10 Quirky Jewelry Storage Ideas

10 Quirky Jewelry Storage Ideas via www.abeautifulmess.comThere’s a thing I call “decorating on auto mode”, and for me, what that means is that I see a space in my home that needs a solution, and I go out and buy the most convenient or cheapest thing I see to fill that space. And that’s not always a bad thing. Easy can be good. Cheap can be awesome. BUT if you fill your whole home with stuff you like just OK, it’s pretty impossible to love your space. And that’s not cool. 

With that said, today I’m excited to share ten random ideas for jewelry storage. Some of these items you might already have in your home. And like the ceramic giraffe in my space (above), these pieces can be even more interesting and fun than traditional jewelry storage. 

You don’t have to spend a lot to fill your home with interesting pieces that fit your personality! Let’s pinky swear to no more auto mode shopping. OK—let’s go! 

10 Quirky Jewelry Storage Ideas1. Unique dishes! Like this Jonathan Adler horse tray. Search kitchen dishes, and you might be surprised by how many fun kitchen dishes you can repurpose for jewelry!

2. Glove forms! These make awesome displays for rings, necklaces and bracelets. I like to buy them on Etsy and Fishs Eddy.

3. Brass Pineapples. These come in a pretty big variety of sizes and many of them open up for secret storage. You can find the best deals on eBay. Just search “brass pineapple.”

4. Marbled dishes. This inexpensive little beauty is from H&M. Did you know they have a lot of really great, inexpensive housewares online? Yep! 

5. Dinosaurs and giraffes. Ceramic, plastic…whatever. Perfect bracelet holders! The one in my opening photo came from TJ Maxx. 

6. Ceramic egg crates! This one is from Anthropologie (similar here). These are perfect for holding earrings and rings! 

7. Hooks. I love these especially. You can find cute hooks at every home decor store. They’re perfect for hanging necklaces on your wall. 

8. Mermaids! I love this Jonathan Adler piece. Perfect for draping necklaces or bracelets on.

9. Wall planters (similar here). The rhino and elephant are perfect for hanging a few favorite necklaces!

10. Brass elephants. Just do a quick eBay search and you’ll find a ton for awesome prices. They’re so pretty! Keep one by your bedside or makeup mirror!

10 Quirky Jewelry Storage Ideas I hope you feel encouraged to reimagine the little spaces in your home, not just the big ones! xx. Elsie 

Credits// Author: Elsie Larson, Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess Actions

  • These are some great tips! I never thought about using little figurines like the ones you posted. Are those hard to find? I’d love to get some of those for my wife for her birthday—I think she’d love them! Thanks for sharing these tips with us! http://www.kandlstorage.com/

  • I have a white ceramic egg crate in my kitchen and I stick my rings there when I take them off when cooking. I got it mostly just for decoration but it turned out to be practical too!

  • I love all of these fun pieces for jewelry storage!


  • I just bought a plastic-dinosaur and painted it white on tuesday 😀 It’s now my Ringosaurus

  • Firstly, giraffes are my spirit animal. Secondly, I totally autoshop like that.

    You’ve inspired me to think of other ways to make my home feel like me.

  • such amazing ideas
    I love the giraffe and the pineapple 🙂
    thx for the inspiration I am always looking for some fun ideas to storage my jewelry

  • These are all super cute ideas! I really need to get some hooks for my necklaces, because I have gone statement necklace crazy lately. 😉


  • I have a pineapple like that! It’s so fun finding ways to store/display jewelry. You guys always have fantastic ideas!

  • I love it
    Dont forget visit my blog

  • #2 is awesome, but a little more predictable. I’m obsessed with #6 and #9! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • Love this idea for bracelets!!!
    I have mines in a box, but this is much better!!!


  • When we discovered H&M had a home section we nearly died of extreme excitement! These ideas are so cute!

  • I love the idea of displaying jewellery in a fun way, but I find my jewellery tarnishes quicker when exposed and not kept in a box. Especially the cheaper stuff that can’t be cleaned with jewellery cleaner – do you find this happens?


  • so many cool ideas!! i love the egg carton lol

    xx nikki

  • I use a white porcelain hand for my rings and it looks so pretty on a marble countertop! These are all so cute! I especially love the elephant.


  • Fun! This would be a great intro to a couple of jewelry holder DIYS.

  • What cute ideas (I’m on the Giraffe loving bandwagon too) and reminder to think outside the box!


  • Love these funky storage ideas! I need to update my own jewellery storage and make it look more interesting. Thanks for the ideas.

  • Great storage solutions for your jewelry! I personally like to store my rings on a tiny plate, my bracelets on a bottle or in a little basket and my necklaces either in boxes, or on a bigger plate.


  • snply lovely.. but most of the stuff listed is just hard to come by where am at.. ?

  • The pineapple is cute but I love that elephant!


  • Duh… Off to move my brass elephant to my dresser and put my bracelets on it. Why didn’t I think of that?!?
    Love this!!!!

  • I’m so doing this. The elephant is ADORABLE! I love finding cute ways to use unconventional items like these. TJmax is literally my guilty pleasure so I will be hunting to find some creative pieces like this and DIY it myself! (:

  • The elephant is ADORABLE! I’m all about finding unconventional items and using them like this. It’s so simple, but adds an extra touch to the room that wouldn’t be there otherwise (:

  • I love these ideas!! Sometimes I get overwhelmed by how much jewelry I have to organize and I’m always trying to think of one big solution. I love having these quirky little pieces that almost create a scene of jewelry. Adorable!



  • Very helpful post. In a way you are decorating your space and organizing it at the same time.

  • Now that my blog is a little more established, I would love it if you could have a look!


    Thanks xx

  • Those look super cute!
    But (there’s a but, yeah, sorry) they’re not the most practical when you live in a small studio with less-than-minimal shelving. I need to be able to stack stuff and move it easily (as in I move out every 2-3 years). So I’ve been thinking of investing in acrylic storage (like the well-known muji drawers, and THIS thing, perfect for necklaces and earrings and to keep them from dust http://www.muji.us/store/storage/acrylic-cases/acrylic-earring-stand.html) for a couple years now, but I never end up buying them. I don’t know, they feel way too impersonal…
    If you super-skilled girls (and guys) would use your crafting genius once more and come up with a dust-free, stackable, big-city-small-flat-renter friendly jewelry storage DIY, you would be THE BEST. or the BESTESTEST, since you’re already the best 😉
    Love, Lisa!

  • These are so cute! I like the elephant one 🙂 Great post.

    Becca xx


  • These ideas are so adorable! I have a little brass elephant that I am totally going to go arrange some jewelry on right now, great post : )

    Kristin | http://oldschoolswank.blogspot.com/

  • What a fun collection of storage ideas! The giraffe is adorable! Now I am going to search around my house for sculptures I can use =)

    Juju Sprinkles

  • I love those, especially the dinosaur! I have a small eiffel tower at home that a friend brought me as a souvenir, and it works really well for stacking rings on it! 🙂

  • You didn’t say where I can get the giraffe! I NEED THAT!! Not because I like it, because I LOVE it. Where o where !?

  • The pineapple and elephant are so cute!

    Sarah | sarahanne14.blogspot.com

  • Oh, the one with the dinosaur is so fun! And I loved the number 6 with the eggs. Such cute ideas! Have a nice day,

    The Flash Window | Bloglovin

  • The pineapple is so cute!

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