Casual Friday Vol. 23

Food blogging backdropsHappy Friday, friends! I've had a few people ask me about some of the tile countertops you can see in many of my food photos. So I thought for this week's casual Friday, one thing I'd do is give you a little behind-the-scenes mini tour of my food blogging backdrops. It's all smoke and mirrors. :) 

Some of you might remember that recently Trey and I tiled our kitchen backsplash. This was my first time tiling from start to finish. After that I decided to use my new tiling skills to create some pretty backdrops to enhance my food photography that you often see here on ABM. I love the color and texture that pretty tile can bring to a photo, but I don't have the budget or desire to tile my entire house in different color/shaped tileโ€”so this is the next best thing. 

Yellow penny tile Food blogging backdrops  Laura made me the pretty white subway tile backdrop sometime before she moved away to Nashville. I use that one the most! I had been meaning to make a few more and had even bought all the tile online, but I didn't end up having time to make these backdrops until the day before Christmas. They are all pretty new to me, so you'll probably see them a lot in photos for a while. :) 

I have a yellow penny tile "counter". A pale pink penny tile one, a black triangle one and a red hexagon one. I made all four of them at the same time, and it was WAY easier than our kitchen backsplash because it was a lot less square footage and I didn't have to fight gravity while applying mortar and grout to a vertical wall. 

Food blogging backdrops Behind the scenesI have a little wooden box I made on casters that I store all my blogging backdrops in. This makes it easy for me to wheel all my options into my dining room while I'm working and then roll them out of the way when I'm done.

And in the above photo you can pretty much see what my days look like, window, backdrops, dogs, house slippers…this is my life now. :) 

And now a word from our Nashville branch…

Casual FridayHi, guys!!! 

Here are a couple random photos we snapped this morning. :) It's a rainy day here. 

Casual Friday I don't know if I mentioned how I feel about this wallpaper yet.

Did I mention that? 

Oh…18 times already. Kโ€”sorry. 

Casual Friday  We're having this one installed in a week!! (It's from Spoonflower and the designer is Peacoquette Designsโ€”I promise to share more details in a couple weeks…) 

Casual Friday   I know you're probably distracted by my mismatched socks, but LOOK AT MY NEW CACTUS! 

It needs a haircut and a new pot (welcoming your suggestions if you have experience with this type of plant). 

I need to give him a name. He's 30 years old and so beautiful! 

Casual Friday    Welcome to the family, big guy. 

Casual Friday     Speaking of small miracles, I found this 6 foot fiddle leaf fig tree at Home Depot for TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS this week. Laura bought two. 

Casual Friday      Hey from Lowe's! Supply shopping this morning. 

Casual Friday       Matchy matchy last week. 

psโ€”My "Brunch" sweatshirt is from my friend Erin's shop (website looks to be down, so I'm linking her Instagram).


xx- Elsie