10 things i love SUNDAY.

1. these amazing hair pieces…



2. something pretty i am so excited about…


4. favorite videos of the week…

and this one is nothing but pure magic.




6. orange soda freeze pops
(still left over from Aubrey & James’ visit…)
Photo 353
yea… i like it.


cute girls (like Miss. Haley) who love RVA !


9. the ET movie


10. beautiful & brilliant people
Holiday weekend, eh? My plans are pretty laid back. I haven’t had very many days off this year, so all I want to do it reorganize my studio & take a walk with Jeremy. i like summertime.
What are your plans?
XO. elsss


PS. I have a big first batch (thank you!) of custom paintings shipping out on tuesday… I’ll share peeks soon. they’ve be really fun to create.

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