5 Natural Lipstick Brands You Will Love

It’s no secret that I’m slightly obsessed with all things beauty related. I find an odd sense of joy opening a fresh tube of lipstick, using a new makeup brush or having an insanely good makeup day. Being a mom of two little ones under two, those good makeup days don’t come as often as they used to, but when they do, I’m sure to capture the proof with a few good selfies. ;)

5 Natural Lipstick Brands You Will Love

Naturally, I couldn’t help but get totally geeked out about sharing some really incredible natural lipstick brands with you. I can be a little bit of a lipstick snob, so I’m always looking for a lipstick to meet a few requirements...

The Formula: It has to be smooth, buttery and feel great on my lips all day. No making my lips feel dry or sliding all over my face. Bonus if it's extra conditioning and anti-aging! 

Beautiful Packaging: I appreciate and definitely value good packaging. While it’s not the most important aspect of a product, I really want my investment to also be display worthy! 
Great Color Range: I’m a collector, so when I find a great brand, I love knowing that it has a good color range so I can pick up a few more. ;)
And… most importantly, the ingredients! While not all of the lipsticks I own are natural and organic, the idea that we ingest so much of the lipstick we wear has me wanting to really take a closer look at what I’m putting on my lips. No thank you to icky and potentially harmful ingredients! 
So if you’re looking for natural and organic lipstick brands that meet all of the above requirements and are really very incredible, keep reading...

Natural Lipstick You'll Love    Axiology: Stunning gold packaging, moisturizing, sustainable, vegan and organic. I’m absolutely in love with their presentation, and they have a great color range from neutrals to daring blues and purples. Their lipsticks also have a lovely citrus scent. Wearing Worth.
Natural Lipstick You'll Love
100% Pure: Their fruit pigmented anti-aging lipstick is incredible. And SO smooth! All of their ingredients are pure, organic and don’t contain any nasty toxins. They have the perfect “everyday” color line. Wearing Foxglove.

Natural Lipstick You'll Love
Bite Beauty: Bite is a brand you can pick up at your local Sephora, and I love that they carry this brand as a natural option. Their lipsticks smell beautiful (like oranges!) and are food grade, so you really could eat them! Although I wouldn’t recommend it. ;) They offer a huge line of colors great for any skin tone and personality. Wearing Sweet Cream.

Natural Lipstick You'll Love   ILIA: Packaged in super chic recycled aluminum cases and filled with organic ingredients. Beautiful, classic color range. I especially love their tinted lip conditioners! Wearing Pink Moon.
Natural Lipstick You'll Love
Red Apple Lipstick: Gluten free, allergen free, vegan and natural! I love their chic packaging. They also have a great classic and everyday color range! Wearing Audrey.

5 Natural Lipstick Brands You'll Love (click through for details)
Does finding amazing lipstick brands make you feel excited too?! I’ve been wearing each of these nonstop lately. I love the way they make my lips feel and I love the fact that I can smooch on my kiddos and go about my day without worrying about the ingredients. Yes please to beautiful, natural lipstick! Lots of love, Sav.
Credits//Author and Photography: Savannah Wallace. Edited with A Beautiful Mess actions

Easy abstract modern art DIY (click through for tutorial)        Sometimes I can spend days (or even weeks) on a piece of decorative wall art trying to get a detailed light up marquee or giant gallery wall together. As much as I love to create rather complex ideas, it's also nice to have some quick tricks I can use to create some art in a matter of a few hours rather than days. I love seeing all the abstract modern art paintings that adorn so many of the mid-century houses, so I thought it would be fun to create a quick version for my own house!

Easy abstract modern art DIY (click through for tutorial)        Once I found the right size canvas for the spot, I used some painter's tape to block off a few strategic areas to color in with paint.

Easy abstract modern art DIY (click through for tutorial)        A little trick when you are trying to create clean lines with painter's tape is to first paint over the lines with the color that will be next to the color you are painting in that area. The first coat of paint is usually the one that will seep under the tape a bit and seal the edge, so if that first coat is already the color of the canvas or wall base, you won't even notice if you have any paint seep through! Since I was going to have the white of the canvas be next to all the color blocked areas, I used plain white acrylic paint and went over all the edges first.

Easy abstract modern art DIY (click through for tutorial)        Once that paint was dry, I filled in each area with the color paint I had chosen in as many coats as needed.

Easy abstract modern art DIY (click through for tutorial)        Easy abstract modern art DIY (click through for tutorial)        Once the paint had set, I pulled off the painter's tape to reveal the clean lines underneath!

Easy abstract modern art DIY (click through for tutorial)        Easy abstract modern art DIY (click through for tutorial)        Not too bad for a quick art project, huh? Of course you can use whatever colors and line divisions you want for your painting. I just got the small sample sizes of paint at the store (Valspar Peach Whisper and Almond Glaze and Sherwin-Williams Black Fox), and they were more than enough for this type of project. I would suggest sketching out your design first on a piece of paper (or Photoshop or Illustrator if you know those programs) before marking off your tape lines to make sure you like the pattern first. Hope this helps you add a bit of art to your space! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions

Scrapbook Sunday with the May Messy Box! See how gorgeous these patterns and embellishments are in this months box. See the full post over at www.aBeautifulMess.comI'm a color lover, but I find myself gravitating to very specific color groupings. I'm all about most shades of pink, bold yellows, and subtle blues. Throw in lots of black and white and I'm a happy gal! This month's Messy Box was especially easy for me to fall in love with, and I can see myself using up every last scrap of patterned paper! 

ScrapbookSunday2I printed off some of my favorite Instagram photos after deciding which few would work well together with these papers and this theme, and my first page was finished in record time. I think I was done in ten minutes! These patterns were so easy to mix and match and the bold fonts worked really well together. All I did was add in a few stickers and stamps, wrote on some photos, and I was done!

ScrapbookSunday- 2ScrapbookSunday5Scrapbooksunday4The large card at the bottom of this page above is one of my new favorite ways to add interest to a layout. Layering papers cut at different angles is the perfect way to add more pattern when a page feels too simple. It leaves plenty of room for journaling, and you could easily switch out the largest piece and replace it with a photo. 

ScrapbookSunday3MessyBox6Favorite kit ever? It's up there. I may even use my leftovers to create a mini album!

What papers were your favorite from this kit? -Rachel

ps. Subscribe to Messy Box here

Credits//Author and Photography: Rachel Denbow. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess Actions.

Frozen tropical sangria (via abeautifulmess.com)   Frozen tropical sangria (via abeautifulmess.com) Sangria is one of the very first cocktails (mixed drinks?) I ever fell in love with. My very first was probably Sprite and Malibu... but there's really no reason to go into that too in-depth. ;)

I think part of the appeal of sangria is how easy it is to make, and also that it's super fun to make for a group. The summer of 2008 will always make me think of picnics and sangria, as that's what a big group of my friends and I would do almost every weekend. Back then I usually made something that involved a full-bodied red wine (like a Rioja, Malbec, or Cabernet), orange juice, brandy, and then a bunch of cut up pieces of fruit or berries. It would end up being sweet, but not overly so, and eating the fruit after your drink was gone was pretty much just as good – basically an adult equivalent of getting a prize in your cereal box. It's a win, win!

Frozen tropical sangria (via abeautifulmess.com)This version is quite a bit lighter, as we're gonna blend some things together with ice to get a fun slushy consistency. And were gonna use Rose and Moscato wines, which is quite a bit different from most traditional sangria recipes. The result is a fruity, refreshing, and light version of one of my old favorites. 

Watermelon and pineappleWatermelon and Rose Sangria, serves 1-2

1 cup (5 oz.) cubed and frozen seedless watermelon
1 cup ice
1/2 cup Rose
1 shot (1.5 oz) rum (Use something sweet and not too smoky that you enjoy sipping. I like Ron Zacapa.)
1 lime wedge (about 1/4 of a lime)
1 mint sprig, optional

Pineapple and Moscato Sangria, serves 1-2

1 cup (5 oz) cubed, frozen pineapple
1 cup ice
1/2 cup Moscato
1 shot (1.5 oz) rum (again, use something sweet and not too smoky)
1 lime wedge
1 mint sprig

The directions to make either of these is the same. In a good blender, combine the frozen fruit, ice, wine, and rum. Blend until it's slushy and no big chunks of ice remain. Pour into a tall glass, squeeze on a little lime juice and garnish with mint. 

How to make frozen sangriaIf you choose to make only one of these, then the above measurements will make one serving. If you make both, you can divide so that you have two servings, each getting a taste of both versions. 

Frozen tropical sangria (via abeautifulmess.com)  This is total weekend-backyard-picnic-worthy, so make a batch of these soon and feel free to double or triple if you've got a group coming over! xx. Emma

Credits // Author and Photography: Emma Chapman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions

Emma of A Beautiful MessEmma Chapman Emma Chapman  Emma Chapman    Emma of A Beautiful Mess Summer is in full swing—finally! I love all four seasons and am so glad that I where I live I get to experience them all but I must admit, I love summer SO much! Here's few things that I want to make happen this season:

-hiking + take pictures (lots of pictures!!!!!)
-camping (s'mores!)
-a boat day or canoeing/rafting
-sip a few Radlers (my favorite summer beer)
-a trip to Kansas City with friends
-a trip to Crystal Bridges (art museum) for our anniversary
-get my parents to go to a pizza night at the Milsap farms (they have a brick oven and it's amazing!)

I've also got lots and lots of cookbook photography in my future as we'll be turning in all the photos for the book in mid July—whoa! I still can't believe I get to do that project, and that a big piece of it is almost over already. Life moves SO fast sometimes! 

What about you sister? I know I'm invading your house a few weeks this summer to work on pictures together. But what else have you got planned for this season?

Emma ChapmanShoes and purseWhite bucket bagEmma's Wearing: dress/Romwe, shoes/Circus by Sam Edelman, purse/Oui Fresh (I am obsessed with this purse!), glasses/Jack + Norma by ABM for BonLook in Champagne (but I love the other colors as well). 

FLWR shopI'm loving this season! We're starting to feel really settled here in Nashville and in our new home. Now that our renovation is mostly over, we're able to focus on new things and it feels REALLY good. 

Some things I'm excited about this season: 
- Finding some spots we can be "regulars" at (it's one of the things we really miss about our hometown). 
- Swimming! 
- Visiting family for our summer vacation. 
- Getting tattoos with my little brother. 
- Having breakfast in our sunroom. 
- Trying some new recipes. 

FLWR shop FLWR shop FLWR shop FLWR shop Elsie's Wearing: Dress/ASOS, Hat/Forever21, Sunnies/Chloe (I got them for 75% off while visiting Sarah in Phoenix woo woo!), Clogs/Swedish Hasbeens.

Oh! I'm so sorry I initially forgot to mention that my photos were taken at FLWR shop in East Nashville (the CUTEST spot with the absolute nicest owners)! 

xoxo! Emma + Elsie 

Credits//Emma's Photography: Janae Hardy, Elsie's Photography: Amber Ulmer. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess Actions


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