Four Styles for Short Hair

Four Styles for short hairAs often as we post hair tutorials we get requests for short hair ideas. Today, we've pulled together a few of our favorite, simple hair ideas for ladies with shorter hair. Enjoy! Three twisted buns - final productThree twisted buns - final productThree twist bun - collage1. Separate your hair into three ponytails. 2. Using bobbypins, twist and pin the ponytail into a small bun. 3. Repeat this process with each ponytail for a completed look!

Double twist - final productDouble twist - final productDouble twist - final product1. Take a small section of hair at the front of your hair line (or directly behind your bangs). 2. Twist a piece inward all the way to the end of the strand and pin in place. 3. Then, taking another section directly beneath the first, twist it and pin it back over the first twist so that both are secure. 4. Done! 

Half up do final product Half up do final product Half up do final product 1. Begin by teasing at the root of your hair on the top of your head. 2. Flip your hair back over and fluff it with your fingers. 3. Next, pin back your bangs underneath the teased section. 4. Then, take the teased section and wrap it around your finger, creating a tube. 5. Turn your finger to the side and pin the tube like section in place. 6. Finish by tugging on small sections at the top to create a fuller looker.

Three twists - final producyThree twists - final producyTake a section at the front of your hairline, twist into a small bun, and pin in place. 2. Repeat this process three times, twisting in different directions.

Do you have any other favorite hairstyles for shorter hair? Please share. 

ETA: Haha! So many comments correcting our use of the word "short". Ok, ok… it's medium hair. You're right. 

This hair tutorial was created in collaboration with Sarah Chapman, a professional hair stylist at Blu Skies Hair Studio in Springfield, Missouri. If you're local, give her a call! 

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