10 Things I Love Sunday

Hello friends! I’m back from maternity leave and although it’s, of course, bittersweet in some ways, I am SO EXCITED to be back here on the blog for fall.

1. These pjs couldn’t get into my cart quick enough and I also grabbed this pair at the mall yesterday for the girls. One thing I’ve learned with little kids is you can never have too many pjs.

2. The best purchase I made while on maternity leave was for sure this Smeg coffee maker. I’ll probably do a full post about it at some point, but after years of doing pour over/espresso drinks, I just needed something very quick and easy to fit our new morning routine with a baby. Bonus points: It’s gorgeous almost to the point of being decor on TOP of being functional.

3. Over the summer we marathoned a ton of Fixer Upper on Hulu. I had never really watched it (I’d seen maybe 3-5 episodes in the past mainly on our family vacation) but we watched multiple seasons and it was very fun. I learned so much more about my own style by opening up to the “fixer upper style” and seeing which things I loved and didn’t love. I learned so much about Jeremy’s preferences too, which was fun!

4. Doing my “only used clothing” challenge this year has been relatively easy most of the time, but this jumpsuit just about killed me. I will definitely be asking for it for my birthday AND Christmas, lol. Olive green forever!

5. I’m loving the new Lana Del Rey record (but I love them all).

6. Easy art with a big statement.

7. Emma found these chairs on Amazon for our holiday house and when I saw them in person I couldn’t believe the quality. They are super pretty and look vintage.

8. I think I’m gonna get this pickle kit plus this book for Jeremy for Christmas (I start shopping REALLY early for all the people on my list who are tricky to shop for).

9. Just in case you want to make your own PSL syrup at home.

10. I’ve been thinking about doing a crazy dollhouse for the girls. But it’s such a deep rabbit hole to fall down—I’m not sure. Tell me your thoughts. I MEAN.  

I’M SO HAPPY TO BE BACK here on the blog. Love you all!

High fives! xx- Elsie (and Goldie)

  • Love that jumpsuit it shouts Elise Larson, hope you do get it as a gift

  • That coffee maker is beautiful! Do you have any favorite coffee brands? I love trying new ones!

  • Yay! Welcome back! I’m so happy for you and your family!

    This list is so fun. I love those chairs Emma found. Can’t wait to see them in the house!


  • That pair of pjs is soooo cute! And that pal syrup looks so yummy! I need to make it asap. Thanks for sharing love!


  • I’ll definitely try the PSL recipe because the Starbucks version in Mexico is not sweet. I’m so SO obsessed with the Lana’s new album, my fave songs are California and Happiness is a butterfly, what’s yours?

  • Please do a ridiculously over the top dollhouse, we need it!

    I mean, your daughters need it…yeah, that’s it…

  • Welcome back! I got interested in this blog because of Nova’s adoption story, and I have really enjoyed watching your family grow:)
    Dollhouse! I already got a Plan Toys one for my daughter for her Christmas gift. I love that company’s ethics, and the simple design, but making your own honestly never occurred to me! A kitchenaid?!? Ahhh I think the votes are in…

  • I look forward to hearing from you specifically so I’m glad you’re back! I think you are positive and fun and loving and I look forward to reading what you’re up to. I’m so glad I found your blog.

  • Welcome back! So glad you liked Fixer Upper, it’s a guilty pleasure of mine as well! I love the dollhouse idea, it’d be something they’d remember for a long time 🙂

  • Welcome back! Hope you had a beautiful maternity leave. I love the feeling of fall! My kid is back to school and in Seattle it’s crisp and drizzly, hooray! Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the second hand fashion challenge and I have now extended the challenge to home goods. Thanks for the inspiration! xo

  • It’s great to have you back Elsie!! That coffee pot is beautiful we have been on the hunt for a new one so I think I may have to check it out. I am doing the clothing challenge as well and it’s been so fun/fairly easy BUT I did splurge on a few shirts from your oui fresh sale so I’m totally blaming you haha ???? no regrets though!

    • That’s so great that you’re doing the challenge. I’m finding Autumn to be the toughest season… whatever you do, don’t go in Madewell right now. haha!

  • Your girls will get YEARS of enjoyment out of a dollhouse. My sister and I each had one and enjoyed crafting things for our dollhouses into our teen years. It would be so worth it 🙂

  • Welcome back, Elsie! Hope you had a good break. 🙂 Can’t wait for more content from you! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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