10 things i Love Sunday!

happy sunday!

numero uno:
brownie cameras! so cute (photo from Lune Vintage!)


Picture 2
these gorgeous chairs.


3. vanilla double shot.
best (gas station purchasable/available 24/7) coffee of all time, in my opinion.
Photo 674


4. kitschy fast food attire…
this Audrey Kitching photo is pretty cute. andddd….
these amazing baby fast food overalls. handmade by RaeGun.


5. crewel embroidery.
i’ve found a couple amazing kits from the 70s lately and i’ve been working on a special one for the shop. so much fun.


6. this olive peter pan blouse….
so adorable!


7. blue vintage cameras…
Picture 6
Picture 9
Picture 8
lovely, aren’t they?


8. the song “Movies” by JJWM.
in l o v e.


what a cute blog!


10. and this girls cuuute style…


hope your Sunday is lovely. XXOO. els


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