10 Things I Love Sunday

1. I just ordered a couple of these diffusers for my home and they’re really great quality and a low price. I’m a fan!

2. We just watched a few new shows. Dead To Me, which was OK (I feel like it’s getting a lot of hype but it’s good), Fleabagwhich was so good and just hilarious and The Societywhich is so fun to binge.

3. My outfit is from Kira Kids (they make women’s clothing too). I love their prints! Nova wears this puppy dress all the time.

4. I love this highlighter in the color “Nova” (I didn’t even notice that until just now—wow!)  It’s my new fave!

5. I just ordered these for our bnbs. It’s the little things!

6. Started packing for China. One of our big challenges this time has been finding new stuff to distract Nova on all the long plane rides. This book is a favorite of ours (it’s our second one). It keep her busy for sooooo long and it’s always nice to find kids stuff that’s well designed.

7. There’s so much cute stuff on Madewell right now (not that I can buy any of it—lol). These pants are calling for me and you know I love a denim jumpsuit. This is just the perfect color. This is just adorable.

8. I’ve been deep cleaning our home this week and it’s a little boring (but still happy I’m doing it!). Do you have any podcast recommendations? I’m all caught up on my fave.

9. If you missed my post on batch working, go read it now. It’s completely changed how I use my work days!

10. Loved this printable of stuff to do before you list your home on Chris Loves Julia. Wow—super helpful!

P.S. Did you know I have a personal Pinterest board? Don’t follow unless you like a LOT of house stuff—lol. And be sure you’re following ABM on Pinterest too.

Have a great Sunday! xx – Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Amber Ulmer.
  • Some podcast recommendations are:
    Proof (from America’s Test kitchen)
    Terrible, Thanks for asking
    Imagined Life
    Household Name
    Conan O’Brien needs a Friend
    A Piece of Work with Abbi Jacobson

  • Favorite toddler flight activity: those colorful inventory/yard sale circle labels that come in packages by the hundreds and a blank book. My kids liked to perfect their fine motor skills by picking them off the page and placing them … everywhere (make sure they are the removable ones!). Once they got a bit older, they would make patterns or draw faces/flowers/animals on them. We also liked the highlights magazines (esp the find the hidden object sort of activities), to this day bring a clipboard with paper, dots or word searches printed out, and I have a dry erase sticky sheet on the back. Writing on a clipboard is exciting.
    Podcast: my favorite is Mothers of invention!

  • Have you tried Wellness mama podcast? I feel like it might be up your alley. She has so many interesting topics and I’ve learned so much!

  • Things for Nova to do on the long trip… wiki sticks, Melissa & Doug Water Wow books or Paint with Water books, paint by sticker book or any sort of sticker book. Or download ABC Mouse on a tablet and let her do that for a bit. For us screen time goes way up to keep us all sane on long trips. Then it goes back to normal once we have arrived or are back home. Good luck!

  • are you starting to plan on selling your house? did i miss something?

  • Can’t wait for you to meet Marigold! Also I have a feeling my podcast selection might be outside your personal interest but just in case you have a weird dark streak, I’m all about true crime podcasts (yes, I listen to people talk about murders and serial killers and I love it). I have a few favourite in the Canadian sphere (“Dark Poutine”, “Canadian True Crime”, “true crime all the time”, “The minds of madness” (the guys has an amazing voice)) but some American ones I like are “Generation why”, “True Crime garage”, “southern nightmare”. And one of my all time favourite podcast which is not about true crime but about folklore is “Lore”. Incredibly interesting and fascinating view into how folklore shapes our lives.

  • one tip for long flights, I would bring little toys, hide them in my bag and not give them all at once. Once my son was over one toy, I’d bring out something else and it was like getting a little present through out the trip. Some people even wrap them so the unwrapping becomes something to keep them occupied as well. Also snacks. Lot of snacks.

  • I watched Dead to me too and felt the same way! It it super good I just thought it was a little weird lol. Thanks for sharing, hope you are having a great Sunday!!


  • What Fresh Hell: Laughing in the face of motherhood!! My favorite podcast. And also Hurry Up and Wait.

  • I absolutely love this denim jumpsuit! and this highlighter looks gorgeous, along with a beautiful name! x

    Shannon | https://shannonmichelle1.blogspot.com

  • Hope you enjoy your time in China! Have a great Sunday, Elsie! ????✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Have you heard of Wimmelbooks? They are wordless books with very detailed illustrated scenes. My daughter loves pointing out the different animals and making up stories about what is happening in the picture. It could be great for a flight! They’re on Amazon.

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