10 Things I Love Sunday

Happy weekend, friends! Hope your December has started off great. This is basically my favorite time of year so I AM STOKED and apologies in advance if there is TOO MUCH ALL CAPS in this post. 🙂

1. My big (personal) goal this past week was to get our holiday cards in the mail. I usually do postcards, and you can see what the front of ours look like this year. The photo is from Beth Solano and I had them made by Minted. Crazy simple, but I really liked this cute little vintage-inspired design.

2. We are doing a tea advent this month!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT. I actually bought this one for myself, and then Trey mentioned he’d like to do it with me and luckily each little package has enough tea for two. Very random but it’s just a fun little thing to look forward to every day.

3. I am also doing a month-long Harry Potter movie “marathon.” I guess it’s not a true marathon in that I’m not watching them all at once—I am just rewatching all of them during the month of December.

4. Recently bought this dog bed as the one my pups had the past two years was looking a little worn out. It was on sale when I got it and I LOVE the design—how cute!

5. I am planning to make royal icing sugar cookies this weekend, and if you are too anytime soon, I recommend this cookie cutter. So cute for the holidays.

6. Nova can’t read this so I’m just going to share two things I bought her for Christmas. One is Frozen-related and one is dragon-related. Ha.

7. I love a pretty tree skirt but many of mine have been ruined in the past by my dogs. So debating if I should just skip it, buy something cheap (like a thrifted blanket), or maybe switch to this kind of set up?

8. This is still one of my favorite holiday morning-friendly recipes on our site. Call me basic but I LOVE a cheesy casserole.

9. I asked my mom for this cookbook for Christmas. So excited! If you have people on your list who might want a good cookbook, here are a few recommendations. If they love baking, I highly recommend BraveTart, for cocktails I love Mod Cocktails, and for a mix of healthy and indulgent stuff might I suggest Weekday Weekend (under $10 !!!!).

10. I know this has been heavily Christmas/holiday related, but last thing on that. I am decorating Elsie’s holiday house, as that’s where Santa is planning to visit her girls this year. 😉 And I went a little crazy and bought three Christmas trees for the house. I got this pink one, this gold one, and this champagne one. Too much? xo. Emma

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