10 Things I Love Sunday

While I wish life could be matching swimsuits outside forever I realize that summer is starting to come to an end and so we are soaking up all the life that this season has left to offer … that pink patio umbrella has definitely upped my outdoor patio vibes for sure!

1. Got this jacket this week—so fun! Should I get the matching skirt too?

2. Been loving every coffee I’ve tried from this coffee sampler pack so far (you can get it as a subscription too!). The company is a microbrewery that works directly with farmers through the farm gate process, so it’s also a delicious way to support the coffee farmers themselves as well as getting in your morning cup of joe.

3. Lola’s been obsessed with this toy over the past few weeks—it’s so cute!

4. Prettiest basket planter.

5. Working on turning my craft room into a space that Lola can play in also, so I’ve had to consolidate some of my supplies and move things she shouldn’t play with to other areas. It’s a bit of a project for sure, but hoping the results will be a little less clutter for me and more space for her to play—so it could be a win for everyone in the end!

6. Possibly the coziest feeling cardigan ever!

7. Would love one of these to organize my sunglasses but have them handy for easy access.

8. Maybe this print for the new playroom?


10. These sweet Korean lentils were so yummy and pretty easy to make! Any meal that can be made relatively easily while also watching Lola is usually something we make more than once …

Got big plans to visit my family in Pittsburgh next week, so I’m looking forward to a little summer fun with them! xo. Laura

  • We’ve been making the sweet Korean lentils linked above for a few months and are obsessed! So good,

  • I have the same issue as Elle and for a while now on these posts. Links lead to a blank google search page. I’m in Canada but they used to work?!??

  • OBSESSED with the pink patio umbrella!! Thank you for all the links and sharing the cute pictures with matching swimming suits ❤️

  • Thanks for sharing all the lovely links! That cardigan is amazing, and I need to get it asap. Hope you have a lovely day!


  • Any idea why some of the links (the rstyle.com ones, I think), don’t work and send me to the Google homepage?

  • Ahhh, your matching swimsuits are so cute, Laura! Such a lovely picture! Have a lovely Sunday 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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