10 things i Love Sunday.

hello hello… it’s that time, again…

Elsie-10-things-Sunday1. this gorgeous garland rachel made me for my birthday. so sweet. i love it too much.

Garland-rachel 2. pink hair. i always wanted this hair in the 90s. still do a little bit.

Prettiest-pink-hair3. and speaking of the 90s. this video is amazing. Jeremy and I watched it together a lot this week. the art and style was so ahead of it’s time. i heard that it was made only with photos. inspiring….

4. my tiny (but flawless, in my own opinion) record collection…. adding one at a time and loving the process of choosing each one.


5. these adorable skunkboy ornaments. so special…

Picture 5Picture 6

6. i LOVE mary-beth for taking these amazing photos of Jeremy at one of his shows. thank youuuuu. these are beautiful memories!

Picture 2Picture 3Picture 17. things made of hand cut letters and spray paint (found here)

Spray-paint8. is this the cutest proposal you’ve ever seen? i looove the movie ‘Up’ and cupcakes. good job to the dude who came up with this idea…. i’m sure she said yes!

Up-cupcakes-will-you-marry-me?9. gorgeous stitching.

Embroidery 10. this etsy shop is the cutest one i’ve seen in a little while. great stuff!

Fox-purse LOVE LOVE you! happy Sunday! elsie

  • Awesome cello shot.

    (Not to be confused with a Jell-O shot.)

    Rachel made a lovely garland for you! And I’m totally digging the spray-painted letters. And the sweet cupcake proposal. I had a rather salty proposal (my husband hid my ring in a jar of unpopped popcorn kernels!).

  • Really cute post! I loved the cupcake proposal pic! Up is an adorable movie and even more cute in cupcake form!! That fox clutch is wicked cool!! I want it now!!

  • I had no idea Jeremy played so many instruments and manages to sing at the same time! I know I couldn’t do that many things at one time and keep to the tempo-such talent!

  • That Smashing Pumpkins song has given me a serious nostalgia moment. I once had a vhs of the making of. Well worth watching if you can find it online!
    Also you’ve reminded me that I really must watch Up.

  • Oh, Smashing Pumpkins. Melancholy was the first album I ever bought on tape with my own $, and I loved it like a child. 🙂 That album had a resurgence in my house this summer… well, the melodic songs. The rest were saved for another time… 😀

    P.S. Record collecting is my favorite and my best. xo

  • i am writing a very detailed and very long art history paper and in need of a break. then i remembered that you post lovely things to look at every sunday. thanks for a wonderful break.

  • Wow Elsie, I LOVE the fact that the SP video you posted is from Much Music…flashback to my teen years in Toronto. Best time for music was Canada in the 90’s. I especially find it nostalgic when at the end of the clip they sometimes say it was a FAX request…sigh.

  • How do violins work and what does the bow do, I pretty much know how a guitar works and guitars are similar to violins, but I don’t quite understand why the bow is needed. Does it do the part of the fingers that strum a guitar.

  • What pitch is the violin chromatic tuner supposed to be on when I tune my violin?
    I’m trying to tune my violin and I don’t know what pitch, I’m supposed to set my chromatic tuner on….. 440, 435, 460. Please advise.

  • Geeky older brothers into metal can go one of two ways. Some turn into passive aggressive loners who hate their mums. Others school their siblings about Sepultura, form rock bands and upload their bedroom shows on to YouTube. Emilio from Argentina is one of the latter. We spoke to him and his little bro Martin (the one with the Pikachu on his mic stand) about their band The Steel Gauchos…

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