10 Things I Love Sunday

We are having the first weekend at home that we’ve had in a few weeks since we’ve been traveling more than usual lately, so I’m happy to not have to pack or unpack this weekend and just keep things a little more casual and relaxed. Traveling is fun but it’s a lot of work with a toddler in tow!

1. Just shopping for summer styles in general gives me so much joy lately (I’m such a summer girl)—you can see all of my favorite so far on our summer style list (kiddo stuff is in there too)!

2. Sweet little sundress.

3. Been watching the new show “Dead to Me” with Christina Applegate on Netflix and it is sooo good! It’s part mystery, part drama, part comedy (Will Ferrell is a producer) … it’s got it all!

4. This keychain.

5. Such a beautiful before and after!

6. I would love to have this for my outdoor porch plans! This one is a more-affordable-yet-cute option.

7. Mmmmm, need to make these for my weekend late-night snack!

8. Love these sunnies!

9. Going to try something like this to help with my back issues while I do computer work all day. It’s supposed to help strengthen and stabilize your core while you work too! Anyone tried one and liked it?

10. These are perfect for a little desk or dresser decoration!

I’ll probably do a mommy/daughter donut date this weekend and maybe some time at the park too if the weather stays nice. Hope your weekend is happy and sunny! xo. Laura

  • I’ve had that same balance ball chair for over 10 years, it’s great!

  • I used a plain yogaball for awhile and found it was not a good log term solution, I actually fell off once while holding the phone in one hand and reaching over to pet my dog and lost my balance. that caused a shoulder issue when I used my arm to break my fall. the chair with ball may make a difference as it looks more stable. For what it is worth, the thing that has saved my back is a screen saver/time out program that literally locks my keyboard and dims my screen that forces me to stop working and get up to move instead. I have it set for three minutes every 30. lots of apps out there, I use one called TIme out.

    • Yes, it seems that having it be a ball chair will hopefully help from it rolling out from under me! Thanks for the tips!


  • Please add to your product offerings subscription fashion boxes for kids (of all ages since mine are older), and for women! Please.

  • Aren’t you supposed to disclose in the blog post that you’re using affiliate links?

  • I’m also trying to enjoy a weekend at home! Hope yours goes so well – and also that recipe looks soooo good! I don’t live near an In-and-Out anymore and miss the animal style and I love the vegan option for it!

    xx Ashleigh

  • That show Dead to me is so good! I watched like all the episodes in one day lol. Thanks for all the great links! Hope you’re having a great day, thanks for sharing.


  • I have a yoga ball chair at my desk. Love it! Beware, so does my toddler…

  • A weekend home sounds great! It always feels so good to settle back into routine after a long time of travelling. Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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