How to Set Up the Ultimate Guest Room

How To Set Up The Ultimate Guest Room
Setting up a guest room is something I am pretty passionate about! After staying over with some friends who had an absolutely killer guest room where we felt pampered and slept like babies, I was inspired to up my game. There are so many DETAILS that can elevate a guest space from sufficient to a-mazing. And the best part is, these ideas are not expensive or difficult to execute at all! 
Guest room ideas!
And I do want to note that these tips ABSOLUTELY apply to a part-time guest space (temporary air mattress setups included!). Just because you don't have a whole room to devote to hosting your guests does not mean you can't create a comfy and inviting space for them to enjoy! No matter what your space consists of, taking these extra steps to create a thoughtful space will be appreciated by your guests. 
How To Set Up The Ultimate Guest Room
We are partnering with Parachute for this post. They sell incredible silky bedsheets, quality quilts, cashmere throws and nice candles (I love the Fireside scent). So you'll be seeing their understated and beautiful bedding all throughout this post. 🙂
How To Set Up The Ultimate Guest Room  Step 1: Make it comfy 
Cozy bedding is a big deal. If you are working with an air mattress, top it with a piece of memory foam to up the comfort by about 1 million points. Choose nice sateen sheets and a variety of pillows (from super plush and firm to slim and soft).
How To Set Up The Ultimate Guest Room
I always use my pillow mist when making the bed to add a fresh, subtle scent. 
Guest room ideas!   How To Set Up The Ultimate Guest Room     How To Set Up The Ultimate Guest Room     How To Set Up The Ultimate Guest Room
Bonus points for white robes (fancy hotel vibes!), a comfy rug and a fresh candle. 
Step 2: Make it practical 
Start with necessities (don’t forget extra towels, toothbrushes, extra toilet paper and tampons—basically anything you’ve ever had to ask the front desk for at a hotel! ESPECIALLY the stuff that's embarrassing to ask for).
Think of what you often use in hotel rooms, like a blow dryer or iron and make sure they are accessible. If you have a closet space, leave some hangers so they can hang clothes. 
Leave a note in plain sight with your Wi-Fi password. 
Guest room ideas!Guest room ideas!
If you have room to furnish, consider a desk rather than a dresser. The dresser probably won't get a lot of use, but the desk will be a place for them to set up their laptop and get a little work done if they need to! 
Guest room cartGuest room cartGuest room cart
Next, add some treats (late night snacks). In our last home, we started the tradition of having a guest room cart, and it's probably the most appreciated and complimented thing we've done in our guest room. I enjoy customizing it for each of our guests. For example, if they have children, we'll add more kiddo snacks, or if they have allergies or dietary restrictions, we'll be conscious of that. It's fun, special and 100% worth the extra effort! If you don't want to do a whole cart, start with a nice little basket!  
Guest room ideas!      Check lighting
Sleep in your guest room for at least one night. This is SO helpful. You'll find out if it's too bright to sleep in, if the bed is comfy or if it's a room that gets extra hot or cold for some reason. 
How To Set Up The Ultimate Guest Room       How To Set Up The Ultimate Guest Room       How To Set Up The Ultimate Guest Room
Step 3: Make it personalized 
This is your chance to make a FUN space. I do feel it's a little more challenging going bold in a guest room because I imagine all my very different friends and family staying there and I want to make sure it's comfortable for all of them. 
With that said, I still think it's worth it to go a little more bold or infuse it with some quirky elements because your guests won’t have time to get tired of it like a regular bedroom. Instead, think of it as a fun hotel room and give your friends something adorable to Instagram! 
I still have more I want to do in this space, but I feel like it's off to a really good start. The simple steps I've taken have MAJORLY upped my hostess game, which I am so excited about! Being so far from my close friends and family, it means SO much to me to have a cozy space where they feel welcomed. 
Do you have a permanent or temporary guest room that's needing some love? Which of these ideas are you planning to try for yourself? Additionally, if you have tips that have worked for your space, I'd love to hear them! I'm really inspired by the challenge of creating the ultimate guest room and I hope you are too. xx- Elsie 
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