are so excited to share how we approach business ideas and lots of the lessons we’ve learned over the years as we’ve watched our company grow. While our old course focused mainly on local and online retail, this course is all about helping you go from an idea to launching your own small business.

We’ve approached the format of this eCourse a little bit differently based on feedback we’ve received from students in our program. What’s different? Over two hours of videos! Each of the eight sessions in this course has a written lesson (as usual) but also a video lesson. The same information is covered and you also get more explanation, examples and candid (aka real) talk from me and Elsie. We recommend you read AND watch each session:

1. Introduction & How to Use the Course
2. How to Develop Your Big Idea
3. Create a Vision & Business Plan
4. Brand Your New Venture
5. Launch Strategies & Marketing 101
6. How to Evolve With Your Customers
7. Keep Them Coming Back: Customer Service
8. Scaling 101: What Can Scale & How to
What ALL comes with the course?
-Eight sessions plus an ever growing list of resources for entrepreneurs 
-Over two hours of lecture videos throughout the sessions
-A sample business plan to help you create your own (from session 3)
-Access to a Q&A board where you can ask me and Elsie questions and also read what other students are asking
-Immediate access and a printable PDF of the entire course so you will always have it
Course cost: $45 USD. You can learn more and sign up for Start Small / Dream Big here.
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Let us know if you have any questions about the course in the comments. If we get a lot of the same questions, we may post an FAQ later, so don’t be shy! xo. Emma + Elsie
Credits // Author: Emma Chapman and Elsie Larson. Photo and Video: Janae Hardy. Music: Jeremy Larson.