10 things i fa-la-la-la-love Sunday!

Photo 373

hi there… ready. set. goooo…….. 

1. Emily’s comic art!!

She e-mailed me these this week (she said she was inspired by my comic paintings).

Emily's Comic Art

she’s my favorite little Australian pen pal. 🙂

2. a clean & newly re-decorated home.


my kitchen. prints (above: ashley g.pretty little thieves  michelle maule. below: elloh )



(adorable chalkboard/keyrack by rachel)

IMG_8074b emma made this collage. i keep my apron collection here too.


things on my fridge this week… little love note, drawing and another elloh print.

and a few photos from the studio…


this desktop has become sort of a big to-do list with the chalkboard paint! i like it.

IMG_8043sm IMG_8044sm IMG_8042sm 3. hamburger cupcakes!

i want to make these for the 4th of July…

Burger 4. kate towers.

her dresses are so very magical.

5. Pepper Rabbit

i first heard this band because Jeremy was writing some string parts for them.their song (“In The Spirit of Beauregard”) is probably my very favorite song this week. beautiful.

6. a lovelyyy family from Colorado visited RVA today. they were super kind & brought me this plush fawn. i think i’m gonna collect plush woodland animals so i can make a toy box for baby Penelope.

Photo 365

7. Iced coffee with one pump white mocha! 😀

It’s perfectttt & i’m pretty sure one of you lovely-lovelies told me about it. so thank you. very much.

8. this sparkly room

9. love this.

Il_430xN.71665673 10. ending a 10 day cleanse today… i’ll blog about that experience soon. it’s been wonderful.

HAPPY Sunday! XO. elsie

  • Gorgeous decorating! I was just wondering if you find the chalk smudges as you move things around on the desk. I am about to move into a new home and have been thinking I would like chalkboard paint somewhere and love that idea but just wondered how it works practically? Thanks so much

  • Chloe,
    I don’t use this desk to actually work at, so it works well for me. I think this ideas is best used for a coffee table or table like a side table… not as much for a primary working space. 🙂
    XO. els

  • Love the new desk top & those hamburger cupcakes look deelish! Thanks for your weekly inspirations. It’s so fun to see what motivates you as an artist.

  • #7 may have been me 🙂 I’m glad you love it.

    though I was originally told of it by one of my co-baristas when I started working at Starbucks 2 years ago… so I dont get FULL credit, haha.

    One sip and I was convinced that it’s the perfect summer coffee!

    I can’t get enough of em myself 🙂

  • wondering if you write on your chalboarddesk with regular stick chalk or with liquid chalk pens. looks like the latter (and they’re far less messy/better for allergies too, i’m told).

  • this is an attempt…i hope ms. elsie see’s this..i wish i wish i wish that she can visit my blog..it would mean the world to me if she can say a quick hello from to this other side of the globe..ur an inspiration ma’am..thank u soooooooooo much…

  • Love those prints – nad what at great idea with the chalkboard paint on the desk!

    (hope it´s ok that I put a link to your blog from mine?)

  • love the creative energy you are having lately – positive attitude, creativeness, it’s great! congrats!

    QUESTION – your chalkboard and white chalk look so bold, how do you get that look? my painted chalkboard is faded-looking and the chalk is dusty looking


  • *good for you*, you are in such a great place in your life & so full of creativity & whimsy! i’m happy 4-u!

    ~misschell (chinamommy)


  • totally love your sunday lists.. yay (i usually read them on monday lol). Love what you did with your desktop, looks amazing.. such a good idea 😀

    I have a chalkboard in my kitchen. I painted the wall and put a baroque frame (from a mirror) around it.
    Love chalkboards (happy to be a teacher.. i still have a chalkboard in my classroom.. yay).

    Thanks for sharing 😀

  • Elsie…Miss. Elsie…you have many fans..and I am one of them…each post you make opens my eyes wider than browsing a magazine from one of those convienient store shelves.

    The Deer head could be my fave…looking forward to hearing all about the cleanse(I say after having gobbled a little cup full of my girls sweets:-)

  • I love you, Elsie. You are brilliant and always have the best inspiration. I know I never comment, but I always read (; XO!

  • i’m wondering about the chalkboard paint- Do you need to prime the object you’re painting, or just go at it? I’d love to hear from you!

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