10 rugs I love (for under $500)

10 rugs I love for under $500This past year I’ve felt like I am always shopping. And to clarify, it’s definitely shopping for things like rugs and light fixtures. Don’t ask me what shoes or purses are cool right now because I honestly have no idea!

Anyway! I thought it would be fun for me and hopefully helpful for you to share some of the cool things I’ve found.

Rugs are a beast to shop for. Generally speaking, the bigger they are, the better they look in rooms. And they can get expensive, especially when you first move and you have more than one to shop for! I always try to get the best deals I can because rugs are not one of those things that lasts forever (except maybe cowhide). So I try to keep the prices reasonable. Although I will say I’m a huge fan of save & splurge, so if you have three rooms to buy rugs for, maybe get two really affordable ones and one that’s more of a special statement??

Here are ten rugs that you can snag for under $500 (and some are MUCH less). Remember to always sign up for newsletters and wait for sales if you’re shopping for things like rugs, furniture, and curtains… you can save thousands!

1. I love this rug. It’s such a statement. Sarah had it in her old nursery, and it’s just so pretty. Great way to add a lot of color and pattern to a space.

2. I love how soft and pretty this one is. The texture in real life is really nice. (Don’t forget – West Elm has a lot of sales!)

3. These large sheepskins are great. They can be washed and cleaned a lot better than a synthetic rug. So if you’re willing to do the maintenance, they can last a long time.

4. I have this rug in my office. I really love the rainbow colors and design. It’s very furry and plush too.

5. We have this one in our breakfast nook. It comes in a lot of sizes and the color is amazing in person.

6. These rugs have become so trendy, but I’m still loving them! The best thing about them is they look good in almost any space. I’ve heard a lot of people say that theirs sheds a lot, but I’ve had mine out since October, and it hasn’t been a problem at all.

7. Jeremy has this design in his studio. It’s really cute, but not too “girly” (as many of you say my taste can be). I love it! ps – it’s on sale now!

8. I think this is a really fun option for a statement rug. It’s a lot of look, but so beautiful!

9. This one is as well! I really like the bits of pattern.

10. We’ve bought a lot of rugs from Urban Outfitters over the years. It’s one of the most affordable places to find large, trendy rugs. This one is really pretty.

Is there anything else I can help you shop for?? I have a private Pin board that is SO FULL of cute stuff… let me know if there is anything you’ve had trouble sourcing?! xx- Elsie

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