10 Nontoxic Makeup Brands To Try!

One thing I’ve been trying to make a practice of more and more in my life is intentional shopping. Putting quality over quantity in my purchasing as well as thoughtfulness has saved me so much time and waste not only in my wardrobe but in the beauty products I purchase. While I’m looking for quality in the product itself, I’m also considering what’s actually IN the product! So many beauty goods are riddled with toxic ingredients and the less of those dirty products I can put on my skin the better. I know it can be so tricky finding nontoxic products and brands that are comparable to your favorites, but girl, I’ve got you covered! 🙂

Today I’m sharing 10 of my favorite nontoxic beauty brands that are worth trying!

1.100% PURE — I will never use another brow product again! Their brow pomade has replaced all of my high-end brow products, and I’m in love. They also carry a great range of body, hair and baby products too!

2. CRUNCHI — They carry one of my favorite foundation options for natural beauty. It goes on like a dream and looks so beautiful on the skin. You can also grab a sampling of their foundation colors so you know which one to pick before ordering! I was incredibly impressed by the application and wear! I recommend applying with a beauty blender! I also love their gloss, it smells divine and adds such a beautiful shine!

3. TATA HARPER — Such iconic green packaging! They are typically known for their skincare line, but I have loved trying out their cosmetics too! My favorite is probably their lip and cheek tint. I’m a sucker for multipurpose products, and I love the way these blend and smell!

4. ALIMA PURE — Another great option for those of you looking for a great, clean foundation. They have a lot of choices including powders and creams and a good range of coverage options too. I also really like their shimmer mineral shadows. SO pretty!

5. LILY LOLO — Hands down my favorite nontoxic mascara option! I was first introduced to Lily Lolo through a green beauty subscription service, and I knew after the first time I used the mascara that I would be needing more. Love how this makes my lashes look and love that it’s free of dirty ingredients! They also have a beautiful selection of lip products and some gorgeous eyeshadows too!

6. ERIN’S FACES — For my girls who love shimmer and glow, I’m crazy about their Magic Dust and Fairy Dust. It is BEAUTIFUL and so gorgeous for highlighting, using on the eyes, inner corners and even highlighting your shoulders. I’m curious to try their mineral lip glosses too! Also, their tinted balm is so good!

7. RMS BEAUTY— Love their simple, everyday luminizer! Their vibe is very minimal and natural and I love it, especially for everyday wear.

8. VAPOUR — Love their Lip Nectar and the gorgeous color selection!

9. ILIA — I’m a huge fan of lipstick, so when I come across great, natural lipstick options, I’m down! Love their lipstick line so much, and I’m kinda dying to try some of their multi-sticks!

10. ZUZU LUXE — I really haven’t tried much of their line, but their felt tip liquid liner is GOOD. I’m a huge eye liner fan, and I love a good wing… I was so thrilled to find this option, and it looks so amazing on and wears really beautifully!

Just as a bonus, I put together a simple look wearing some of these products! Check out the details of what I’m wearing below…

Wearing: Foundation – Crunchi in Fair, Brows – 100% Pure in Medium Brown, Shadow & Highlight – Erin’s Faces in Magic Dust, Liner – Zuzu Luxe in felt tip liquid liner, Mascara – Lily Lolo in Black, Blush – Tata Harper in Very Naughty, Lips – Au Naturale in Crushed Bloom, honorable mention! Can’t stop wearing this color!

Please feel free to share some of your favorite nontoxic beauty brands in the comments below. I would LOVE to know what you’re loving! xox Sav.

Credits//Author and Photography: Savannah Wallace.
  • This is great information! Thank you for doing this! Another great nontoxic brand you should definitely look into is Rejuva Minerals! They are all natural and EWG Verified products!

  • Just curious… ant thoughts in bare minerals or young living savvy minerals make up?

  • THANK YOU for this!! I just researched the mineral makeup I’ve worn for 16 years, and was very upset to find out that it is not as safe and healthy as I was led to believe. Why have I been paying prestige prices all this time, thinking that I was making a better choice? Ugh. I feel like I am starting all over, but this list was so super helpful!

  • I can’t believe I haven’t seen Silk Naturals mentioned! I love their eye shadows, lip sticks and glosses, and blushes, and also a lot of their skincare. Lucy Minerals foundation has worked great for me, lots of great color matches if you have olive skin.

  • Arbonne makes a beautiful, green, non-toxic mascara. “It’s A Long Story Mascara” . So smooth, silky and lengthening! Great brush too.

  • I discovered Thrivecausemetics while undergoing chemotherapy. The products are constantly evolving and they have a lovely range of colours – everything vegan and chemicals free. Better yet, for every item you purchase, they match it with a donation for a woman in need.

    I love their lip colours and eye shadow. And their fake lashes are fab and reusable. And with Asian eyes, for the first time I don’t feel like a drag queen or Snuffleupagus.


  • I’m disappointed to see this list which doesn’t include Beautycounter. 🙁
    I have been using Beautycounter for over six months and am currently a Senior Consultant with them. Most amazing, mission-based, educational beauty company with such high standards for safe, clean products! Thanks for spreading the word on using safe beauty!

  • Definitely check out Beautycounter. I have become involved with this company for the last few months and I love them. It’s make up and skin care. They are super involved with helping the govnerment pass new regulations and educating people. Let me know if you want more info or want to try anything!!

  • Thank you so much for sharing this. I’ve been looking into nontoxic makeup.

  • I have the RSM Beauty Luminazer and I love it! It’s subtle but gives a beautiful glow. I really recommend their cream blushes, LIP2CHEEK, that you can also wear on the lips. I have the shade Promise, a gorgeous peachy colour, but I’m thinking about purchasing other shades!

  • Girls I just tried Vita Liberata self tanners! Organic and non toxic! Love them! Have you tried it?


  • Thanks for sharing these- it’s hard to navigate around all the brands out there. I’m in the UK so we have some different products than you. I also swear by the Canadian brand of deodorant “Routine”. It’s perfect.


  • I made the switch to Eminence Organic a few years ago and just love it. Not only is the skin care organic, but the makeup is as well. It is pricey, but when they say it’ll last about a year, it really does.

  • I’ve been wanting to make the switch to non-toxic/organic skin care and make-up, definitely looking forward to trying out some of these products. Thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks so much for the shout out Savannah – you look amazing in the Magic Dust! We’re so happy to be included in such an awesome list 🙂 xo

  • Fantastic! I love seeing how others are incorporating a more natural, less chemical approach to skin care and beauty. Thank you for sharing yours!

  • Hi, my name is Magda and I am from Poland. I have found your blog on Bloglovin and I am very happy because I am interested in natural cosmetics and since january I started using natural cosmetics and my skin looks nicer than before. If you are interested in some polish brands which sell natural cosmetics with good ingridients I could give you some names.

  • This is great! I’m trying to trade out my nasty makeup for better non-toxic alternatives. My friends have a company www.shoppinkhouse.com and their products are amazing!

  • I’ve switched all my makeup too non-toxic lately and have really been loving everything from Senegence that I’ve tried!


  • I’ve been shopping online at Credo Beauty. It’s an easy way to shop for a ton of natural beauty products all in one place.

  • Great post, I’m always looking for ways to treat my skin better- avoiding makeup filled with chemicals and weird ingredients is important!!


  • Pure Anada is a fantastic non-toxoc makeup brand! It’s the only kind I use, and it doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing anything on my face (which is one thing I hated about drug-store brands).


  • I’ve been using Zuzu Luxe eyeliner for a few years! My entire routine (body, hair and face) has been organic for about five years, and all my make up fits in a small cosmetic bag. I do love trying new things though! A huge favorite for me is Root Pretty. Their Pretty Balms are amazing. Such an awesome, fast, saturated color lip balm in lots of shades. I also love their blush. Other brands I use are Everyday Minerals (powder), Honeybee Gardens (super cheap pure mica shimmer eyeshadow), Miessence mascara, and Au Naturale concealer (newly purchased due to one of Elsie’s posts and I love it!).

  • I definitely agree with the quality over quantity on make up products! I have recently began to do more research on the products I buy. Thanks for sharing these with us =o)


  • Great post! I like to incorporate nontoxic products into my beauty and skin care routine when possible. Two of my favorites are jojoba oil and rosewater, both which made my list of “7 Skin Care Products You Need to Add to Your Daily Routine.”

    Hope you’ll check it out!!

    xo Kaitlyn

  • Wow! I’ve never heard of some of these brands. I’m so used to the mass marketed cosmetics. This is a really great list. Thanjs!

  • Lovely post
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  • Anyone passionate about knowing what goes into and on their bodies should check out EWG.org, the website of the environmental Working Group. Their skin deep page has information AND safety scores on over 60,000 products- from nail polish, to sunscreen, to perfumes! They even have an app 🙂

  • i have been using zuzu liner for about 2 years now. I buy the raven as well, hi fi! Interested to try out other products listed here now.


  • I haven’t even heard about some of these brands before, will have to give them a try! Thanks for sharing <3


  • Don’t forget about Beautycounter! They are a company passionate about making safer, high performing products available for everyone through education and advocacy. Check them out!

  • would you say the mascara is good for volumizing or lengthening? i am always looking for a good volumizing mascara!

    • Danielle,
      Have you checked out Or heard of Limelight by Alcone? I was introduced to this line in Oct. Their skin care is all natural and chemical free and the make up is a wax base,which I was sure about but tried it and loved it. It’s so light on your face,you feel like your not wearing anything.
      I tell you this skin care is awesome, you should try it. Let me know if you’re interested.
      Yes I sell it but that’s not why I’m telling you about it, I truly believe in this company and the products and I’m not one to endorse anything unless I truly feel strong about it.
      It’s all natural and chemical free, leaping bunny certified.
      Just sharing a product that I love

      • HI,
        Could you please forward me info on the product you sell, Alcone?
        You say that It’s all natural and chemical free, leaping bunny certified.
        I am interested!
        Thank you!

  • It’s great to see so many blog posts providing options for safer, greener cosmetics. It would be awesome to see a similar focus on clothing options other than fast fashion like Forever 21 and H&M. 🙂

  • I’m also in love with that mascara from Lily Lolo, it’s awesome and my sensitive eyes never felt better! Also i can’t wait to try some RMS products, they’re so popular here in France, but a bit expensive for me, and i’m not even talking about Tata Harper… I’m attracted by this brand so much but it’s so gosh darn expensive! I’m gonna have to start saving for it because it needs to happen!
    Anyway thanks for sharing Savannah, some products here i never heard off and are now on my to check out list! 😉 xo

  • I branched out into natural non-toxic makeup almost two years ago but it unfortunately became too much of a hassle for me. A LOT of these brands simply do not have color ranges that cater to WOC. Specifically foundation, powders, etc. I wear a ton of indie vegan brands for lipstick, eye shadows, etc. But I unfortunately have to stick with mainstream brands for things like foundation and powders. The great thing is that a LOT of brands are starting to remove harmful items from their products. I highly recommend Kat Von D and for drugstore brands Wet N’ Wild for Cruelty free, vegan options.

    • I noticed that too. Crunchi specifically offers like 5 foundation shades that all cater to light skinned women with no options for WOC. It’s disappointing and I just won’t buy from brands that lack inclusivity.

      • Crunchi is rolling out more shades, #6 was just launched with more to come! With the company still being new it is just taking some time.

    • I have been intentionally buying green makeup products for about 3 years now. Alima Pure has a lot of foundation options for women of color. So does 100% Pure for Foundations.. Other brands that I buy from for lipstick and cheek colors are Vapour Beauty, Delizioso, and Living Libations, but there are lots of other brands. Five years ago it was frustrating to find green makeup products for WOC, but over the past three years I have not found that to be the case. Granted most green makeup companies cater mostly to white women,, and some like, RMS, Dr Hauschka and Pacifica only caters to white women, but there are lots out there for us now. I found them by searching You Tube and Google.

    • Yes, Where are the dark skinned women’s non toxic, organic, makeup lines?! some have a few good colors, but not too many!

  • So looking forward to trying out these brands – much better for the skin!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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