10 things i L-O-V-E Sunday!

1. this drawing by Molly.


2. the jetsons.




3. reusable coffee cups (wish list!)…. these are from UO.


i’ve seen some cute reusable cups for iced coffee too…. <3.

UMM… and speaking of Urban Outfitters, they are selling Dr.Martens! i still have mine from freshman year in high school. ha! glad i saved them, just in case!

actually, i saved a bunch of my high school clothes so that if i ever had kids they could make fun of them. trends are fun like that.

4. seeing my art in people’s homes.

1 2

5. vintage paint by number paintings.

Paint-by-number 6. this alphabet poster…


(actually i love a ton of illustrations she has done… adorable!)




7. love it!


8. starting to shop for the new babies coming to my world this Autumn…


it’s so fun.

9. out of town visitors. 😀




XOXO. i’m going to the mall with my mom & dad and planning a longggg night of creating for our upcoming update (tues. night!). Hope your Sunday is warm & cozy. e


  • That band t-shirt is fabulous. I have some clothes from high school too. Still waiting for the late ’90s trends to come around again.

  • oh dr. martens, i still remember getting my first pair in grade school…and vintage paint by numbers? way cooler than the one i’ve been working on!

  • Starbucks has some awesome iced drink cups; I use mine ALL THE TIME! And they’re cool — they look like regular iced cups! *G*

  • my starbucks sold out of those iced drink cups SO fast! all they had were venti left the first time i saw them, and then the next day those were all gone too! i so wanted one… :O(

  • Dancing Phalanges up there told me about your blog and I’m Oh So glad. Are you the same Elsie of the scrapbooking world? So glad to see your blog, I will be back and have added you to my own blog list. 🙂

  • OMG I love my “not a paper cup” I have the cute little cashmere cuff from the last update on there! It looks so sweet. I wish that they would have had BLACK lids when i got mine. I only have the white lid…. But I use it everyday. and the people at starbucks laugh because it porcelain but I am not one prone to dropping things so. I’m good.

  • I still have my Docs from high school too–I actually almost got beat up over them so they have sentimental value to me 🙂 I actually still wear them all the time in the winter because they are so comfortable!

  • I bought my husband that t-shirt (bands) last Christmas! It soooo fits him. He spends — literally — hours on the computer every night searching for new music.

    Naked fruit is so good, but freaking expensive!

    I have about 10 vintage paint-by-numbers that need hanging, including the first one in the image!

    In other words, you have good taste! lol

  • I love naked juice!! Oh, and the Jetsons are like the coolest thing ever… I still watch it any chance I get 🙂

  • Those are cute illustrations.

    That teddy bear hat would match a pair of crochet teddy bear booties that I gave away at a baby shower recently.


  • I just found out that my best friend from high school is pregnant. I’m so excited and would love for you to share your baby crafting projects!

    I’m practicing my embroidery for onesies myself!

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