10 Things I Love Sunday….

Skectra 2
Spectra 3
1. lovely Spectra photos by Let’s Explode.

Vintage thermos collection
2. this ummmazing thermos collection. so pretty!

Picture 1
Picture 2
3. fun vintage postcards. i love love love.

4. getting tattoos with my pals (more photos coming soon!)

5. Jelly Belly… my favorites are pear, green apple and red apple. you?

Picture 1
6. i looooooooove this!

7. i need this record for my collection next. it’s beautiful.

8. this one too. 🙂

Picture 2
9. these colors are perfect!

Skunkboy shirt
10. i’m sooooooo excited about this! i collaborated with my pal katie on new t-shirt designs for her adorable shop! isn’t she the cutest?!

ok…. i’m about to get back to work BIG TIME because we are doing the final shoot for the RVA Spring Collection in just a few hours. so excited! I’ll share more peeks soon! XOXO. elsie

Picture 6
[photo by Allister]

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