10 things i L O V E Sunday!

sigh…. it’s been a good week. inspiration and kindness all around!

Photo 593

ready for new eye candy?
here are 10 things that give my heart a little flutter this week…
2. i’m jealous of LA’s vintage button collections….
& her shop is lookin’ lovelyyy… love this little guy.

Picture 2

3. an amelie portrait made with perler beads!!!
she’s beautiful…. this inspires me so much.
Picture 3
and one more perler bead project….
Picture 4
4. and this is really adorable… a plushie record player!
5. these photos of rachel are some of my favorite in quite some time….
so pretty.
i like maternity photos that are smart & cute like this.
6. i spent some time last week shopping for the perfect vintage bag & train case on etsy. here are a few that i didn’t end up purchasing, but still love!
Picture 6
i wanted one of these for traveling with art supplies. the one i ended up with is mustard yellow.
6. the uniform project.
she’s wearing the same dress everyday for a year & she’s making it cute!! it’s for a good cause too, you can read more and see more pics here.
7. omg… i found these adorable Simpsons stamps at my post office last week. lovelove…
9. and these albums were my favorites of the week…
10. the puuurfect shade of blue:
Picture 2
(photo by rach.)
wishing you the most wonderful week… full of inspiration, love and small joys!
Photo 592b
Photo 597
Photo 591
(just a silly photo… no confronting e-mails about giving my dog coffee pleaaase. 😀 ha! i know it’s crazy that i have to say that, right?)
Photo 592
few more cute things… we have a cute little ad in the current issue of UPPERCASE magazine… LA sent me these photos. I can’t wait to see the issue in real life…. head it was beautiful!
and a few cute photos from the shop this weekend!
our finished checkout counter…
i wanna add some little displays to the front next. <3
happy Sunday!
off to spend some time with my family.
  • Love the teal train case. I have several for my art supplies and it makes it so easy to divide up the type of supply. Grab and go art is awesome!

  • I love the wood look for the counter top too. I think I want to do that somewhere in my house now, I just have to figure out where…

  • i really love the idea of the uniform project. it reminds of of a similar project andrea zittel did starting back in 1991, the A-Z 6 month uniform project. i had a chance to see some of the dresses when the exhibit came to the vancouver art gallery and it was very lovely. i think this is my favourite interview with her:


  • oh my god, this looks all so so cute <3

    i can't stop saying it: you're an everyday inspiration for me.

    i want to deeply thank your parents that you exist! 🙂

  • So funny about the train case! I totally use a maroon one for my tools, sewing kit, and coffee mug when we work in the theatre! (I teach musical theatre, so must always have on hand a sewing kit, gaff tape, tie line, crescent wrench, various screwdrivers, scissors, snacks, lipstick, and coffee!) It’s very handy for carrying it all and so much more stylish than a box.

  • Ha, I was just going to link the mosaic table too. You should paint a Simpson’s character on your little mustard-colored case!

  • My Mom might still have her old train set suitcases. I love them!

    I need to make by your shop and see all the great cuteness you have!

    I also love the pug pictures!

  • I used to lovelovelove playing with those perler beads when I was little!! I had cases of them, and they still always ended up EVERYwhere. and I always had to ask my mom to iron them for me =) haha

  • LOVE amelie, too, it was my very first dvd!

    If you love audrey tautou, did you know she is doing a new movie…she is playing….COCO CHANEL!!!!! Can’t WAIT to see it.

    My mom has that EXACT bag (teal w/ yarn in it)
    They really do come back, don’t they, lol!!
    Love you list, as always!
    Sarah M

  • the cashwrap is lovely.

    i’ve been shopping all week for a vintage leather mailbag and just can’t find one at a reasonable price 🙁

  • The woodgrain paint job is amazing!! Looks like the real thing…
    Love your dog! (Mine is a chihuahua).

  • A site I stumbled across, that you might like/find some inspiration from:


    I love your pup!!! You are the perfect family!

    Love the wooden pattern for your counter!

    Love hammocks and that you are making an obsession with bows in hair grow inside me like a precious child!

    Apple and cinnamon pancakes, a thousand songs and a Sunday full of hot chocolate and paintings to you! K xo

  • Hi there!
    Gosh, I have to say that I’m so flattered that you posted my pop-art Amelie perler bead!
    (I love it too!)
    And I love your site, I visit it all the time. You have so many fantastic ideas!


    Btw, there's not much, but some other crafts are at my blog; pysselninja.blogspot.com
    Pysselninja = swedish for crafty ninja 😉
    And there's always a little translation at the bottom of every post. Check it out, if you want (:

    Take care & stay crafty (;

  • Just a little note to say, your blog & pics my me smile every time i stop by – lovin your work & your shop – the counter looks great! I want you to fly to England with your team & customize my house! Hooray for a beautiful blog xx lovin the pup on coffee! : )

  • that counter looks so cute, i want to paint that pattern on my walls or something.

    and your puppy is sooo precious :]

  • elsie…you are inspirational narcodics! I love your creativity and i LOOOOVE your new checkout counter! how dang cute is that???



  • Your puppy is ADORABLE! And the new shop counter looks fantastic!

    Your site inspires me and makes me want to make time for more creativity — I get distracted with school and realized the other day that I hadn’t made anything in months! Thank you!

  • Loved the post and found a lot of inspiration in it to start me week. And since I give coffee to my dog, no comments from me 😉

  • omg i’m in lust with that tree shelf in the store! is that handmade or was it purchased somewhere? i want one!!!!!

  • OMG, i randomly found ur perler arts (esp. the amelie portrait) are amazingly fantastic. i didnt have time to go thru everything on ur blog at the moment, but i feel so excited to see so many great things posted here n i will b back to check every post here!!

    a perler lover from Taiwan

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