10 things i Loooove Sunday…

hihi hiiii… it’s ’10-things-i-love-Sunday’ & i’m bringing you lots of Etsy finds today bc. i LOVE and really believe in supporting handmade, vintage & DIY businesses! also some music that makes me the happiest girl. i haven’t found very many new bands lately… these are some of my older favorites with new-ish albums. if you have any band links, please share.

1. red & blue.

2. new coconut records.


(if you don’t love him, you’re lying! he’s sooo cute.)

3. i looove fingerless mittens and i want these  polar bear mittens SO badly….


4. this homecoming queen sculpture is pretty rad too, huh?


5. these sailor shorts are amazing!


6. my favorite band this week was Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s,

and specifically this very lovely album…


i was very obsessed with it for two weeks in December and now it’s back again… playing over and over again. so pretty.




pretty little cupcake liners from FF.


8. and i still loooove the Paul Frank bag.



9. also loooving Michael Perry. oh-so-much. 6

10. going to my parent’s house tonight for Pancakes!!!!! 😀

have a great sunday. I’ll be sure to post a little something tomorrow before we leave for Italy!

XOXO. elsie

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