10 Things I Love Sunday

Hello there. My family and I are in Missouri this weekend spending time with family, and of course, hunting for Easter eggs. I am SO excited to check out the bnb we’re working on in our hometown. I’ll be sure to post some stories on Instagram!

Here are 10 things that have caught my eye lately:

1. A couple weeks ago, I fell down a Pinterest rabbit hole of log cabins painted white and WOW. I really love it! Inspiring!

2. Just ordered these earrings for spring.

3. Loving these ceramic cups … and honestly, ceramics in general!

4. We chose this wallpaper for a staircase in our 1920s bnb (“holiday house” I like to call it). I’m really excited to see it paired with the white-washed floors.

5. I want this cookbook. Emma and I ate there on a trip to NYC once and it was adorable.

6. This bed frame is so cool.

7. Such a cute Etsy find.

8. I really want to try this on Nova’s hair. Any suggestions for curling kids hair? Her hair holds curl really well, but the curling iron I have is way too big for her short length. Also, I can’t stop buying hair clips for Nova.

9. The best homemade mac + cheese.

10. I just started using Facebook Marketplace (I don’t really use Facebook for personal use) and it’s SO MUCH better selection than Craigslist, at least in our area. Is it true where you live?

Hope you have a lovely weekend! xx – Elsie

  • Yes! FB Marketplace is where it’s at! Not only is the app actually usable, but I’ve found the algorithms to be very useful. They always show me things I’d actually be interested in.

  • There used to be round wicker/rattan earrings on the abm wishlist? Could someone link those again for me? Thank you!!

    • I think those were from Pixie Market, but they are no longer available. Sorry!

  • YES to facebook marketplace! craigslist sucks in the greenville area, but i’ve gotten some great things from marketplace!

  • Try pin curls for Nova’s hair! I’m Korean and have thick and pin straight “asian hair” and curling irons or making waves with a straightener would never really last. I spray my hair lightly with water (usually on a day between washing so the natural oils help keep everything together) and twist ~1″ sections. I kind of wrap it around itself until it’s close to my scalp and secure it with a bobby pin. Once my head is done I’ll spray a bit of hair spray and wrap everything in a silk scarf to keep it neat overnight. Then just un-do everything in the morning and gently finger comb with a bit of styling pomade.

    It might be more time consuming than using a curling iron, but from my experience it’s better than trying to use a heat tool on a kiddo who might move around or be fussy and accidentally get burnt.

    • Agreed! I came here to suggest pin curls. That’s how my mom used to set my hair when I wanted curls as a kid, and what I do now as an adult! (Especially when I shower at night. It’s such as easy way to deal with wet hair before bed and not wake up with something ridiculous — my hair is coarse and prone to frizz.) If you don’t wet down Nova’s hair too much, you can also set them during the day and just take them out a couple of hours later. I did that yesterday and after an hour and a half, curls! My hair is very good to take a curl though, so results will vary.

      My mom also would use hot rollers when I asked her to for special occasions. Nova might still be a little young for a heavy head of hot things, but when she’s a bigger, they’re pretty fun and easy. And if you just heat them quickly, not all the way, less risk of irritating sensitive foreheads and ears!

  • Can you link the wallpaper again? I don’t see it and we are also trying to find something.

  • We clearly don’t have the same taste. I really really don’t like that bed frame. haha

  • I don’t see a link to the wallpaper for the stairs. Am I missing it?

  • To avoid using heat on her hair, try Curlformers! Lovely bouncy curls, no damaging heat, and the curlers look fun and cute when they’re in. My hair does not hold curls well and these work for me with just damp hair and a little light hold product.

  • I love Facebook marketplace. Does anyone ever recognize you from the blog when you buy/sell?

  • already opened the mac and cheese on a new tab hahaha thanks and happy easter! 🙂


    xoxo <3

  • Great post! That headband on Etsy you linked is so adorable! Thanks for sharing, and Happy Easter!


    • Yeah- accessories don’t count, but I’m not really buying that many. I don’t think I would be into used earrings though. :))

  • Have fun in Missouri, Elsie! An Easter egg hunt sounds awesome! Happy Easter! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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