10 Places To Get Inspired

10 Places To Get InspiredSometimes inspiration comes easily and sometimes it takes work to find it! When I feel I've hit a creative wall I often take a few hours to go out and gather inspiration in a new environment. Here are ten of my favorite spots to get inspired…Flea Market1. A Flea Market. I love a good flea market break because I can grab a coffee and browse the aisles for treasures while clearing my mind. As an added bonus, I often find objects that I can use for my creative projects like home decor items or DIY ideas! Farmers market2. A Farmers' Market. I love visiting a local farmers market for inspiration. I pick up fresh food and flowers for my home and look for new ingredients that I haven't tried before. The best thing about a Farmers' Market is the abundance of color. It's a wake up call for my senses and I love that! Library3. The Library. Your local Library is a fun and free spot for endless inspiration. Find your section and search for fresh ideas or try learning about something new! Historic District4. A Local Historic District. Your local historic district is the best place to take a long walk and find a quiet place to write or sketch in a journal. The beautiful buildings will inspire you. It's good to get out of your environment to reset your mind. 

5. A Picnic Alone. As much as I love picnics with my husband a creative picnic alone can be nice too. I bring a quilt, a journal and a pen. Something about the act of driving to a park and sitting there waiting for inspiration always invites it in. I never leave without new ideas! Coffee 1Coffee 16. A Coffee Shop. Anyone who has ever worked from home understands the value of a good coffee shop. Sometimes you just need to get out of the house, but you still want to work. Coffee shops are a nice change of pace. It's fun to get a treat and soak in a different environment for a bit. 

7. A Nursery or Flower Shop. I love shopping for plants. Having little breaks like this can spark creativity or allow time to decompress in the middle of a stressful day. I always feel inspired and happy after buying a new plant for my home or a bouquet of fresh flowers. It's a simple exercise that can act as the perfect "me time".Country Drive8. A Country Drive. When you really really need some time to think, consider a long drive in the country. You can listen to some music, sing really loud or find a spot to stop and journal. A country drive is a great way to take time for yourself and make space for creative thinking! 

9. Shopping. Once in a while I can get really inspired by shopping. It doesn't seem to matter where I shop… I just need to be in a busy place with lots of color, texture and sound. Sometimes I'll go shopping for fabric or supplies or even for clothing. A shopping break can be a good place to get inspired. 

10. A Bookstore. Once or twice a month I head over to our local Barnes and Noble and pick up a huge stack of magazines. Sometimes when I'm feeling blue I'll purchase a book on a new skill I want to learn. I always feel better when I'm done. Sometimes it's good to get inspired by someone else's hard work… magazines and books are a great way to do this!10 Places To Get Inspired Well, what are you waiting for? Plan a time to go out and gather inspiration! XO. elsie 

  • I’m completely with you on the library and book shops! I’m also lucky enough to live by the sea, so going to the beach is a great place to get inspired, especially when it’s quiet!

  • I love all these ideas! My favorite one is the farmer’s market 🙂 xx.
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  • Love this!! For me, being in nature is always really inspiring and I love historic places too. One of the most inspiring places for me is Cranbrook in Michigan – it’s a campus but also has multiple huge gardens of all varieties and also a mansion that you can go inside. It’s a truly magical place.

  • This is such a brilliant post! I completely agree, sometimes a change of environment is just what you need to get inspired!

  • Libraries and bookstores are definitely my happy places, as well as nice grocery stores. A guilty pleasure is to grab a beer at the bar in Whole Foods, and then just take my sweet time wandering around the store 🙂
    Bike rides are great to clear your head as well. If only it wasn’t 90% humidity in Austin right now.
    Great post!

  • I love this post.
    I’m lucky enough to live in a historic district in a small town in wine country. I used to bike to work, and thought that was faster, I have found that walking to work gave me more time to clear my head, look at the beautiful houses, and fill my mind back up with fresh new inspiring thoughts. It’s definitely something that I will miss about this place when I leave!

  • This is such a great post! I’m always trying to find inspiration for my blog. Sometimes writers block is a terrible thing. Yet again, your blog does not disappoint!

  • I love going to a bookstore to look at magazines and drink a coffee! It is definately one of my happy places!

  • Love this post! All are really great suggestions/reminders of places that inspire, thanks!

  • love this post! i find the library is my inspiration for traveling. i tend to park myself in the travel guide aisle and delve into all the lovely travel books.

  • Great inspiration ideas! I particularly love visiting local historic districts/ downtowns. They always feel like a throwback to a more slow-paced time, where one actually stopped to just ponder, take in and enjoy life.

  • I’m lucky to live near lots of antique shops and farmer’s markets and coffee shops! The problem is sometimes getting the motivation to go, and this just inspired me to do it! Thanks!


  • Love this post! One of my favourite places to look for inspiration is right here on your blog! You guys are so amazing!

    Pip x

  • Flea markets are definitely a fun place to get inspiration from. My mother took me once when I was younger and I just remember finding so many really wonderful vintage things. If only I had been older and had money to get some of them!

  • I’m surprised that you shop at Barnes & Noble rather than supporting your independent booksellers.

  • great suggestions…I love taking myself on an “artist’s date”–it can be anywhere, coffee shop, lunch, the zoo–but I go alone & with no ipod, iphone, or book (notebook is ok for jotting down inspiration). the point is to observe and just *be* in your surrounding without needing to busy yourself. I have come to love it 🙂


  • I love this! The flea market is a great place to go. I also really enjoy the farmers market too. Sometimes if I really want to hit up the farmers market & its say….Tuesday, whole foods is great too. Their produce is SO colorful! & its so calming in there (even with my 2 year old in tow:)

  • coffee shops & book stores are definitely at the top of my inspiring places list! the decor in coffee shops is always the most inspiring to me- rustic wooden beams, exposed light bulb chandeliers, succulents…love it!

  • From those 10 I get most inspired when I’m in a library/bookstore and on a picnic alone. Actually, being alone in some places just enables you to see more than if you were there with a companion. It’s good to go for a walk and just watch everything around you – world is a very inspirational place if you look closer, no matter where you are.

  • Wonderful post!! I needed this 🙂 time to get inspired and get to work!

  • These are all so great! I so badley wish our historical district was bigger. It’s literally an avenue lol.

    – Sarah

  • these are very good ideas. i’m wondering who the girl in the library photo is? emma with bangs? elsie with lighter hair? or someone else entirely?

  • Except the country drive (I lived in the country, and everyday was a country drive,ha!), we love to do your exact favorite’s. Especially the bookstore, where me and my sister’s and mom have gone for chill/creative time since the door’s have opened!Elsie, you and Emma have serious skill’s so these are lovely hint’s to share!:)))

  • perfect list! i’m going to try out some of your suggestions when i’m in need for new inspiration 🙂
    xo, cheyenne

  • This is one of my favorite posts that I’ve ever read on your blog. I absolutely love it and it makes me want to go to every one of these places *right now* and get to work!

  • My top place to get inspired: right here. Your blog is always such a dash of creative energy for me. Thanks so much for the awesome ideas! I will get cracking…

  • I usually get inspired by people more than specific places. So I talk to friends whose opinions I really respect. Or I watch a speech or a TedTalk by someone who achieved something great. It’s good to have someone to look up to, and try to reach their degree of excellence. I don’t know, it works for me. But inspiration, where ever it is found, is so important.


  • So I’ve been searching all over your site and I can’t find an area to subscribe to your blog. I made it a bookmark on my phone but I would prefer to subscribe so I don’t miss any posts. Hope you have something like that!

  • By far my favorite post of the month! I love learning where and how people get inspired. I love every spot you said, I also love sitting with my coffee at a local park, so much to inspired by. Great post.

  • Love this!! I completely agree. What I like to do is find different ways to go to school. It opens a different enviroment and is a good opportunity for inspiration from something different. I like to see different neighborhoods other than what I am use to and always find something new.

  • Such an uplifting post. Sometimes we lack moments of inspiration and it’s quite necessary to search for it! Perfect places to find it too 🙂

    Cathy Trails

  • This is my favorite post of this blog ever ♥ I could really relate to it. I would add one thing to my personal list: to visit my grandma, with loads of books, albums, attic, basement, Barbie dolls… my Granny is a collector of all kinds of things, and she has an amazing style (she was working in fashion design all her life). Revisiting familiar places can help a lot to learn to see things from different angles. Did I say adding 1 thing? I forgot an extra: to read this blog, of course 🙂

  • Great ideas! Thanks for sharing! I would just add to your list a bike ride. Since I’ve started biking I see my city in a different way, I take different paths and see lots of places I would not see by car or public transport. It makes me feel good and fill me with ideas 🙂

  • I agree!! Coffee shops are really inspiring! I’m a writer and I find coffee shops really inspiring to work. The one I go to is my little secret since I only like going there alone. It’s a very intimate space to me.

  • Speaking of inspiration… I just wanted to let both you and Emma know that you two are a very large part of what inspires me. I have a (slightly demeaning/boring) summer job, in which I am allowed to browse the internet, which means I end up reading endless blog posts. This blog is my absolute most favourite to read, and I am always looking forward to the next post. It makes my slow job so much more enjoyable. To be honest, I come home full of inspiration and ideas for my own life, and feeling super creative. (Not from my work, but from reading your blog.)
    I have become a big fan of food blogging from reading Emma’s posts. My hobby and passion is baking and I someday hope to open my own bakery or sweet shop of some sort. The more I read your posts, the more excited I get about baking, creating, achieving my dream job, and having a blog of my own. You guys seriously brighten my day!
    I wanted to let you know that you are the main reason that I have gone ahead and started my own blog. It is a blog for a local catering business that my friend and I are starting up. I have taken many tips of yours and found them to be extremely helpful.
    I am hopeful that I can reach my goals of what I want my life to be like when I am your age/what my dream job would be… and your real-life stories have encouraged me to see that it is totally possible! I cannot thank you enough for the daily boost of inspiration and creativity that you give to me and all the other readers.
    You guys are amazing role models.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this lengthy comment, it means a lot! I was not sure where else to put it haha.
    Keep up the fantastic work! I hope one day I can travel from my home in Canada to the States and see the Red Velvet Shop in person!
    Thank you again,
    Larissa (Lari) 🙂

  • yes! I always love a good ol’ coffee shop or bakery. Currently Panera is my go to place (cuz of the free wi-fi). Once in awhile I will go to the park with my dog and people watch. Another one for me is Disneyland. I have a Seasons Pass and just sitting there with my Minnie Ears and people watching gives me some great ideas!

  • Lucky for me I actually LIVE in my city’s historical district. I love it! Walking home is the best…

  • I have always liked your blog, but lately I am seriously LOVING it. Since the recent transition to the new format and the addition of ‘everyday elsie’ the blog feels much more like it did when I first started loving it. I love a good DIY, but your voice is what grabbed me and it’s so good to be having more of it lately. 🙂

    PS love this post so much.

  • I can definitely relate to the bookstore idea! I’m addicted to magazines! I have stacks and stacks of them all over my house!

  • These are such great tips! I’ve been in a bit of an inspirational rut lately and this was just what I needed to read!

    Xoxo Sarah

  • Thanks for sharing all theese great ideas! Will keep them in mind next time I need some inspiration! Super nice blog!

  • Thanks for this post. Today was one of those days where I was uninspired and lacking in motivation, but reading this helped out. I think I am going to go hang out at a cool little coffee shop today. Thanks, Elsie 🙂

  • Elsie! Oh my gosh I needed this today. I’ve been feeling so burnt out at my job and need some inspiration. Thanks for the beautiful post!

  • A bookshop can undoubtedly become source of inspiration. Along with a nice cup of coffee one can get tons of ideas on their mind.

  • I absolutely love the picnic idea! Perhaps I’ll give it a try! Thanks for posting 🙂

  • Most of your places of inspiration are great places for me too. It’s nice to refuel at places like that.


  • Great list! I miss taking long drives to think and get my brain creating! One of the few downsides of moving to NYC. I suppose LA will have to be my next move to get in (a lot) more driving 🙂

  • the library is definitely so inspiring – just the smell of the old books, and the sound of the binding crack when you open them up is enough to get the creative energy levels up! Here in LA we get the benefit of some pretty awesomely architectural libraries too, great for the senses!

    now if only libraries would sell coffee too! 😉


  • This is a fantastic idea. Love new ways to inspire people and this is very unique and the pictures are an amazing accent. Love this post and I plan on going to all of these places and trying it out 😉

  • I really like all of these, particularly the country drive these are also really good ways to relax your mind from everyday stress!


  • Great ideas, Elsie! So thanks for sharing them – I’ve been trying to think of what I should do next to inspire me 🙂

  • I agree completely with the Flea Market for inspiration. You’re lucky though, Springfield has some of the best Flea Markets (and so many of them) that I’ve ever seen. Its my second favorite part of visiting my soon to be in-laws. The Springfield Trading Districts are my favorites!

  • Great post! I love going up to my garden and whispering sweet nothings to my plants – I always end up with loads of sweet ideas when I’m concentrating on nurturing something 🙂
    Katie. xxx

  • I am printing this out and sticking it on the fridge tomorrow! By the way, mentioned you on my blog today.

  • I’m not a regular reader on your blog, but I’m glad I popped by today. I’m having such a blah afternoon that I’m going to do just this…. get out of the house! Just made myself a cup of coffee, so I’ll probably swing by a flea market / antique mall, and then maybe try to find inspiration in the line at the post office 🙂 Have a beautiful day!

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