10 Incredible Ways You Can Use Witch Hazel!

Have you jumped on the witch hazel train? I don’t even know if such a train exists, but if it does, I’m here for it. 😉 I LOVE my multi-use products, especially when it comes to beauty goods. I mean, who can get enough of coconut oil, essential oil and witch hazel?! I am celebrating all the ways you make our lives better and give us healthy, nontoxic options!

So what is witch hazel exactly? Witch hazel is a plant and comes from the leaves and bark of the witch hazel shrub, which is made into an astringent or hydrosol. It has been used throughout history especially for its benefits on the skin. Basically it’s magical, and partnered with a few of its best friends like essential oils, water and coconut oil, you can do SO much to improve your beauty routine with nontoxic DIYs!

Here are just 10 of my favorite tips and tricks for using witch hazel in my beauty routine:

1. Glowing Toner – Add some alcohol free witch hazel to a 2oz spritz bottle. I love using rose witch hazel for this! Top it off with a few drops of lavender essential oil for a beautiful skin toner.

2. Acne Treatment – Combine some witch hazel with a little bit of melaleuca (tea tree) oil on a cotton ball and apply to problem areas.

3. Razor Burn – Apply to skin after shaving to help prevent razor burn and ingrown hair!

4. Linen Spray – Add to a 2oz spritz bottle along with a few drops of your favorite essential oil and spritz anytime you want to freshen your air or linens. I love combining cedarwood and orange essential oils for this recipe! Peach witch hazel is such a yummy addition to this recipe!

5. Jewelry Cleaner – Use a toothbrush to apply witch hazel to give your jewelry a shine.

6. Nail Polish Thinner – Is your favorite color getting a little goopy? Add a few drops of witch hazel to thin out your polish and give it new life!

7. Makeup Priming Water – Love the Smashbox priming water? Dupe your own with 5 tablespoons of witch hazel, 3 tablespoons of glycerine, and a few drops of lavender and cedarwood essential oils. Spray on your face before applying makeup for a beautiful finish and lasting stay.

8. Makeup Remover – Combine 1 cup of hot water, 2 tablespoons of fractionated coconut oil, 2 tablespoons of your favorite gentle cleanser, 1 teaspoon of witch hazel and a few drops of lavender essential oil. Add to a mason jar and pack in cotton rounds to soak in the mixture. Pull out cotton rounds and use to remove makeup as needed! Yas!

9. Mermaid Hair – Add alcohol free witch hazel to a 2oz bottle with a few drops of lavender, cedarwood and rosemary. Apply to damp hair and work into scalp for happy, healthy hair! Bonus: Add an adorable decal to your finished recipe!

10. Cooling Summer Spray – Cool your skin and relieve sunburns! Fill a 2oz spray bottle 80% with water. Add in 2 teaspoons of witch hazel, 20 drops of peppermint and 10 drops of lavender essential oil. Feels incredible during the summertime!

I just kept this post to 10 of my favorite ways to use witch hazel, but there are seriously countless ways to use this magical elixir. Just give Pinterest a good search, and you will be adding SO many recipes to your “to make” list!

Also, while plain and simple witch hazel is amazing, I love finding witch hazels infused with beautiful smells like peach, rose and aloe vera. They smell AMAZING!

Have any favorite witch hazel uses or recipes to share? Feel free to comment below with your favorites!! With love, Sav.

Credits // Author and Photography: Savannah Wallace. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.
  • Hazel can be a really effective stuff for a lot of stuff haha. Maybe I can get it someday for cleaning my yoga mat lol.

  • What?! This is so cool! I knew about the facial toner idea, but all the rest are new! You can also use Witch Hazel as a yoga mat cleaner by combining equal parts Witch hazel and water with tea tree or lavender essential oils. It kills the bacteria without damaging your mat…. plus it smells incredible the next time you’re in child’s pose. 😉

  • Who knew there were so many uses for witch hazel. Although the name is awesome enough to make me want to buy it! Witch hazel 🙂

  • I love this stuff! literally under £3 in boots and I’m using it in place of my £18 toner and my face is loving it!

  • I looove witch hazel and actually need to buy a new bottle because mine is getting low! I mainly just use it to cleanse my face and it helps with my itchy scalp too!


  • I’ve been using witch hazel as a toner for years, but didn’t know about all these other benefits! Brilliant list x

  • Wow who knew!? I’ve heard of witch hazel but never knew what to use it for. Thanks for sharing!


  • I buy non-scented hypoallergenic baby wipes and pour a bottle of witch hazel on them. You can use them for all of the uses mentioned in this article.

  • I’m having trouble finding where to buy witch hazel – I’ve been wanting to make the linen spray for a long time. Any tips on where to purchase witch hazel? Thanks.

    • You can find them at Walmart, Target, CVS, etc…even at your neighborhood grocery store.

  • Witch hazel is my favorite toner. Thanks for all the other great ideas!

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    • Yeah, we’ve been thinking on that. Ever since our site makeover in March we’ve been collecting a list of little things like this that we might want to change with the next round of updates on our site. Good to hear you’d like this one as we’ve been thinking on it too.

  • I love to mix it with oils like lemongrass and eucalyptus for a natural mosquito repellent.

  • I cannot get enough of the Thayers brand with cucumber essence – I store it in the fridge and use it on my face for a quick boost on hot days. Love, love, love the cucumber scent!

  • Never heard of it, but this made me very curious! Thanks for the tips 🙂


  • I have an allergy to lavender can an other essential oil be substituted and as effective

  • Witch hazel was a sstaple in my own mother’s medicine chest. I still use it as an antiseptic, skin toner, and as an itchy scalp treatment.

  • Witch hazel can’t thin nail polish. Only nail polish thinner should be used.

  • Wow, I’d never given much thought to witch hazel at all! I really want to update my skin care routine but, I think the best way to do it is just pick out completely natural products – Like coconut, with hazel etc… I’m going to be saving this post so I can come back to it and get adventurous with witch hazel. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    Have a great week!

    Chloe @ https://girllgonerogue.blogspot.co.uk/

  • I just picked up a $2 bottle online because it was so cheap and wondered what I wanted to use it all for. So this post is perfect!

    I love my diy rosewater toner with 1:1 rose water and witch hazel, a few drops of rose hip seed and cedarwood essential oil, and a little bit of vegetable glycerine. Very soothing, moisture boosting, and non drying especially for winter months.

  • Amazing tips! I will have to try them esp the nail polish one!!!

  • Being pale, I can attest that witch hazel is a miracle for sunburns!


  • I truly had no idea that there were so many uses for witch hazel. I’ve used it as a toner before, but will definitely be using it for other purposes as well now that I know there are so many possibilities. I’m excited to use it on my hair and get some of those beachy waves.


  • I absolutely love witch hazel! I have different kinds and backups because I never want to run out! I mostly use them as a toner tho. I’ll definitely be utilizing it as more than just a toner now.

  • I’ve been using witch hazel on my skin for awhile but it never occurred to me to try it in other areas! So glad to have a jewelry cleaner that doesn’t have some crazy chemicals in it!

  • Sounds like a total miracle ingredient, love it!!


  • I used to use witch hazel as a toner when I was in college because it was so much more affordable than traditional toner options!

  • First time hearing about witch hazel. Sounds like a great product. Definitely going to try it.

  • Haven’t heard of witch hazel before, but now I’m definitely curious!

  • Witch hazel is a new one I haven’t heard of yet – gosh, all these different oils and scents, they’re so confusing. It sounds so beneficial, though, and great to add to my routine!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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