10 Things I Love Sunday

Hi hi! I’ve had the best weekend with my little sister and cousin visiting me here in Nashville. Living away from family, almost nothing makes me happier than when they come to visit, so that’s my honorary 11th thing I love this week. We got to go to one of my favorite bakeries in Nashville, Baked on 8th, which is where the cute mural above is located. 🙂 Here are my other 10 favorite things this week:

1. This Etsy shop for prints. I’ve been looking for the perfect prints for our master bathroom for (not even kidding) over a year. I finally found them here! There are so many great neutral options (if pink is a neutral for you like it is for me, haha) in beautiful abstract designs.

2. I’m loving the Atmosphere Protection Cream from OSEA—they’re a great skincare brand and everything I try from this brand always impresses me. They’re also based out of Malibu, California, which is where I spent a lot of time as a kid, so it has an extra special place in my heart for that, too!

3. These metal drawers to mount to cabinet shelves have been honestly a game-changer in our home. We have really deep pantry shelves and very little kitchen storage, so all the space we can get is monumental. These have made our tiny pantry 110% more functional since we don’t have to reach into what seems like a cave to retrieve things we can’t even see. It seems like newer homes these days sometimes come equipped with these already, which is so great. I think there are wooden options, too if you’re not a fan of the wire basket.

4. I’m gearing up for our home tour shoot in a few weeks (!!!) which is very exciting but also I feel like I’m trying to finish up every tiny little project in every corner of our home just in case it gets photographed. We recently decided to rearrange some of our closet shelving to make room for a little “mirror” area and this one is going to be just perfect. Almost every mirror in our home is from Target—they’re so reasonable and really great quality.

5. Blender Lemonade! Try this recipe in your Vitamix or other high-powered blender:
– 3 lemons
– Half a lemon rind
– 1 orange or a few mandarins (like the little Halos)
– 4 cups of water
– 1/3 cup of Stevia or whatever sweetness level you like!

You can also throw in ice in lieu of water to have a lemonade slushie!

6. This one has been really polarizing amongst my friends, but I cannot go to sleep without a yoga eye pillow. I love the soft weight of it because it helps to keep my eyes closed and blocks out any light. Here’s one on Etsy that’s really pretty, but you can make your own pretty easily, too! Apparently the weight freaks some people out, but I LOVE IT. It’s like a weighted blanket for your eyes. 🙂

7. This bathroom rug has stolen my heart and I’m crushed that I don’t have anywhere to use it—I’m honestly obsessed.

8. Christy Dawn, who sews vintage-inspired collections exclusively from recycled fabrics in her Los Angeles factory, made a collection for Madewell and I’m bananas for this dress.

9. If you struggle to organize your day, this is my sworn-by planner. I love that there is a long checklist and a daily schedule, + a notes section! I’m kind of a micro-manager when it comes to my own scheduling during the day (I’m not an organized person by nature so I have to force myself, ha) and the Day Designer has been my favorite planner going on five years now.

10. Thinking ahead to planning a vacation for early next year, most likely a road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway, and it’s giving me so much joy. If you’ve done this trip before, I’d love to hear your recommendations!

Hope you’ve had a beautiful weekend! xo, Keely

  • I LOVE that the Etsy shop is from Tbilisi, Georgia!!! I’m Georgian!!! I feel so much pride right now 🙂 Thanks for introducing me to my new place for prints!

  • I’m actually in need of a planner so I’m so happy you shared this one, it’s so cute! I always look forward to your Sunday post xx


  • The PCH road trip is magical- Deetjen’s in Big Sur is a wonderful place to stay.

  • nepenthe is a really nice restaurant in big sur that looks over the water and is family friendly. have fun!

  • You’re right, that bathmat is so cute!! Luckily, I could use a new one for my kid’s bathroom. Thanks for sharing! I just might have to get this one.

  • I need that bathroom rug in my life!


  • Hello! Driving down the coast hwy is FABULOUS. So much to see and fun places to stop! A MUST stop is Nepenthe in Big Sur. MUST. Great food and beautiful scenery. Beyond gorgeous. Eat out back facing the Pacific Ocean. :))
    Have fun.

  • Oh my, that mural at the bakeshop is adorable! I love it too! I’ve been wanting to book Elsie’s Airbnb, this post might have toped tipped the scales to get it booked. Thanks!

  • I did a drive along the Pacific Coast a year ago. It’s such an amazingly beautiful area! Here is a link to my trip report: http://cathysadventures1.blogspot.com/2018/06/road-trip.html

  • You have a good time with your family, that is so great to hear xx
    The link I try to click but is not work for me.

    Jess (http://Jerserry.com)

  • Most of the links don’t work…super frustrating, and happens a lot on this blog. Anything you can do to fix that?

    • I just checked and they are working on our end (via Chrome and Safari). Which browser are you using?

  • The link for #1 dies not work. Love finding art on Etsy. Curious to see what you’ve found.

  • It’s always good to spend time with family. Glad you had fun with yours! Thanks for all the links and happy Sunday! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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