10 things I Love Sunday!




1. these super pretty pins made from reused plastic bottles by karen barbe.

Picture 2


Picture 3


Picture 4


Picture 1


Picture 5

2. gorgeous photos by Minkatt, an adorable swedish girl. i love the colors and tones in her photography.


3. this too-cute-for words mini thermos necklace by kittyrobot.


4. this photo makes me way too happy. just adorable.

Mid century glassware

5. gorgeous vintage glassware (photo from viviana’s pretty collection).


6. i am still very very very obsessed with this bag. it’s so so so pretty. i think it’s the prettiest bag i’ve ever seen.




7. i’m enjoying the new she & him album very much. i already love it more than the first one. what do you think? doesn’t hurt that the album cover is completely adorable.


8. i think this paper sewing machine deserves a ‘HOLY CUTE!’. i love it so so much. made by fantastic toys and found via miss kayla’s blog.








9. lovely artwork by charmaine olivia.

Picture 1

10. crocheted bench covers. looks like fun. [source]


Thanks for reading. I hope your week is off to a lovely start! I am working with my wonderful dad on a D.I.Y. project tomorrow that i’ll be sharing soon (assuming that the project turns out perfectly as planned, of course!). i can’t wait… it’s one i’ve been waiting to do for months and months and months. (above photo by allister ann) Happy Sunday. XO, elsie

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