10 things i L O V E Sunday…. :]

1. rachel’s Audrey chair…. i want one so badly.

2. this adorable little bunny…
3. amazing free pattern from Sublime Stitching! i can’t wait to stitch this one…
Picture 6
Emma should stitch it too, huh?
(and everybunny else in the world who loves little pugs!)
4. pomegranate tea…
Picture 8
i’m feeling a little under the weather today, so this tea is perfect.




6. adorable wallet by Quiet Doing.
7. photos of Sufjan Stevens.
8. i really like this prom poster.

Picture 9



10. Betsey Johnson’s monkey jewelry. 🙂
k… i still have lots to do for my update & i’m sick :(. i might have to delay my update by one day if i’m not feeling better by this eveing… i’ll let you know for sure tomorrow.


THANK YOU so much for all of the comments in yesterday’s post. i’ve been making a list of all thing things i wanna check out, listening to some of the bands ect…. thank you so much! so sweet of you.
if you need a little inspiration, check out the links too!
XOXO. elsie

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