10 Adorable Record Players

Record player shopping guideThere’s something so vibey about listening to a favorite record on vinyl. I’ve been working on my vinyl collection for quite a few years now, and I recently started thinking about upgrading my turntable.

I’ve been researching different options, both for quality and for BEAUTY. Today I’ve rounded up ten adorable record players!

01. Obsessed with that floral pattern.
02. I love the color of this one. It comes in white and gold too. So chic!
03. I’m so into light wood this year. Fresh!
04. Love the white with gold hardware.
05. Blush pink? Yes, please. (here’s the white one)
06. Another light wood beauty. Classic!
07. A cute vintage style.
08. OK, this banana leaf pattern is killing it. SO good!
09. Fresh white is always a winner. (similar here)
10. A cute + budget friendly option.

I’ve heard a lot of people diss the quality of Crosley record players. Every single time I post a photo of my record player, someone tells me it’s going to “ruin all my records”. I have to say, though, after about eight years of owning ours, that hasn’t been my experience at all. In fact, the only reason I’m in the market for a new one is because I want one that vibes more with my decor, and the one we have now would look great in Jeremy’s studio. So even though I am planning to try a new brand this time, I can’t say that Crosley is a bad brand… I’ve had nothing but good experiences with mine.

If you have a record player that you would recommend, please share it with us here in the comments! I’m so curious to hear your opinions as I haven’t made my final decision yet. Happy shopping!

xoxo. Elsie

  • Crosley is cute, but awful for records. I’m happy to hear you like Audio-Technical, too!

  • If you’re hoping to really get serious about vinyl, use Audio-Technical. Please do not waste your money on Crosley turntables! I was lured but the cute design, but the speaker is right under the record. If you play it at any decent volume, it will skip! It damaged two brand new pressings of albums.

  • These players all look lovely. I got the same Crosley you have, Elsie, for Christmas a few years back, and it stopped working after about ten minutes. Maybe mine was defective, but since I kept seeing iffy reviews I just returned it and ended up getting my mom’s old panasonic turntable/sony receiver repaired. I love having her old setup though it’s bulkier with the speakers and all, but it would be cool to get a new turntable with the USB output in the future 🙂

  • Do you guys know how/why Crosleys ruin records? The arm and needle carriages on these guys are incredibly heavy compared to a well-made unit, so the needle puts more pressure onto the record’s grooves, digging in and wearing the grooves down, which is detrimental to sound quality over time. You are, indeed, slowly ruining your records. You just can’t see it.

  • I have heard so many people say that after the first few months the Crosley record players start to scratch their records. I had that happen to me after I foolishly purchased one because it was gorgeous. I have since gotten an Audio Technica record player and have had it for about 8 months and have had no issues with it! Its the exact one as number 5!

  • Have you seen the vertical record player yet? Pretty neat! http://www.gramovox.com/pages/floating-record

  • My husband thinks you would like the Vestax bdt 2500. Very quality and sexy brand.

  • I love your blog, ladies!!! We have the audiotechnica and I love it! But have you seen the Gramavox floating record player?!


    So neat looking!

  • I might be married to an audiophile, but I promise you too will hear the difference when you step away from the Crosley’s. Check out U-Turn audio, check out Gramovox, check out your local vinyl shop and associated equipment stores. Some of them are absolutely showpieces! I may be irritated that my pretty parlor mantle is overpowered by enormous 1970’s Pioneer speakers, buttttt I’m angling for a beautiful thick marble plinth or one of these killer designer wood ones as compromise! http://www.woodsongaudio.com

  • I love these so much!
    Thanks for sharing, I am actually looking for a record player for a birthday gift. Thanks!! xx

    AGNESE from www.theblogness.com

  • I would love to have number 6 :))
    xx Caroline


  • Husband and I own the TEAC in turquoise and have no complaints. I love the shock absorbent feet and the clear cover pretects while allowing you to see the vinyl. Highly recommend!!

  • I can honestly say there is nothing better than owning a vintage stereo console. There is an air of nostalgia with the look and sound quality that just can’t be beat!

  • Crosley- while coming out with pretty colors and designs, are horrible for your vinyl. The arms are heavy and with continuous use they will scratch your vinyl. Sound quality is also not the greatest. With Crosley you do get what you pay for. If you’re on a budget Audio Technica is a good place to start.

  • Oh my goodness I was just looking at the record players in Urban Outfitters the other day – I love the Banana Leaf!

  • Our REGA plays our vinyl beeeeautifullly! The bottom of the high end will set you up for life.

  • I love the floral one! It’s so cute!


  • These are so adorable!! Such perfect decor pieces!!!

  • My boyfriend and I have an Audio Technica which is a great one! And the fact they have it now in a beautiful blush pink colour just sweetens the deal FOR SURE!

  • I own #2 in red and love it! Sound quality is great and I love the color selection. I LOVED the Turqouise as well, but red works better with our style. PS My hubs did a ton of research, and this one was the best reviewed in the price range. Have fun!

  • We have #5 after upgrading from a Crosley that ate all of our records 🙁 We love our new one though – works great!

  • My favorites are numbers 1 and 5. Especially number one. I’m not usually into florals, but there’s something I can’t resist about pink, bright and happy these days. LoL Thanks for sharing.


  • I think going bak to old vinyls is a wonderful thing, especially because you can decorate your home with such a cool record player (they have so much charme)! Love the second one!

  • I LOVE the floral pattern on the first one. I would buy it asap if I had a chance.

  • Ooo! I’ve been shopping around for a record player, so this is perfect! Do you know anything about the sound quality thought? My husband bought me a new record player last Christmas (as my old one died), but the sound quality was so terrible I ended up returning it. Cute + quality sound, is that too much to ask?

  • All of these are seriously so cute! I have to say that number 8 has got to be the cutest.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  • Please check out uturnaudio.com!!! They’re American made and customizable!

  • Oh, I love these! I have the Crosley black and white one – which I love- but am now thinking, hey! How about one for every room?! (in my tiny home) Because that floral one is out of this world beautiful.

  • As a record shop employee, I would highly recommend a Pro-Ject or U-Turn turntable! They make some swoon-worthy colors, and are built to last. All in 1 turntables with built in speakers, like most Crosleys, tend to vibrate too much. Getting a speaker set and receiver to go along with your turntable will help keep your records in tip-top shape!

  • I love number 10! I’m so glad it’s easy to find these again. I spent many years in my teens and early twenties having to dive through pawn stores and used music stores to try and find working record players.

  • I wish I could have all of these. They’re so pretty that I can’t decide which one I like best!

  • I’ve heard a lot of negativity about Crosleys too. I got mine about 8 years ago, and I haven’t noticed a change in the quality of my records, but apparently this is a known fact according to sound engineers I’ve spoken with. If you use it on a record pretty regularly, after about 10 years the quality is degraded. If I purchase again I may get something else, but to be honest, I think if you’re not going to be using it on the same record every single week it’s probably not such a big deal. What does your husband think?

  • https://www.fernandroby.com

    If you’re particularly ready to invest in a beautiful, top-of-the-line record player, this is an American start-up that is doing big/exciting things in that field.

  • I love my sony record player! nothing fancy, but black goes with everything 🙂 and i LOVE rooting around thrift stores for old records.

  • I won’t Crosley-bash, but I think you’ll see how much better a record player can sound by selecting an upgraded unit. From an audio standpoint, I think 9 is your best option. Myself I have a Denon 300-f; just available in black, but is an entry level that is upgradable.

  • We’ve had several Crosley players in the past, but we were shocked at how much better the Audio Technica made our records sound. We bought the blush, and we love it!

  • I didn’t realize how bad the sound quality on our Crosley was until my husband came home with a new one claiming he couldn’t take it any more, even I have to admit the new one is better.

  • I have the Audio Technica (5) and I looooove it. So great. It even got shuffled around in my move so I had to call customer service for help and they were so great! Mine is grey but it has been so wonderful.

  • I’ve had a Sony for at least a couple of years now, it works great! Unfortunately, I’ve owned four Crosleys and they were all lemons 🙁 I wish it hadn’t been so, they’re adorable!

  • OMG I was just looking into Record Players.. so helpful! Definitely getting one now 🙂

  • These are adorable, especially that turquoise one! When we picked out our record player, we definitely chose function and price over cuteness 🙂


  • http://www.project-audio.com/main.php?prod=debutcarbondc&cat=turntables&lang=en
    I’m very happy with my gorgeous blue Pro-Ject Debut Carbon turntable! Both the color and the quality are great!

  • I’m still waiting for my Xmas present to come in! My mother-in-law bought me a black and red one!! Crosley! =)

  • I had a Crosley and it didn’t ruin my records but it did crap out on me after not long! I have a Sony now (it’s nothing fancy) and I’ve noticed a big difference in sound 🙂

  • I’ve had my Audio-Technica LP60 for years and have bought it as gifts for friends and as then a second one for my bedroom! It’s a great turntable.

  • I received #7 for Christmas this year and I’ve been loving it. No problems thus far. I had read a lot of reviews about Crosley portable players not being very high quality, but as I said, I’ve been pleased thus far! And it looks super cute in our living room as well.

  • My boyfriend just bought #5, the Audio-Technica, for our house (not in blush pink, sadly…), but we’re totally in love with it! We’ve spent hours the past couple weekends scouring all the vinyl shops in the Albany, NY area.. it’s been a blast. Plus, this player has an outlet that lets you record your albums to mp3, which both of our dad’s are psyched about. Finally an easy way to save the awesome sound from all their oldie favs!

  • We have an Audio Technica similar to the one you have listed as number 5 here. We upgraded from a Crosley and are happy with it so far.

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