.10 things i love Sunday.

hey you. here are 10 brand new things that i love this week (this is a really good one, if you ask me) 😀

1. black finger nail polish.

Black-polish  Elsie Photo 738

2. beautiful handmade work found here.

Beautiful-necklacePom-poms3. a dress  that i want so so so much.

Iloveyou-dress 4. Gemma’s m-dorable pug print.

Pugs-not-drugs and one more super duper cute etsy print.

5. green apples. i eat one or two every single day with cinnamon. so goods.

Green-apples-pile-thumb6. the new flaming lips albums. i love it. yayyyyyyy.

The-flaming-lips-embryoinc(jeremy did a whole post about it here)

7. a totally great tutorial. in lovelovelove.

100lc_ribbon11 100lc_ribbon31 8. This new and very verrrrrrrrrry cute Sleeping At Last music video.

Green Screens by Sleeping At Last from Javan Ivey on Vimeo.

9. the cutest little fox necklace.

Woodv110. and a little bit of Autumn red…



Apples yumyumyum.

we had a super fun baby shower tonight. i’ll try & share lots of pics tomorrow. rachel is the most beautiful pregnant lady. i hope i can follow in her footsteps someday…. 🙂  i <3 you. elsie

Photo 771

  • this IS a great list!
    i have been thinking about what i would wear if the boy and i ever get married, and the dress in #3 is exactly what i have been picturing! beeeeeeeutiful!

  • spinthread’s necklace is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! i’ve been loving triangle geometric shapes lately. & the colors and textures are super awesome.

    & thanks for sharing sleeping at last video. it was amazingly cute.

    this was a reallllly good one!
    inspiring as always elsie! thanks!

  • How fabulous are those taped leaves?!

    And yes, green apples with cinnamon are my foods of choice for when I get stranded on an island someday.

    Or maybe egg yolks, butter, and avocados…I’d take those too.

  • These posts never fail to make me happy. In fact, your blog is so full of color and joy, it always puts me in a good mood! Thank you!

  • OMG!!! That dress it’s soooo cute!!! I’m loving it!!! It would make a beautiful wedding dress! Can’t wait for the shower pics!

  • I just loving reading your Sunday posts. Very inspirational! Oh, and black nail polish are great!!!

  • that dress is really darling <3
    and i'm really looking forward seeing pictures of the baby shower.... 🙂 if i would live anywhere near the rva store, i think, i would be there every single day 😀

  • black nail polish is so much fun, especially during Halloween! Love, love, love that dress, hope you get it!

  • Elsie–black nail polish is one of my faves. I have been wanting a deep purple.

    Love the pics of the red finds–the candy apples make me hungry–but they hurt my teeth( to0 sticky).

    cute vintage camera the girl is holding too!
    as always you inspire me

  • oh!! My boyfriend gave me that little fox necklace a couple of months ago. I love it.

  • beautiful list, beautiful blog.

    this insired me really much. so i’m gonna stop biting on my nails, buy some black nailpolish (otherwise i always borrow from my best friend) and fishnet stockings! wohoo

  • hi! my name is carla juliana. i’m a brazilian girl and i love your blog. actually, i love your life style.

    your life seems like a dream. it’s so different here where i am. i read your blog everyday and this make me feel really good…


    bye bye!

  • The loft is beautifully done and is almost the best nook of the house.Great furniture pieces to add to the romance there.

  • i love your blog. actually, i love your life style.
    your life seems like a dream. it’s so different here where i am. i read your blog everyday and this make me feel really good

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