10 Things I Love Sunday

Happy weekend, everyone! This weekend, Todd is working on music with a friend, so it’s a Mommy and Me weekend with Lola (always special but also exhausting!). Dressing up in matching looks is still not getting old to me, so I love that we got to be twins recently for a donut run before church. Little kids in motorcycle jackets just kill me.

1. A winter necessity for those who get cold. I think I’ll get several pairs …

2. Coolest face pendant necklace.

3. Tis’ the season for stove simmers! This one is my favorite.

4. Just the prettiest holiday dress (with a cape!).

5. An advent calendar that you can totally customize for yourself!? So cool! Although if you want one already done, this one is so cute.


7. Trying to decide if we should do an Elf on the Shelf sort of a thing or not this year. .. I think Lola would love it but I’m toying around with some thoughts on how to customize it for her …

8. If you haven’t tried one, fleece-lined hats are sooo warm! I love this yellow one too …

9. Starting to look for Christmas gifts for Lola! Anyone else remember playing with these? (If you need gift ideas, check out our Amazon storefront and wishlist as well!)

10. Fun read on the history of the color pink and how it has taken over interiors lately (and don’t I know/love it!).

Matching is still so fun for me and she’s little so she still thinks it’s cool, which I also love (I think some matching winter hats may be in our future as well). Also, Emma recommended these candies recently and I bought some for Halloween since I wasn’t wanting to do a lot of sugar myself and they were great! Totally recommend if you want to hit your sweet spot without much sugar. … Only a few more weeks before we start our Christmas decorations—can’t wait! xo. Laura

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