10 Things I Love Sunday

Happy weekend! When the weather is nice (and it’s getting better by the week here in Tennessee) we like to go out on a Saturday and get some donuts (and a coconut milk coffee for me!) and sit and watch the local dogs go by. Lola is so obsessed with dogs, so she loves waving at them and getting to pet friendly ones when the owners say it’s OK. I think dogs are so cool and mysterious to her since we just have cats at home, so she gets pretty excited when one comes along!

1. Our matching Mommy + Baby sweaters!

2. So excited for the new season of Veep. It’s sometimes hard to find a show that both Todd and I are equally excited to watch, but this is one of them.

3. Totally getting this for our little nature girl—I think it’s really important to let kids explore and be curious about the outside world and this looks like such a great way to get a closer look at some cool bugs (or rocks or flowers) without harming them.

4. I totally have our outdoor space on the brain this week and I love the color and look of these outdoor chairs.

5. Sweet little bunny garland for Easter.

6. Yes, please.

7. It may seem simple or dumb, but I have pretty long hair and it’s always annoyed me at night as it’s all over the place while I sleep (or Todd is laying on a part of it when I try and roll over—ouch!) but our blog photographer Amber told me she sleeps with a scrunchie in her hair and it keeps it all out of the way and I love it! I just put it all up into a super high pony when I sleep and loosen it a little at the roots so it’s not too tight and it keeps it contained and away from my face while I sleep. I like the velvet scrunchies for this since other types tend to slip out of my hair, and the velvet grips just enough to stay without pulling.

8. This dress is vintage perfection.

9. I’m starting some outdoor gardening and landscaping projects this week and it feels SOOOO good to be outside and working in the dirt for a bit. I kind of like outdoor manual labor (as long as it’s not crazy hot or crazy cold) and it’s fun to plan out some new home projects and think of ways to improve the backyard a little year by year.

10. Cutest little swimsuit and cap.

Our spring daffodils are coming up in the yard and I can see our banana leaf trees I planted last year are sprouting as well (I was a little worried they wouldn’t make it though the winter, but they did!). Can’t wait to see the yard in full bloom soon! xo. Laura

  • I’ve also got a lot of life blossoming in my yard and garden. Just plucked some fresh roses yesterday!

    Next Ride | Tampa Bay

  • I just asked my hairdresser about the sleeping-with-long-hair conundrum last month!! She said the same thing but to try silk scrunchies…which were too slippery. Thank you for suggesting velvet!!

  • don’t feel bad! i just learned the high-ponytail-while-you-sleep trick like 3 weeks ago! it’s been a gamechanger here too 🙂

  • My kid needs the Morning Person t-shirt. Do you remember where you got it? LOVE! (and hate obviously…)

  • Hi Laura! I was wondering where you got the heart sunglasses from the pic? Thanks!

  • Ahhh, cutest photo ever! Love your matching outfits 🙂 Have a lovely Sunday! ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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