Hair Styles for Short Hair

Four Styles for short hairAs often as we post hair tutorials we get requests for short hair ideas. Today, we've pulled together a few of our favorite, simple hair ideas for ladies with shorter hair. Enjoy! Three twisted buns - final productThree twisted buns - final productThree twist bun - collage1. Separate your hair into three ponytails. 2. Using bobbypins, twist and pin the ponytail into a small bun. 3. Repeat this process with each ponytail for a completed look!

Double twist - final productDouble twist - final productDouble twist - final product1. Take a small section of hair at the front of your hair line (or directly behind your bangs). 2. Twist a piece inward all the way to the end of the strand and pin in place. 3. Then, taking another section directly beneath the first, twist it and pin it back over the first twist so that both are secure. 4. Done! 

Half up do final product Half up do final product Half up do final product 1. Begin by teasing at the root of your hair on the top of your head. 2. Flip your hair back over and fluff it with your fingers. 3. Next, pin back your bangs underneath the teased section. 4. Then, take the teased section and wrap it around your finger, creating a tube. 5. Turn your finger to the side and pin the tube like section in place. 6. Finish by tugging on small sections at the top to create a fuller looker.

Three twists - final producyThree twists - final producyTake a section at the front of your hairline, twist into a small bun, and pin in place. 2. Repeat this process three times, twisting in different directions.

Do you have any other favorite hairstyles for shorter hair? Please share. 

ETA: Haha! So many comments correcting our use of the word "short". Ok, ok… it's medium hair. You're right. 

This hair tutorial was created in collaboration with Sarah Chapman, a professional hair stylist at Blu Skies Hair Studio in Springfield, Missouri. If you're local, give her a call! 

  • Thanks for posting these! I adore the look of the last one… but anybody care to help me figure out how to do it? 😡 I an’t seem to twirl it into a mini-bun at the top of my head, there’s nothing to support it unlike at the nape of my neck!

  • My current fave (btw my hair is almost exactly like this..) is to do a tiny little braid from a side parting and to pin it in place at the side – so cute with a 70’s vibe xx

  • My hair’s super hurly and a bit shorter than the pictures, but I’m still going to try the second one!

  • These styles are lovely. I need some styling! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • THANK YOU! I just got all my hair chopped off and had no idea what to do with it. This morning I tried the third style and I love it 🙂

  • The hairstyles look so cute and I would love to try them, but I’m sooo bad at “pining hair in place”. Do you have any tips on the pinning part? Which pins do I use and how do I place them so they don’t fall out after a minute? (:

  • I would like to see some tutorials for even shorter hair. My hair is about as short as a boys hair, and it’s hard to find new ways to style it. 🙂

  • Yaaaay! I definitely needed this!
    xo Heather

  • I have naturally curly hair, so typically hair ideas like this aren’t even an option for me. But I tried the first one and am thrilled with the way it turned out – I’d even go so far as to say it looks better on curly hair than on straight! Curly girls, give it a try!

  • Thank you for this post! I have short hair and it’s so hard to get creative with it, since I had long hair for almost all my life. I will try them all and see. The first one looks so nice.

  • This is such a great idea, because so often you see people with long hair tutorials but never really short hair ones.


  • Thanks so much for sharing! I tend to get my hair to shoulder length and then cut it off super short again (I’ve shaved it once or twice), but this time I’m on the search for ways to keep it exciting. This is just perfect!

  • All of these are super cute! Thanks! Check out my blog:

  • LOVE THIS! My hair is this exact length. Will definitely be sporting the first do.


  • I personally count this as short hair and just love the first tutorial, must try soon

  • I like these ideas. I have long hairs but I got some interesting Ideas also for my hairs,
    best wishes from Aux,

  • I’m like Natasha- my hair is so short that I felt like this was long hair! Though I guess any hair cut might seem long when you have a pixie cut.

  • I have to agree with a previous poster that her hair is definitely not short, but it would be great if you had a post for people with truly short hair–chin length or shorter (which doesn’t seem very popular in the ol’ blogosphere).

  • I love it. The best part is that girls like me, with long hair, can use it too!

  • Cute! When I first read “short hair” I was picturing REALLY short:) Super cute ideas! I always love the hair posts:)

    Stephanie May*

  • This is great! I was just thinking earlier today about how I should style my hair.

  • The last one is a-DORABLE! Love it, and love the new thoughts, looking for some chin-length do’s too in the future;)

  • I’m thinking of getting my hair cut like this, so it was a really cool post to read! 🙂


  • Cool (; thanks a lot for this wonderful post (;
    great tips …

    / Stephanie

  • I love the first one, it has a beachy 90s feel. love it.


  • Great ideas! My hair isn’t that short but somehow I can’t do the things with it I wanted to do.

  • l-o-v-e the first one! I think my hair is finally long enough to try these styles. Thanks for the tutorial! Happy weekend ^^

  • Yay! This is perfect timing because I just cut 10 inches off my hair (donated it all to Pantene Beautiful Lengths) like a month ago! I will definitely try some of these for fun but easy looks at school! Thanks so much! 🙂

  • These styles are so cute! My hair is a bit shorter (chin length), but I think some of these will still work!

  • A classic looking for medium length hair is putting your hair into a high-ish, slightly loose ponytail. Then take the hair on the side of the hair tie closest to the crown of your head and pull it apart a bit. Tuck the ponytail up and into the slight separation. You can pull it all the way through but it looks best if you tuck the ponytail away.

  • This is great – I just chopped a good 6 inches off my hair to nearly the same length as the models! Thanks!

  • These are so cute! Thank you so much for posting these.:) I’ve already read comments about this, but I would love to see something for curly hair as well. Mine is so unmanageable…I’m close to pulling a Britney Spears.:)

  • Thanks for this! I always love your hair how to’s, but am always looking for ways to adapt them because I have shorter, fine, and thin hair! I hope you keep this up! 🙂


  • A really like the second.
    I’m gonna try it out.
    Could you please put tutorials of curly hair?
    Like afro curly hair, pleaaaase!

  • my hair is short like two pony tails short and I just tried the first one. It still looks cute. I had a lot of left over bangs because of the layers but then I just pinned that back and super excited about the new style. Thanks!

  • Personally when I decide to have short hair it’s so I don’t have to do anything with it. However, there are times when I’m frustrated that it just looks the same all the time. These are some good options.

  • This is prefect timing! I literally just cut my hair this length yesterday 🙂

  • Very cute styles. I wore tiny buns like the first style all the time when my hair was longer. It’s been about three years since my hair has been that long…

  • I really love the first hair style. Really great looks throughout though.

  • Thank you SO MUCH for posting this. I am in the process of growing my hair out and it is about this length. I have so much trouble getting my hair to do anything stylish.
    I love your blog and all of the DIYs you post and all of the fashion advice you give, but I would love to see more tips for the plus size girls. It’s not always easy to be fashionable and stylish if you can’t find the right clothes.
    Thanks Ladies!

  • I love Lisa’s hope collection, especially the necklace. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • How cute! LOVE those little twirly curls!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  • Having just got my super long hair chopped not too long ago I’ve been struggling to come up with cute hairstyles! This is perfect! I have to try these! The baby bun at the nape of my neck is just not cutting it for me anymore!

  • Thank you so much for posting this! I cut my hair earlier this year, and, as usual, I got depressed about a month after doing so. I love that it’s easier to take care of (being why I cut in the first place) but I also really love my hair long, and all the styling options. These are cute ideas for me to try, the 3 messy buns and the little half-up bun style are two I’ve never done before, so I’ll be trying them out this weekend!

  • Gorgeous! Those styles are so cute!

    But my hair is waaaaay shorter than that. In a really messy in between place as I’m growing out the ultrashort pixie cut I loved but my husband hated!

    (No, not growing it for that reason! I halved my Day Job income So I can work from home and one of the trade offs is no cash for hairdressing.)

    Anyone else grown out an ultrashort style and got any tips for coping with this stage?

  • Lovely!
    Can you do that for girls with even shorter hair? <3

  • Lovely hair tutorial! the first one is so pretty and so simple. My hair is a bit longer, but still going to try this out some time!

  • Thank you for these ideas! My hair is exactly that length, and I’m always in need of hair styling advice. 🙂

  • I would say that’s more about medium hair 😉 I have really short hair and got excited when I saw the title for this post but alas was disappointed. Still cute though.

  • The first one is so cute 🙂 I will definetely try it! Thanks!
    Merrily Merrily,


  • *ponders*

    I guess ‘short’ has a different definition across the pond.

  • I like the first and last one best. They are so cuute! 🙂 Makes me wanna go short 🙂

  • I was at first so excited that someone has some good short style ideas, BUT, I have “real” short hair-picture Audrey Hepburn/Emma Watson (depending on your age). To me, this hairdo is “long” not short. I challenge you to do new styles with short hair 🙂

  • All super cute!! Easily doable for medium length hair too!


  • I love these as I have short hair and it is so hard to find different fun ways to style it. I’ve been twisting my hair as I read the post, and can’t wait to try them out!

  • I like the second look & I love the first one! I hope it will work with my extremely curly hair.. the last one you wouldn’t even see because ALL my hair looks the way your three strands do 😀
    Thanks very much for this post, I’ve always wanted some inspiration for my kind of mid-length hair.

  • it’s like you read my mind. i swear i googled this yesterday. i’m trying to wean myself off my clip in extensions and just “be me” more often than not. so, i’ve been playing around with some options for my thin short hair. you’re a mind reader/blogger!

    these are great! thanks!

  • Great hair styles! Can’t wait to try to first one!

  • I just cut my hair short so this is super cute and helpful, thanks so much!

  • I just chopped off all my hair, and now even these short hair pictures seem like long locks. 🙂

  • What I used to do (I have wavy hair that turns to ring curls in this Houston humidity) when I had short hair was to star pulling strands from the front of my hair back, twisting them messily and pinning them, until I had the whole side of my hair pulled back. Then I take the left over back hair and twist them into tiny messy buns. I fluff the tendrils so I can do that.

  • Thanks so much for this! My hair is about the same length as the model’s, and I’ve never thought to wear it any of these ways! I’m also in MO, and, since we’ve been having such a super-hot summer, I’ve pretty much been wearing ponytails every day – boring. Will have to try some of these looks. Cute ideas, and cute model, too!

  • Thank you for posting these! I get frustrated with all the long hairstyles I see. It’s nice to have something for my hair!

  • Cute styles, but I’m with some of the others here… this is not “short” hair. Shorter? Yes. Short? No.

  • I love the first one but it’s more suited to medium hair and mine is short – as in bob length. Could you do some styles for proper short hair?

    Endometriosis my life with you

  • Thanks for these tips! I just chopped off all my hair and it’s taking some getting used to!

  • Nifty styles! I’ve been surprised to find that I do more with my hair now that it’s short (currently an overgrown lazy bob) than when it was very long. I’d love more ideas for shorter hair 🙂

  • I love the first one. Thank you, exactly what I was looking for! Happy to follow you on Bloglovin’…keeps me up-to-date for all these good tips!

  • Love these!! My hair is a little bit shorter, but I could try these. 🙂

  • I used to have short hair, I mean Victoria Beckham bob short. And my go to up-do was just pinning pieces all over in little buns. Now it’s long and I still go to a bun when I’m annoyed with the weight of it. 🙂

  • Can you do something for naturally curly (and i mean currrrlaaaay) hair please?
    I have very very curly hair and have no idea what to do with it!
    Thank you!
    P.s. I love the last hair style of this post – it’s so original!

  • that’s not really short hair, more medium, but super cute! Would love to see some ideas for chin length or shorter

  • What about short curly hair? I would hate to iron my hair every single day..

  • When I had short hair, I loved putting my hair in a low rolled like up-do. Sorta like the first one. I love the last one, so cute and simple.


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