10 Things I Love Sunday

First Sunday of the new year! It was so fun to have a holiday season where Lola was old enough to be totally into the Christmas morning unwrapping activities (and my sister’s family that we spent the holiday with were kind enough to let her help unwrap all their presents, too!) and now we are past the glow of the holidays and settling into the dreariness that is “regular” winter. No more magical “holiday” winter … just the cold and dark part now until spring hits. One big bright spot this past week was our NYE party at Elsie’s house with Nova and Lola joining us for most of the dinner—what a special night!

1. I love the art of Inès Longevial (especially this print) and it would be so fun to try and do a self-portrait someday in her style. I remember in one of my painting classes (I was an art major in college) we had to do 10 self-portraits within a certain period of time and it was amazing how different they all looked just by trying a new style or color palette on each one.

2. I literally check this page a few times a week now to see if I can snag any awesome coats while they slide into winter clearance—definitely the best time of the year for coat shopping!

3. This ’70s inspired rug!

4. I’m going to have to start shopping for a dress for my ’60s cocktail party this year! I usually hold it in the winter so it gives me a fun event to look forward to, and sometimes it can take a while to find the right dress, so I better be on the lookout from now on. I think I’ve somehow found something actually vintage every year so far, but we’ll see what happens this year!

5. I haven’t had this yummy appetizer in a while but we made it at Christmas with some non-dairy goat cheese I made and it was sooo delish! It’s also pretty simple to make which is a big plus when you are making a lot of items at once.

6. How fun are these earrings?

7. The main activity in our house now centers around trying to figure out what Lola is trying to tell us these days—some of her words like “pop” can have up to five different meanings so you have to use context clues or have her point to things to try and figure out which one she means! She also figured out a rough word for “cookie,” and let me tell you, I hear that one a lot now after the Christmas season!

8. We installed this amazing chandelier recently in our dining room and it totally elevated the room to a whole new level. New lighting can do wonders for a space and I think almost our entire house is from Lucent Lightshop shop now—we love their lights!

9. Thinking about getting this for Lola—she’s so obsessed with my camera and wants to help push the button down (it’s allll about button-pressing with her) and try and look through it, so this may be the perfect solution!

10. I still use this day cream and night cream almost every day as my facial moisturizer. Sometimes I touch my face in the morning and I’m surprised by how soft it is and then I remember I used the cream before bed—that’s probably why!

Definitely going to have to start some fun winter projects to bring some extra cheer into the dreary days. What things do you like to work on during the winter months? xo. Laura

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