10 Things I Love Sunday

Happy Sunday! I’m super excited about the ’60s tiki cocktail party that we are having this weekend, so I hope by the time you ready this it will have been a rousing success! We’ve done this party for six years now and this year we decided to add in a little tiki fun into the mix as well …

1. Totally want one of these for our car.

2. Got this huge faux agave plant for our home and I love it! It looks so pretty and real in person and I don’t have to worry about toddlers near it—yay!

3. This jacket please!

4. I’ve been buying tart cherry juice concentrate for the last year for us to drink and to give to Lola as her “juice” (it’s great to hide liquid vitamins or medicine in) and we still love it. It has no added sugar, so it’s a little tart if your family is used to super sweet drinks, but you could always add a little sweetener if you want. Tart cherry juice is full of antioxidants and is supposed to produce melatonin so it helps some people sleep better, and it’s one of the most anti-inflammatory foods as well—it’s good in still water but extra yummy in sparkling water, too.

5. We’ve heard Elsie say so many times how much she loves this leather couch (especially with having kiddos around), so we decided to make a change to the same one and we looove it—super comfy for reading books and watching movies and I’ve been amazed at what wipes right off of it with a little water.

6. Reading this book right now and it is amazing for any of you moms out there …

7. Are these pants too much or just the right amount of too much? I can’t decide!

8. We’ve been using the toddler tower I made for Lola multiple times a day since I made it, and I’ve been giving her bits of food to help prepare dinner/snacks with me—it’s so cute how she likes to cook with me. I’ve read several times that kids who help prepare food tend to eat a wider range of foods and it gives them a sense of pride when they eat something they made with the family as well, so I want to make sure we keep doing that as much as possible (and a toddler will want to stir just about anything if they are allowed!).

9. Love these dainty initial rings.

10. Any child of mine should probably have this toy!

This is going to be a busy week for sure, but I’m looking forward to a little unwinding with friends and a few tropical drinks as well. Hope your weekend feels like a party as well! xo. Laura

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