10 Things I Love Sunday

We’ve had a lot of early mornings this past month playing with trains and coloring as we navigate our way through the major sleep regression that a lot of kids hit around 2 years old. We’ve finally had some totally normal nights of sleep this past week, so we are holding our breath to see if we are on the tail end of a veeery tired season of life and I really hope that we are! We are also getting ready to go on a beach vacation this week with my family and are so pumped, we can hardly wait!

1. I think I found my new summer treat! SO GOOD!

2. We used this at the lake last year and it was so helpful to have on the beach, so we are taking it with us on this beach trip too!

3. Prettiest beach chair ever?

4. This is such a good question to ask as an icebreaker with strangers …

5. Perfect kids shoes for summer.

6. Love this Mother’s Day card.

7. I actually bought this for a beach coverup but it’s soo soft and cozy I’ve been wearing it around the house almost every day …

8. Trying this amazing invention on our next trip where we have to stay in a hotel room with Lola so we can still be awake after she goes to sleep—genius.

9. Swimsuit crush.

10. Bought this as a birthday outfit for next month—comfy and cute!

Can’t wait to get further into summer when all the pools open and we can get our summer splashin’ in! xo. Laura

P.S. Lola’s little outfit is from here 🙂

  • Which train set this? It looks like one of the Thames wood sets but I am not sure. Can you let me know?

  • Hey Laura! Everything is SOOO cute! The link to the popsicles took me to a site with super creepy ads, looks like a sketchy virus site to me haha. I found the original post from the source to pin so I thought I’d share!

    • Thank you so much for letting us know we got that swapped!!

  • Just FYI: all these Amazon links just lead me to a random Amazon search page, Ex. the swimsuit one gives me a page full of different swimsuits lol. Cool mothers day card, though!

    • Hmm, that’s so odd! What country are you in? It may be related to that?


  • I always love these roundups!


  • Thanks for today’s list. I really do think that is the prettiest beach chair ever!!! 🙂 I think I will be grabbing a couple for my urban oasis for extra company since they also fold so well. Thanks — happy Sunday!!

  • Those coffee and coconut milk popsicles look so yummy! You picked a good summer treat! Thanks for sharing as always. Hope you have a great day.


  • A beach vacation sounds awesome! I wish I could go on one too! Have fun! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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