10 funny habits + guilty pleasures…

hi! so, i have lots of silly/embarrassing habits and guilty pleasures. i thought it would make a funny blog post. feel free to blog yours too and link them here… it's sorta fun! enjoy…. 

1. every time i try on an outfit in a dressing room i send jeremy a photo to see what he thinks… even if he's just waiting outside the room. funny habit, but i'm thankful he plays along and helps me shop. 


(poor larson….β™₯)

2. i almost never answer my phone (bad habit!) but will text back almost immediately. hmmm… 


3. big macs. totally love them. 


4. microwaves. i hate them. i don't own one. i will never own one. i have a very difficult time eating food that i suspect may have been microwaved. eek! 

5. obsessions…. i get super obsessed with things and collect tons. what kinds of things… hmm… in the past few there's been: pez, animal figurines, vintage dresses (is your closet supposed to be larger than a small bedroom? i didn't think so…), blythe dolls, fake glasses, floral brooches and probably lots of other silly things. ask jeremy…



6. funny bad habit… i've been forgetting to make myself a new house key copy for about.. um… 6 months. i've broken into my own window about 10 times. uh-oh! 

7. guilty pleasure movies… Mean Girls, Clueless and (the worst one…) 13 Going on 30. 

8. crazy vintage. i mean, i love pretty vintage the most… but i have a weakness for CRAZY vintage too. it's sorta irresistible. 


9. so. much. coffee. it's a beautiful thing


10. i can't stop playing with my hair… especially in nervous situations. 


Now you know all my deep dark secrets. What are yours? Confess! XO. elsie 

  • I’m with you on coffee, not having a microwave, never answering my phone (it’s always on silent) and, oddly, not gettin a new key cut.

  • Fun post!

    Collecting is addictive!

    Then I throw it all away or donate it all because I hate clutter, haha. Oh well.

  • The whole dressing room pic to J is cuuuuute. So cuuuuute. I also like big macs. We have it in pizza form at a pizza place here in Wisconsin.

  • Oh I play with my hair when I am nervous or anxious too! AND I love to collect things and I rarely answer my phone either. Must be a ‘creative type’ person thing! Thanks for sharing these – it was fun! xx Janelle

  • i love that you dont own a microwave!!

    my guilty pleasure is that if i find something really really cool i have to buy more than one (or all of them) in case i never find it again.

  • Ha ha -MEAN GIRLS, 13 GOING ON 30, fake glasses & Blythe Dolls… We have those in common! xoxo

  • great post!! will have to do a post of this! i don’t own a microwave either!! i hate them and totally don’t mind heating up mu food in the oven or on the stove.

    oh and yes i have also broken into my house on many occasions too! there is a strange sort of thrill when doing it too πŸ˜€


  • I always play with my hair. It’s such a nervous habit. My mom always scolds me for it. I hate microwaved food, but boyfriend swears by it so we have one.. but we didn’t pay for it, so I guess that’s a plus.

    I love bad reality TV. a lot. also singing Glee songs in the car like I can actually sing.

    I also never, ever, ever answer my phone and always text back right away.. phone calls are just so awkward to me!

  • I break into my own window too- usually with the assistance of my next door neighbor! (I’m short, the window is high, it’s hard to scale brick in heels or bare feet unless you are Cat woman. Which I’m not. Usually.)

    My stupidest habit is my inability to put myself to bed- when the bf is away, I’ll be happily knitting and watching NCIS or Leverage at 3 am, homework and classes be damned… which also covers my guilty pleasures.

  • elsie!! i had no idea you collect Pez dispensers. i do too!!! i dont actually remember if i’ve ever said that here. can i suggest aomething? how about a RVA Elsie-style Pez dispenser embroidery pattern? i love your embroidery patterns.

  • LOVING this post elsie!!! clueless is totally one of my all time favorite movies too, and nope, i’m not ashamed haha!! love that you take pics of yourself in the dressing room too cute!! i totally do the SAME thing!! πŸ™‚

  • So cute~ Big Macs would definitely be on my list. And the homemade buttercream container I dip into, a teaspoon-full at a time, in my cupboard. I don’t think anyone else knows it’s there, and I like it that way!

  • yes! i am SO anti microwave…it makes me so incredibly happy when i learn that there are more of me out there!! i can’t stand it. hello? micro wave…it radiates your food with unatural heat…”nuke it”?…no thanks!

    guilty pleasure: the vampire diaries

  • Such a funny post, especially the accompanying photo about never answering calls. I’m exactly the same. πŸ˜€

  • I’m pretty disappointed you partake in the McDonald’s. πŸ™ No respect for that evil corporation, or fast food/factory farming in general.

    *sigh* I’ll get over it! Different strokes for different folks!

  • i don’t have a microwave either! ours broke + we decided to not replace it. i don’t plan on ever having one again. it weirds me out too, especially knowing i never needed one!

    #1 is cute. my husband is never consulted on fashion advice! he likes me in jeans, a tight black tshirt and flip flops. he doesn’t “get” fashiony fashion πŸ˜‰

  • Picturing you climbing through a window in a cute vintage dress with your shoes flipped off on the ground makes you seem so much more human. And adorable, of course.

    I hate answering my phone sometimes, too.

    Thank you for sharing, Elsie πŸ™‚

  • I don’t have a microwave either, but we are moving into a house that has one built in. I don’t know if I’ll just never use it, or if I have to do remodeling… ech. Although I am pretty sure that some part of a Big Mac has been microwaved at some point. Probably.

    P.S. Does sending pictures of the dresses make you obsess over ones you didn’t buy later? Like, “Ooops, I looked really good in that one… I should go back tomorrow…”

  • Wait how is it possible that you’ll eat a Big Mac…but don’t feel safe using a microwave?? I don’t get it! I don’t feel that great about microwaves but I feel a billion times worse about ingesting anything from McD’s! Yikes. In other news, I love crazy vintage sooo much too – maybe even more than pretty vintage! πŸ™‚

  • My guiltiest pleasure is probably listening to Kelly Clarkson. I have so many bad habits, it’s ridiculous, but collecting makeup is probably my most expensive.

  • no one should ever feel guilty about clueless. it is AMAZING. not to mention it is based off the book “Emma.”



  • I send fitting-room pictures to my husband, but my favorite fitting-room guilty pleasure is dancing. I take my ipod with me and I sing to the mirror; it just makes the fitting room so much more fun…

  • My worst habit is anything having to do with making an appointment- dentist, doctor, hair, dog groomer-whatever. I’m horrible and I put it off until the very last minute! Why? dunno.

  • Big Macs are so gross. BUT my favorite thing to order!!
    Hahaha, they will probably be the death of me.
    Siiiick. πŸ™‚

  • the hilarious part of this post? BIG MACS ARE MICROWAVED. at least the meat is. and i don’t get how you can eat the meat from mcdonalds. that’s 100 billion times worse than a microwave.

  • yes! love this post. some of my guilty pleasures/weird habits include listening to rap & pop music (think katy perry or t.i.) by myself of course, eating tons of sweets (sometimes the only thing i eat in a day, yikes!), and finally always feeling like i have to buy something when i go somewhere so as not to hurt anyone’s feelings (i have no idea why i feel this way) :S

  • the movies and crazy vintage I am so guily of! Your post cracked me up, its nice to know that Im not the only one out there with these guily pleasures! πŸ™‚

  • 13 going on 30 is my favorite guilty pleasure movie too…you are the cutest!! Love your blog!

  • Reading your blog brings me so much joy! You are an inspiration πŸ™‚ I hate to answer my phone & much prefer to text, (to my boyfriends dismay) and I always take one meat patty off my big mac- for some reason it makes me feel like I have made a healthy choice ….but i like to get fries too.

  • one of my weirdest pet peeves, but it’s been with me since birth:





    If socks are not tight on someone’s feet, I freak out! Shkeevies!

    (I don’t know why.)

  • oh goodness, i can relate to most of these things! i never answer my phone, it drives everyone i know absolutely bananas. (but – i am the best texter ;)) i drink too much coffee (on my third cup as we speak). and i’m usually known as more of an organic foodie, but i can never. ever. ever… resist a big mac. i love them too much. aren’t they the yummiest?!

  • i return calls with texts too. such a terrible habit! i usually only answer if it’s my family or my 3 best friends. anyone else…sowee!

  • i am so inspired. i have chosen to do this on my blog!

    i need a bit of creative blogging. my life has been editing photos for the last couple of days.

    here we go!

  • I spy some pez I bought from you πŸ˜€ I’ve always loved clueless even though it’s a very stupid movie lol

  • I do the exact same thing when I try on clothes! I think it might drive my husband crazy but he plays along with it well. Sometimes you just need a second opinion!
    This is such a fun idea! Working on a post now!

  • One of my guilty pleasures is tins of colouring pencils. I own quite a few tins and the pencils are all in rainbow order. I can’t bare to see mixed up pencils. I’m not sure if this a pleasure or OCD! lol OH, and I never answer my phone, but always text straight back. πŸ™‚

  • I have an obsession for note books. i love note books, especially when the paper is thick or the cover is really pretty. The problem is i buy them and never write in some of them in fear of “messing them up”.

  • Normal: Thrift stores are my guilty pleasure. any and all! I love ransacking them with my debit card!

    Weird: I can’t drink out of a glass of water once the ice has melted. lol

  • I’ve collected pez dispensers for almost a year now… I have about a hundred. Confession: I hate the candy though! Ha. You should do some crafts or artwork involving pez dispensers! That would be so cute.

  • I really got a kick out of this post because its SO me. I have a archive of photo on my iphone of me trying on dresses for my husband’s opinion. I’m also so happy to hear that someone else has the no answer issue! haha. I hear it all the time how I never answer the phone. I have also adopted the bad habit of cat napping. I think I enjoy a good nap too much! Great post!

  • I can’t drink hot beverages, everything HAS TO BE ICE COLD: iced tea, iced coffee, chocolate milk and my favorite is ice water. You’ll never see me drinking anything hot, ever,and I don’t even know why.

  • Funny, bad habbit: I have had my Beauty and the Beast soundtrack in my car cd player for.. umm, 6 years? And still sing to it every time it rolls back around. I always have to finish the song, even if it’s in the parking lot of work (where my 8th grade students will mercilessly tease me if they ever saw!)

  • My phone is always on silent or vibrate so I always miss calls and call right back- makes people crazy. Also, I never check my voicemail. I love 13 going on 30, lol. So good. My favorite girl movie is Spring Breakdown- soooo good!

  • I don’t have or use a microwave either and it’s all I can do to keep myself from leaving the room if someone is microwaving something at work. Free radicals! Yuck.

    And speaking of coffee…it’s about that time.

  • I am so sad that you love big macs πŸ™ you seem too environment/local buying friendly to eat something so utterly terrible for you and the world!

    but I will fully support your coffee addiction, it’s my only vice!

  • oh my gosh, my boyfriend drives me crazy because he too texts back almost immediately but is really bad at answering the phone!

    props to you for not using microwaves… I wish I were un-lazy enough to do that!

    I love coffee and espresso drinks but I don’t like/need a lot of caffeine, so I often drink decaf. people think I’m crazy having the drink without the caffeine! haha.

  • This is my first time commenting but I’ve been a fan of your blog for awhile :)I love guilty pleasures. They make “you” who you are. I love 13 Going on 30 and all those sappy “girl” movies. My husband can’t stand when I want to watch a movie because he knows I’m going to suggest one. I have an unhealthy relationship with acorns. I’m crazy obsessed to the point I go “acorn hunting” almost every day. Enjoy your blog!

  • Being Canadian, Tim Horton’s coffee (actually a Cafe Mocha) is my guilty pleasure. Elsie, you’d love it!

  • Fun post!! My guilty habit is too much blog reading and not enough creating! It’s soooo fun and I feel inspired when I’m reading cute blogs like yours!

  • I have more scrapbooking paper than I could ever use in two lifetimes. Seriously, I think I have more than a small store! I love pumpkin everything, car dancing, and I am super afraid of clowns!

  • great 10!!

    microwaves = yuk!! ours broke down 2 yrs ago but rarely used it…..and i can say we never brought it as it was a wedding gift!!

  • This post was super adorable.
    I love honesty,
    and knowing that you are just a normal little lady,
    with cute and quirky bad habits too:)

  • I loved reading this post, Elsie! Very cute confessions πŸ™‚ Also, (I mean this in a good way) sometimes you seem almost too cool/perfect so it is nice to know that every once in awhile you might eat junk food or watch a non-artsy movie, it makes me feel better when I cave in & have a Coke or Doritos (2 of my foods indulgences I try to avoid since they are bad news) or watch Adam Sandler movies.

    A few more of my guilty pleasures: reading children’s literature (I’m talking books on the 4th-6th grade reading level here, not Twilight or Harry Potter), being terrified to watch horror movies but skimming the synopsis online if the trailer makes me curious enough, and laying out tons and tons of outfit combinations on my bed & taking pictures of them on days off so when I am in a hurry I can think of something to wear that isn’t boring πŸ™‚

  • Hey Elsie.

    I love your blog. I’ve been a loyal visitor since I discovered it last year.

    Also noticed you, like I am in love with the Big Mac.
    My sister showed me this link with how to make a Big Mac at home.

    Haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but she tells me it’s pretty spot on.

    Keep up the awesome blog, and let me know how the home-made big mac comes out πŸ˜€

  • you are adorable and all those dresses you were trying on.. why is it that here in Atlanta.. it’s impossible to find such cuteness!

  • I donn’t have any weird habits.
    I never had.

    Of course. πŸ™‚


    -eating too much chocolate
    -not sleeping enough
    -not shaving my beard
    -thinking too much

    does that count too?

  • Just like megan v I don’t get it that you eat on McD but don’t like microwave food. I don’t know about McD but I know that on Burger King they microwave all their burgers.

    I love our swedish burgers from Max! Thousand times better than McD. πŸ™‚

  • Hi Elsie! I’m new at this. I came here since flickr and I really don’t remember how I get here but I really like your “Beautiful Mess”.

    I’m a big fan of you and I think that you are really an inspiration.

    My bad habit: Buy me really funny shoes that I love have in my closeth but I never wear…


  • This is Allysen’s mom. My collecting odd things is way out of control. I have gotten better but it takes a lot of deep digging strength. I love the plastic gift cards. Oh and I love to have 2 of the same one. I don’t always put $ on them. Sometimes I have just take 2. I seriously have over 150 designs. Now this is odd, RIGHT? Paula P.S the picture taking in the dressing room… I’m so going to do that instead of coming out. Thanks

  • I can’t eat with forks that have pointed ends. It freaks me out. I only have rounded forks in my drawer.

    And coffee is a beautiful thing. I am obsessed with it to the point I drink more coffee than water or eat food. (very bad for you by the way)

  • I had no idea so many people were anti-microwave =) I hate answering the phone as well, AND hate using it to call. I definitely avoid calling!!
    ..thanks for sharing…

  • So very similar ( almost freakishly similar) to a girl i know verry well…her name is kristin vesely ( thats me πŸ™‚ I just defended how much space I take up with my collections of various vintage/odd-wonderful things, clothes, jewelery, and shoes takes up in a kinda small 1 bedroom apt. with 2 storage spaces. I just can’t help it, nor purge. So, glad I’m not alone. I’m working at try # 2 for owning my very own vintage shop that shares the love of re-purposing. I’ve thinking Chicago isn’t the place to give it another go. My bf/life-mate wants to move so he can open his bicycle shop in a couple years, so I have to get planning/finding money quickly. Maybe I should give the web a shot again too…I’ve poked around your blog a few times, but now that I’ve poked around several times, you’ve got yourself a new fan. If you come up to the Windy City, we should hang out for realz.

  • Ha! I never answer my phone either. If it’s important they can leave a message, if not, don’t bother my life flow. I also have an affinity for Big Macs and Oh, must have french fries! I always start collecting things and then lose interest before any serious collection can be attained.

    You are adorable!

  • I don’t think you are that crazy…. or maybe I am crazy, too. Hmmm- makes me think – but not too long! I have me some shoppin’ I must do – collecting brooches right now! I found you just poking around blogs that looked interesting. You are absolutely a daily read for me now! Cheers!

  • Hilarious! I actually don’t have a house key either. If I didn’t have the garage remote, I’d be calling the boyfriend to help me in!

    I also twirl my hair but more so cause I like the way my hair feels. LOL

  • I totally agree on the microwave thing. And it’s nice to hear that someone else thinks so too. My boyfriend (he’s a physicist) thinks I’m weird πŸ˜€

  • I think this might help you get rid of the big mac habit, beings you do not like anything microwaved Micky D’s have gone easy , fast and cheap with an expensive price, they nuke everything these days all pre cooked and popped into the microwave and then served. no more grills like the old days. hope this helps :).

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