10 Things I LOVE: 70s Inspired Edition




1. I’m positively smitten with Jill’s Dream Catcher DIY. It’s so pretty! I’m pretty sure we need a yellow and gold one in the Red Velvet studio.


2. So inspired by this lamp. Something like this would be magical in my bedroom…


3. yowza! somebunny with teeny tiny feet needs to buy these. wish they were my size! they’re lovely!


4. My mom’s wedding dress (above). It’s a simple maxi dress and I love wearing it. I snuck it out of her closet many times before she officially gave it to me. 🙂


5. patchwork is good.


6. Wedding photos from the 1970s are kinda amazing. Do you think we should do some photos like this for our wedding portraits? (source)


7. 1970s sunglasses. I love big sunglasses. These are from Etsy.♥

8. Twiggy



9. The Brady Bunch.


10. and a little Lux Lisbon never hurt anyone.

Hope your Monday was wonderful! I have to admit, I’m a little bit anxious to share all the wedding stuff. I’m trying to wait till after the big day, through, so that I’ll have more photos to share. I’m sooooo excited! XO! elsie

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